Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1296 of Monday, October 17, 2022…

Tomorrow belongs to us what awaits you in episode 1296

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Régis has disappeared, Camille seems to have a crush on Adam. At the same time, Alma invites Charlie and François.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday, October 17 in tomorrow belongs to us


On the way to her deliveries, Judith makes a disturbing discovery: a car has been abandoned in the middle of the road and blood is on the steering wheel. Shortly after, Aurore, Karim and Damien are dispatched to the scene. According to initial findings, the driver of the vehicle was certainly injured by hitting his head on the steering wheel. For her part, Aurore immediately recognizes the jacket she gave her stepfather stashed on the back seat of the vehicle. As the registration proves that the car does indeed belong to Régis Daunier, she tries to reach her in-laws but without success.

Afterwards, Brigitte calls her back. At the turn of the conversation, the police learns that Régis has been in Sète for two weeks to see his family. Only he has never visited his children, which Brigitte finds strange.

At the hospital, Aurore informs William and Bénédicte of the worrying disappearance of their father. If the doctor was not aware that his father was in Sète, his sister knew on the other hand that it was a possibility. Indeed, Bénédicte had Brigitte on the phone three weeks earlier and the latter had told her that relations with Régis had been strained since her adventure.

Later, prosecutor Perraud makes a point with Aurore. As she replaces Commander Constant during his week off, Sébastien wants to be sure that she will be able to keep some distance and composure. After having interrupted them, Damien tells them that the blood found in the car does indeed belong to Régis. He also found splashes of blood on the seat as well as on the passenger side window. According to him, Régis would therefore have received a blow in the face and the driver who would have grilled the priority for him would have come to break his face before fleeing.

Not far from there, Manon is inconsolable and fears that something serious has happened to Régis. While Nordine tries to comfort her, William tells them that he is going to pick up his mother at the station. The young woman would like to accompany him but William prefers to welcome him alone. Faced with his daughter’s distress, William takes her in his arms and then promises that things will eventually work out.

Not far from there, a man opens a travel bag containing equipment to make a body disappear. He then throws a cell phone in it before closing it and throwing it in a river.

At the same time, the Daunier clan is reunited at Aurore and William. Although Brigitte is worried sick like the rest of the family, Bénédicte encourages her to stay positive. While everyone is busy preparing dinner, William breaks down and confides in his wife that he is certain that they will never find his father safe and sound…


Adam has been selected for the final of the photography competition and his photos will therefore be displayed on the beach before an online vote is opened to designate the big winner. Only, Adam does not want to circulate this information before having announced the good news to Amel and Emma. Unfortunately for him, Nathan spills the beans to the main interested parties.

Afterwards, Emma and Amel find Adam to congratulate him. While they try to find out which photo he sent, the young man admits that he chose a portrait of Amel. If Emma struggles to hide her disappointment, Amel is terribly angry with her for having done this behind her back. Finding herself alone with Adam, Camille congratulates him on the choice of his photo.

Later, Emma and Camille are at the Spoon. As there is a good chance that their comrade had a crush on Amel, Camille encourages Emma to turn the page. In reality, she is careful not to tell him that she too has fallen for François’ son.


Dorian got 0/20 in English because he didn’t turn in his homework. When Etienne tries to convince Alma to give him a second chance, she refuses.

François, who overheard their conversation, declares to his colleague that it is not like him to be intractable with the students and Alma then recognizes that she has gotten a little carried away. As she should never have given him a zero at the start, she is going to ask him to redo an assignment to change his mark.

Later, Alma and Benjamin are having a drink at the Spoon when the English teacher receives a message from François inviting them to come and have a drink at his place tomorrow evening. An invitation that doesn’t really appeal to Charlie, who is afraid of being uncomfortable with his English teacher. When François offers to invite Nathan, the young woman agrees to come.

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