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In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Patrick Faure confesses, Rayane loses his means. Meanwhile, Bart and Adèle meet again and Nathan breaks down.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Friday February 10 in Tomorrow belongs to us…


At the police station, Patrick Faure confesses. It was in August 1995 that he found out about his wife’s affair. For fear of losing her, Patrick decided not to confront her but to settle this story directly with Alain Lehaut. So he had the idea of ​​writing a letter imitating a woman’s handwriting to arrange to meet her.

Seeing his wife’s lover, Patrick threw himself on him. When Alain pushed him away and made him fall, Patrick grabbed a stone and then hit him with all his might. Once Alain was unconscious, he put him in the trunk of his car. It was only when he heard him moan that he realized Alain was still alive. He then dropped him off at the Puigcerdà hospital in Spain where he made the medical team believe that he had found him like that by the side of the road.

Alain got out of it but with amnesia. Several times, Patrick then returned to Spain to hear from him. Alain was happy to see him since he was the man who had saved his life. At the end of his rehabilitation, Alain began to make plans. As he was able to build a new life for himself, Patrick stopped going.

Meanwhile, Melanie is questioned by Captain Hassan and explains that she was 14 when Patrick became her educator. She assures us, however, that he never tried to manipulate her. According to her, he is the only one to have reached out to her without ever expecting anything in return. Besides, he was not at all aware of what she was doing. It was only when he understood that she was hiding behind all this that he went to see her to ask her to stop. The flat tires and the chandelier in high school were Melanie’s ideas. She just wanted to scare them.

Regarding the murder of Jean-Louis Pujol, she says it was an accident. She just wanted to intimidate him to stop him talking and to leave town. Unfortunately, his heart gave out. For Muriel and Nordine, she panicked. Indeed, the young woman knew that Patrick had told everything to his wife and she was afraid that the latter would denounce him. So she wanted to protect him.

For his part, François confides in Charlie that he feels sad when he should on the contrary be happy that his father is alive. In fact, François thinks of all those years when he hated him for nothing and dreads meeting him. Although he hasn’t seen him in 27 years, Charlie says she’s sure there’s still a connection between them.

At the police station, Mélanie is about to be brought before a judge when she meets Nordine. When she apologizes to him for shooting her, Nordine asks her to save them for Muriel’s children.

Later, François announces to Adam and Charlie that he will not go to see his father because he will not recover if he does not recognize him. Even if their reunion will obviously not be perfect, Charlie and Adam nevertheless make him understand that he needs his father. When Francis recognizes that he is terribly scared, Adam and Charlie promise to be there for him. Grateful, François takes them in his arms.


In high school, Rayane sees Jack sitting alone on a bench. Having understood that his comrade wanted to be quiet and that his sister did not really carry him in her heart, Rayane decides to leave before the latter arrives. Jack then assures that Lizzie has nothing against him but Rayane is not fooled. If he doesn’t care what she thinks, Jack’s opinion seems to mean a lot to him. As he prepares to tell her, Rayane finally changes her mind.

For his part, Jack has the impression that his friend is angry with him but Rayane affirms the opposite before reminding him that he is the one who has put distances between them since he had an appointment with a boy. As Jack claims the opposite, he tries to find out he avoids her. Once Jack says he likes spending time with him, Rayane, who feels relieved, offers him to eat at the canteen together. Immediately, the two teenagers find their complicity.

Later, Jack and Rayane are at home. The opportunity for them to discuss the stories of the heart of the son of Romy. Although he is still not comfortable with his homosexuality, the young man specifies that he would prefer to share intimate moments with a person for whom he has feelings. However, this happens all too rarely. In the meantime, he is having fun. As far as he’s concerned, Jack is an idealist who doesn’t see himself doing that at all. If Rayane believes that it is fear that prevents him from starting, Jack assures us that this is not the case, especially since he has not yet had the opportunity. To show him that he understands him, Rayane then puts his hand on his thigh.

Shortly after, Nathan interrupts them to borrow a calculator, calling them “the lovers”. A term that obviously does not please Rayane who replies that they are simply friends. As the tone rises between the two teenagers, Camille intervenes to ease the tension. In vain. In turn, Jack intervenes but Rayane badly sends him packing.

At the end of class, Jack confides in Lizzie that Rayane does not assume her homosexuality in front of others. According to him, he is hypersensitive who hides behind his shell. Being the only one who can understand him, Jack sets out to help him come to terms with who he is.

At the end of class, Rayane and Romy go home. The latter then makes her son believe that she is having dinner with Raphaëlle. In reality, she sees Victor. At the end of their dinner, they walk around the port and Romy tells him that she has passed a skills assessment. As she is looking for a job, Victor offers to put her in contact with his network. However, Romy prefers to fend for herself, believing that he has already done enough for her. When Timothée’s father compliments her on her smile, Romy reminds him that they are only spending time with friends. If he assures that this is the case, Victor indicates however that what happened created a special bond between them.


Bart is waiting for Adèle when she leaves the school of fine arts. After apologizing to her for her reaction the other night, he invites her to have a coffee on the creek. When she is about to take her motorcycle, the young woman realizes that she has disappeared. A blow for Adele since it belonged to Teddy, her deceased boyfriend. Without this motorcycle, she has nothing left of the man she loves. Shortly after, Bart and Adèle arrive at Sara and Roxane’s house to ask for their help in finding the motorcycle. Although they’re both on lockdown, they promise to see what they can do.

Later, Bart accompanies Adele home. Once she has thanked him, Adèle asks him about her friends’ baby. Bart therefore explains that Sara and Roxane called on someone she knew because it was important for them to know the father of their baby. However, he is careful not to tell her that he is the father. For her part, Adèle confides that she does not yet know if she will want to have children. Indeed, she would be too afraid that something would happen to them or worse, that they would experience a new tragedy. Before going home, Adèle hugs Bart.

In the evening, Sara and Roxane receive a package from Adèle who has bought a microscope in the hope that their daughter will discover a vocation for the scientific police.


Camille chains the glasses to the Spoon to the great displeasure of Dorian who tries to calm her ardor. In vain. Camille even gets a bit mean towards her boyfriend who prefers to go home. Finally, Camille joins Adam sitting at the counter. Under the influence of alcohol, she kisses him under the dumbfounded gaze of Amel.

At the same time, Julie and Nathan also spend the evening at the Spoon.

A few hours later, Nathan leaves the Spoon. At worst, the teenager collapses in the street and loses consciousness.

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