In the next episode of “Tomorrow Belongs to Us”… Aaron makes a worrying discovery. Eloise makes a request to Bart. A new encounter delights Victor. Camille must take responsibility for her actions.

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of Tomorrow Belongs to Us broadcast Wednesday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read what follows!

Wednesday November 22 in Tomorrow Belongs to Us…

Eloise asks Bart to marry him

After finding Victoire unconscious at their home, Aaron gave her a cardiac massage and her heart started again. She is now in the hospital. Aaron gives news of his condition to Georges and Amel. Unaware of how long Victoire was unconscious before he found her, Aaron worries about potential after-effects. As for the cause of the cardiac arrest, Aaron links it to his heart transplant.

Meanwhile, Bart discovers that Eloise has gone to the hospital and understands that she went to see her sister. He gets angry, having difficulty understanding her reasons, given that she has ruined their lives. Eloïse claims that she has difficulty imagining her twin alone in the hospital, without forgetting what she did to them. Bart eventually softens.

At the hospital, Aaron and Noor discover a burn mark on Victoire’s neck. While examining it, they counted several others, close to the heart. Aaron understands that these are taser marks and concludes that Victoire’s cardiac arrest is not accidental.

So he immediately goes to the police station to talk to Karim about it. Aaron adds that he saw a strange man lurking around the hospital. Thanks to video surveillance images, Aaron identifies an individual, who is none other than Valère. Karim and Nordine assume that the latter wanted to attack the caregiver of the person who tried to kill his great love.

For her part, Eloïse learns from Noor that the police are looking for the person who attacked Victoire. She tries to go to the caregiver’s room, but she is placed under police protection. Eloïse returns to her sister’s bedside, announcing that she has only one solution left: to take her place forever.

At the same time, the police have no trace of Valère, who seems to have left his apartment. Roxane confirms that her cell phone has not sent any signal since the weekend. However, by going through her social networks, she found someone with whom Valère often chatted. She will now work to find her identity.

In the evening, Eloise prepares a romantic dinner for her and Bart. She claims he opened her eyes to the unhealthy side of his visits to her sister, which she plans to stop. She adds that she has never been happier and that she wants to make a life with him. Eloïse then asks Bart to marry him…

Philippine is interested in Victor

At high school, Violette asks Bastien for the lessons she skipped the day before, which he accepts. The teenager takes the opportunity to thank him for having motivated her to see her mother again because their afternoon together went very well.

Meanwhile, Damien criticizes Philippine for letting Violette skip class. She defends herself by asserting that she was not aware. She then suggests to Damien that they start off on new bases by going on an outing together soon.

Later, Philippine comes to see Victor and brings him a box of chocolate to thank him for helping her out. She then asks to visit his winery, which he happily agrees to. Philippine is very interested in his life and work. When Victoire offers to do a tasting, Philippine declines because she has a meeting. Nevertheless, she offers him a drink at Spoon in the evening.

When the time comes, Victor tells Philippine that he does not feel ready for a new romantic relationship. The latter clarifies things in turn: she is not interested in him, but in his field.

Camille takes responsibility for her actions

At the Marina, Luna expresses her compassion towards Camille and the harassment she has suffered on social networks since she confessed. In particular, she puts herself in her place as a cheated girlfriend and understands her reaction. This is not at all the case for Dorian, who finds no excuses for Camille, especially since she let her mother take the blame.

For her part, Raphaëlle fears the fate of her daughter. She knows she will be condemned. Martin puts things into perspective by recalling that Camille benefits from extenuating circumstances.

Later, Camille goes to her mother’s office. Martin comes to get her so that she can be brought before the judge. He advises Raphaëlle to find a colleague to take care of the file. Before escorting Camille, Martin promises his partner that he will watch over her.

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