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In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… Jack could lose his sight, Nathan meets his hidden half-sister and Sylvain is in mortal danger.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Thursday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday January 5 in Tomorrow belongs to us …

Sylvain in mortal danger

Chloe has a nightmare in which she relives the plane crash. In her dream, Alex is mortally wounded… The headmistress wakes up with a start, reassured to see her companion by her side. He stands up and she tells him how proud she is of him for acting like a hero. Both are worried about Sylvain and Sara.

Anna calls Karim in tears. She reveals to him that they will never be able to have children because their approval was refused because of what happened with Malik. She is totally depressed but he tries to give her hope. Anna no longer believes in it and needs to be alone.

Finally, she goes to her sister. Anna is defeatist and very pessimistic about the future of her couple after this event… and Romy’s return to Sète. She fears that the break is near for her and Karim. Chloe asks him to calm down and put things into perspective before imagining the worst scenario.

Christelle is worried about her husband who still hasn’t come home after the accident. Charlie tries to support her… At the same time, Sylvain arrives on a stretcher in the emergency room! He was found but is in serious condition. Christelle and Charlie arrive at the hospital. Everyone does not know what exactly happened to Sylvain. He is in any case in a coma and his vital prognosis is engaged.

Jack could lose his sight

Renaud announces to Roxane and Sara’s mother that the young cop will have to stay in an artificial coma until her condition stabilizes. He tells them that we don’t know if Sara will have neurological damage or not…

At the Spoon, Bart is also distraught because of Sara’s condition. He bustles at the bar so as not to sink… Anna comes to try to comfort him but for the moment it’s a waste of time.

Adam, in the presence of François, is heard by Martin at the police station. He further explains that he lost control of his drone, which caused the crash. Analyzes are in progress and if they do not exonerate the high school student, he will be charged with manslaughter because of the death of the pilot.

Later, Georges demonstrates to Aurore and Martin that Adam indeed told the truth and that the drone’s action record indicates that someone else took control of the object! This one was therefore hacked and indeed sent straight on the plane!

For his part, William reveals to Jack and his family that he must keep his bandages on his eyes for at least two weeks before he can consider the rest. The doctor asks the young man to remain patient and courageous because the whole treatment process is likely to be long. Jack is afraid of remaining blind, but his relatives do everything to support him.

Raphaëlle explains to Victor her plan of attack to get him out of prison. She is very optimistic because he fulfills all the conditions to justify a case of self-defense. The prisoner doubts the success of this plea but the lawyer is ready to defend him to the end.

Romy and Rayane talk about the fact that he is attracted to boys. She assures her son that she will love him no matter what. He tells her that Malik would have rejected him if he had come out to her.

Nathan meets his stepsister

After his disastrous ride with Julie the day before, Nathan concentrates on working at the Spoon. Except that she arrives and he is very uncomfortable. The young girl decides to be honest with him and tells him that she is in fact… his half-sister! They share the same father.

Nathan is in shock. She reveals to him that their parent and his mother met a very long time ago and that their romance lasted a few months. He left her when she got pregnant… They also calculate that Nathan’s mother was already pregnant herself at that time. Both are disgusted by his behavior.

Julie explains to him that she had wanted to meet him for a long time and that she would like to see him again. She leaves him her number and leaves. Nathan is going to tell Charlie all this. He’s not sure he wants to know her because he’s ashamed of his father’s attitude in the past. Moreover, he assumes to have tried to kiss Julie when he was still unaware of their links…

Charlie is fed up but encourages her to go back to see the latter. Nathan listens and goes to talk to his half-sister about their father. It paints an unflattering portrait of it. She asks him about his mother but he prefers to broach this subject the next time. Julie is delighted to see that he agrees that they keep in touch.

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