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In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… Sara’s condition deteriorates, Stéphane is suspected of having caused the plane crash and Jack tries to stay strong despite his eye injury.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Friday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Friday January 6 in Tomorrow belongs to us …

Stéphane suspected of having caused the crash

Adam’s drone is confirmed to have been hacked. The authorities believe that it is therefore an attempted murder against Sara or the pilot. The latter recently had a violent argument with a man: Stéphane, Soraya’s boyfriend!

The latter and the lawyer wake up on their side, all perky. They even tell each other that they love each other while kissing passionately. They are interrupted by Lisa who informs them that Stéphane is going to be heard by the police. Soraya decides to follow him.

Stéphane tells Martin what happened with the pilot a few weeks ago. The instructor hit and humiliated him following an altercation but he promises that he never wanted to kill him. Soraya intervenes and adds that Stéphane was with her at the time of the events. But the commander doesn’t let go…

Martin discovers that Stéphane recently took drone piloting lessons… and that his phone remained inactive during the plane crash. He might have been able to go for a walk on the beach to cause the collision. Stéphane must give clear explanations to prove his innocence.

The Dauniers rediscover their complicity. William apologizes for being so hard on Aurore. They discuss Brigitte and she has an appointment with Raphaëlle in the morning. They hope that everything will be fine for her… And indeed, the doctor’s mother will be able to return home to Paris, following a judicial review, to await her trial.

And when the hearing occurs, there will be little chance that she will receive a prison sentence! Brigitte is relieved and warmly thanks Raphaëlle. At the same time, Renaud and William announce to Manon that her injury should heal without any problem. She will be able to join the police in a few months if all goes well with her help.

The young woman has time to return home and say goodbye to her grandmother. Aurore and Brigitte have a conversation, both feel no resentment towards each other. William takes his mother to the station.

On his return, he thanks Aurore and Manon for their support. Nordine joins them… but his girlfriend decrees that they will eat sushi in his room. Aurore is delighted because she intends to take great care of her husband tonight…

Sara’s condition deteriorates

Adam comes home. François and Charlie welcome him and reassure him: it’s not his fault if the crash occurred. The teenager still feels great guilt because it was his drone…

Charlie goes to see Christelle who is at Sylvain’s bedside, still in critical condition in the hospital. His wife does not manage to leave him but Charlie promises her that she will take over and that she can go and rest. Christelle agrees to leave with difficulty. Alone, Charlie speaks to Sylvain and summons him to wake up soon.

Bart and Roxane don’t leave Sara either, still in a coma. The patient then hemorrhages! His pregnant wife collapses… Someone observes and listens to them while hacking a camera.

Jack tries to stay brave

Karim reveals to Anna that he wants to appeal the refusal of their approval to adopt a child. But she no longer has any hope of founding a family, nor the strength to be refused. The cop insists and she rebuffs him.

Romy visits Victor. She thanks him for his gesture and apologizes for having denounced him. He doesn’t blame her and remains hopeful of being able to leave soon. In class, Rayane is distracted and responds to Alma. The teacher demands an apology from him and the student complies with a bad spirit.

Alma tells Chloé what happened with Rayane and the principal warns her that the teenager is going through a difficult period following the death of his father… The main person concerned is still tense and is now arguing with Amel in the courtyard. Lizzie intervenes to calm things down but Rayane remains upset and prefers to leave.

Jack can’t wait to get home and go to high school. The doctors give him their agreement. Leo asks her forgiveness for wanting to go kite flying the day of the crash. Jack doesn’t want him to feel guilty for a second. The teenager then confides to his mother that he is doing his best to remain courageous during this ordeal…

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