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In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Nathan is kidnapped, François meets his father. At the same time, Bénédicte experiences an unexpected betrayal.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday, February 13 in Tomorrow belongs to us…


In the early morning, Julie arrives at the police station to report the disappearance of Nathan who has not given any sign of life since Friday evening. Unfortunately, the Paoletti son is of legal age and the police have to wait before issuing a search warrant.

For her part, Audrey helps Mona to throw out the trash because Nathan hasn’t come to work. Shortly after, they discover the young man’s cell phone in the dumpster.

Not far from there, Dorian is worried because he still hasn’t heard from Nathan. Camille tries to reassure him but without success. In addition, Dorian has been distant since Friday evening, which has not escaped his girlfriend. When she points this out to him, Dorian reminds her that she kicked him out. Once she apologizes, Camille blames her behavior on alcohol. However, it’s not the first time this has happened and it’s starting to really annoy the teenager.

Subsequently, Camille finds Adam and Amel and asks their forgiveness for the kiss on Friday evening. As it’s a little tense at the moment with Dorian, the young woman asks them not to say anything because she has no desire to lose him because of his nonsense. Understanding, Amel and Adam promise to keep the secret.

Meanwhile, Mona goes to the police station to bring Nathan’s cell phone. Faced with his mother’s concern, Georges promises to keep her informed as soon as he has something. Once Mona has left, Georges learns that a certain Julie Colombiers has left a handrail to report Nathan’s disappearance. Without waiting, he therefore begins to analyze the laptop of the teenager who has not recorded any activity since Friday 10 p.m., exactly when Nathan left the Spoon. Georges then asks his colleagues to contact the hospitals of the region but also to question all his friends. In the meantime, Georges calls the prosecutor to open an investigation into a worrying disappearance.

Later, Nordine goes to Agnès Varda high school and questions Adam, Amel and Camille who claim that Nathan was not drunk when he left the Spoon around 10 p.m. For her part, Camille is upset, which Nordine notices. The young girl therefore says that she argued with Dorian before specifying that he left the establishment early.

Nathan is held hostage in a hangar near the port. Blindfolded and with his hands and feet tied, he begs his captor to let him go. Unfortunately, the latter injects him with a product in the neck which makes him lose consciousness.

At the Spoon, Lisa questions Audrey about Nathan’s disappearance. The waitress confirms that Nathan and Julie were at the Spoon last Friday and had a fight. Julie, who was upset, is also the first to leave. After paying for the drinks, Nathan left too.

In the afternoon, Julie and Bruno were summoned to the police station where the young woman tells Lisa that they and Nathan had a fight because she had lent 50 euros to their father. And since he was playing protective big brother, she preferred to leave. Bruno is the last person Nathan spoke to on the phone. During their conversation, the latter yelled at his father for having asked Julie for money. While the policewoman tries to find out what he was doing on Friday evening, Bruno replies that he was at the bar next to the station to play races.

At the same time, Georges went through the social networks of the young people who were at the Spoon on Friday evening but unfortunately found nothing. On the other hand, he managed to recover the CCTV images of the street parallel to the establishment. On these, we can see Nathan staggering in the street around 10:10 p.m. Damien then considers that the teenager was drugged since all his friends confirmed that he had only drunk a cocktail at the party.

A stone’s throw away, Nathan wakes up buried in the sand on a beach with only his head sticking out. A sign with the inscription “Funny? is planted next to him. Weakened, he tries to cry out for help.


François and Charlie take the road to Spain to meet Alain Lehaut, who now calls himself Juan Perez. On the way, François tells Charlie that he is apprehensive about meeting his father. As he considers turning back, Charlie says now is not the time to give up. If she had the chance to see her father again, she would go to the end of the world even if he didn’t remember her. Although she understands that he is afraid, she finds the right words to bring him to go through with his approach.

A few hours later, François and Charlie arrive at Alain’s. The French teacher rings the doorbell twice but no one answers. As he prepares to leave, Alain comes out of the garage and asks if he can help him. Containing his emotion, François looks at him for a long time before telling him that he is his son. Unfortunately, Alain does not believe him and imagines that François is here to extract money from him. He may offer to show him a photo to prove his point, Alain threatens to call the police and the order to leave. A hard blow for François.

Thinking that his father has moved on, he decides to do the same. Indeed, Alain alluded to his two children during their exchange and he understood that he was not one of them. Alain no longer being the father he knew, he will have to make up his mind. For his part, Charlie says he’s sorry for him but François has no regrets. Insofar as he told her what he had to tell her, he decides to return to Sète the next day to find his life.


At the hospital, Luna continues her rehabilitation with Bénédicte. The latter then takes advantage of a session to thank her for having spoken to her son. It must be said that Bénédicte is certain that the young woman has found the right words to prevent Dorian from buying a scooter.

At the end of the session, Luna is carrying a huge bag filled with things that she wants to donate to an association. When she sees ballet slippers, Bénédicte tells her that it’s a hasty decision. Only, Luna has no intention of hiding her face and knows full well that she will never be able to dance again.

During the day, Bénédicte returns home when her son arrives with a scooter. Angry, she reminds him why she doesn’t want to see him ride that contraption. While they are arguing, Étienne arrives and tries to calm the situation. Faced with his parents’ concern, Dorian finally gives in and promises to return the scooter to Luna. When she discovers that her patient has betrayed her, Bénédicte is overwhelmed.

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