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In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Alain Lehaut is alive, Bart receives a helping hand from heaven. At the same time, Tristan is back in Sète.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday February 9 in Tomorrow belongs to us…


Patrick Faure was Melanie’s educator for six years. According to his colleagues, Patrick and Melanie were close. Besides, the young woman adored him. Heard by Commander Constant, Patrick Faure confirms this but claims, however, to have no idea of ​​what has become of her. Only, Martin does not believe him and accuses him of having manipulated Mélanie so that she causes Muriel’s accident. Patrick then affirms that it is false then declares that his wife is the most dear to him in the world. But for Martin, Patrick was the father she never had. According to him, Mélanie will nevertheless tell the police when she realizes that she risks life in prison.

Be that as it may, Commander Constant does not have enough elements and releases Patrick Faure. Certain that the educator will come into contact with Mélanie when he leaves, Nordine and Aurore follow him.

After visiting his wife in the hospital, Patrick goes to her hotel. After two hours, Aurore gets impatient and calls Georges. Thanks to the blocking of his telephone, the policeman informs him that Patrick left the establishment half an hour ago and that he is in the Métairies district. Immediately, Aurore and Nordine spin on the spot.

Meanwhile, Patrick joins Mélanie in a house. If the latter is happy to see him again, this is not really the case with Patrick. Indeed, he is terribly angry with her for being the cause of his wife’s accident. In her defense, Mélanie explains that she simply wanted to protect him like he did for her at the time. As she went too far, Patrick got her tickets to Algeria. When she reminds him that he had sworn never to let her down, he retorts that he made that promise to a good girl and not a murderess. That’s when Aurore and Nordine arrive. With nothing left to lose, Melanie grabs her gun and threatens to kill herself. Fortunately, Nordine manages to disarm her before stopping them.

At the police station, the scientific police managed to get their hands on Muriel’s mobile phone. After analyzing it, they found that she had researched a small town in Spain just thirty minutes before her car accident. Given these new elements, Commander Constant is still questioning Patrick Faure. Before getting to the heart of the matter, Martin tells him that Muriel died at the end of the afternoon. At these words, Patrick bursts into tears and regrets not having been with her after all the harm he has done her. Martin then encourages him to free himself from the weight he is carrying and to tell him what happened in the summer of 1995. François attends this exchange behind the one-way glass. Looking ahead Patrick declares that Alain Lehaut is alive and knows where he is. François breaks down in tears.


At the Spoon, Bart takes a long look at Adèle’s collage before throwing it in the trash, which Mona does not escape, trying to make him understand that it’s not because he’s dating another woman that he betrays Louise. She therefore pushes him to continue living even if his wife is no longer there. In vain. Bart doesn’t want to see Adele again.

Later, Bart accompanies Roxane to the hospital for a routine visit. The opportunity for the mother-to-be to raise the subject Adèle and to point out to her that it is not a question of replacing Louise but of having a friend. She therefore encourages him to allow himself to move forward because that’s the only way he can grieve. According to her, this meeting cannot be a coincidence. For Roxane, it was Louise who sent Adèle to him because she wanted him to be happy. Once she has taken his hand, she places it on her round belly. As her daughter kicks, Roxane says she’s sure she’s okay with her.

Back at the Spoon, Bart immediately notices Adele’s collage hanging on the wall of the bar. He then asks for an explanation from Mona who claims that the person who did this did the right thing because it cheers up the establishment. After telling her that it was about her private life, Bart summons her to interfere in what concerns her.

At the end of the day, Bart goes to Louise’s grave and places a bouquet of white roses. Her favorite flowers. That’s when Louise’s spirit appears. The opportunity for the Vallorta son to tell his wife how much he misses her. As he finds it difficult to allow himself to feel things, Louise makes him understand that it’s stupid. Only, Bart blames himself for being alive when she is no longer there. But for Louise, he is alive and must live his life. When Louise’s spirit disappears, a ladybug lands on a white rose…


Sylvain has planned a little fishing trip with Alex, which worries Christelle a lot. If the latter fears that her husband will feel unwell, she understands above all that he does not really want to spend the day with her. Sylvain then takes his courage in both hands and tells his wife that he can no longer stay locked up between four walls. Realizing the obvious, Christelle lets her husband go, not without giving him some recommendations.

Later, Alex and Sylvain go to their favorite spot but the place is already taken. Indeed, Alex made a nice surprise to his friend since Tristan returned from Brittany. The reunion takes place in a good mood and Tristan gives them news of the Girard-Couturier family. While Solène is walking again, Juliette has been following therapy since her son has been in prison.

Happy to be back, Sylvain invites his friends over for dinner and counts on his wife to cook the fish they are going to catch. Lack of luck, the fishing was not successful. So they go to the fish market to buy three beautiful sea breams. But Christelle is far from being fooled and quickly understands that they cheated. If there are no such big fish on the edge of the pond, they had especially forgotten to remove the labels…

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