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In the next episode of “Tomorrow is Ours”… Roxane tries to fix the bug that causes the hospital’s power to go out, Jack is unhappy with his blindness, and Julie learns more about Nathan’s past. .

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday January 9 in Tomorrow belongs to us…

The hospital victim of a cyberattack

Sara’s condition deteriorated and doctors removed her spleen. She is now stable but her health remains very worrying. Bart is certain that his friend will get better quickly but the situation is tough for Roxane. To help his wife, she makes him listen to music. Bart leaves them to go work at the Spoon.

A mysterious person hacks into the hospital’s security system and observes Sara and Roxane in the hospital room. This stranger also launches a virus in computer installations. He accesses the electrical network… and disconnects the current in the intensive care wing where Sara is!

Roxane sees the lights go out and panics. She runs to get Victoire and Christelle joins them because there is no more electricity in Sylvain’s room either! Renaud and Marianne are worried about their patients because time is running out…

Sara’s ventilator battery will last thirty minutes. Victoire hopes that the problem will be solved by then. Except that maintenance is overwhelmed to solve the problem… Roxane offers her help to fix this computer problem.

Roxane quickly realizes that it is a cyberattack. She can’t get anywhere despite her advanced skills. The patients are in mortal danger, starting with Sylvain and Sara…

At the police station, Georges rummages through Stéphane’s computer. According to him, the latter does not have sufficient knowledge to hijack a drone. Aurore approves… The person responsible for the plane crash is still on the prowl.

Jack has a very bad experience of his blindness

Jack lives his daily life very badly without being able to see. His relatives want to help him but the high school student gets angry with them. Audrey, Lizzie and Jordan stick together to accompany him in this ordeal.

Jack is irritable, his brother asks him to calm down and be nicer with his family. Jordan then tries to reassure him because Jack confides in him that he fears staying blind… Nevertheless, the teenager begins to relax and even ends up joking.

Shortly after, Jack asks his mother to read him his messages. He received a voice from Maud who would like to visit him. Alas, this does not comfort him at all. He isolates himself in his room. Audrey cries silently in the living room. Damien returns at this time and consoles her.

The policeman takes Jack for a walk to distract him. Damien advises him to take advantage of this unfortunate experience, but he must first accept the situation. He tells her to begin by responding favorably to the help offered by her family.

They come home and Jack is in a better mood. Out of solidarity, the others blindfold themselves to understand what he is going through. Jack is touched and laughter breaks out around the table.

Julie learns about Nathan’s past

Nathan explains to Dorian that he plans to see his sister after class. He wants to take advantage of her before she leaves. Dorian would like to meet Julie but Nathan prefers to avoid it for the moment.

The young girl is waiting for her brother in front of the school and a student comes to flirt with her. Nathan sees the scene and disembarks. He chases his comrade dryly and promises to protect his little sister from now on. They go to the Spoon.

There, Dorian arrives and introduces himself to Julie. The current passes very well between them, which disturbs Nathan. Dorian reveals to Julie that the latter is never so considerate usually. She wants to know more about her brother’s past but Dorian swears he won’t say anything. He also assures that Nathan has changed and is a nice boy.

Nathan and Julie go for a walk. He’s upset that she knows he’s done something stupid before. He fears that she will judge him and reject him. Nathan eventually confesses that he was a pickpocket. Julie does not overwhelm him and admires that he managed to get out of it alone.

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