Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1293 of Wednesday, October 12, 2022…

Tomorrow belongs to us what awaits you in episode 1293

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Amanda has chosen her new target, Mélanie still cracks. Sébastien declares his love.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday, October 12 in tomorrow belongs to us


Ever since she was shot, Sophie has had terrible nightmares. As she talks to her nurse, her memory seems to come back to her like a flash. As she aimed her gun at her, the shooter spat on her before firing. Thinking that the saliva could have touched her neck and her shirt, Sophie therefore brings Captain Hassan to the hospital to tell her what happened. The latter immediately calls Damien to ask him to take out the seals and to take samples from the lawyer’s clothes in the hope of finding the killer’s DNA.

During this time, Georges informs Victoire that the police station has received threats from the killer but reassures her, however, by specifying that they have reinforced security. After asking her ex-companion to be careful, Victoire informs him that Amanda has returned to Sète.

Later, Sophie receives a visit from Raphaëlle who lets her know that she is accused of obstructing justice and conniving to escape. Since the police had no proof of her involvement in the Messy escape, Raphaëlle tries to find out why her friend confessed. Sophie then says that it was much too heavy to bear but above all that it is high time that she take her responsibilities. Following her explanations, Raphaëlle then promises to do her best to get her out of there. Insofar as Sophie is surprised that she agreed to defend her, Raphaëlle admits that it was Victor who convinced her. And to clarify that Timothée’s father is very attached to her.

At the police station, Martin and Karim take stock of the investigation and understand that the killer is not an ally of the Messys but one of their victims. They then quickly make the link with the Spoon’s hostage-taking and the death of Ulysses. According to them, the shooter is necessarily someone close to the deceased and it is certainly Amanda Faro.

Certain that the nurse is angry with them for having mishandled the Spoon’s hostage-taking, Commander Constant knows that she can go after any of them. We must therefore get our hands on it before it is too late.

Not far from there, Amanda found her new victim: Martin Constant!


In the early morning, Mélanie thanks William for having kept the secret about his little prank with Hadrian. It must be said that the young woman could have been blamed for having lacked professionalism. Now wishing to maintain a strictly professional relationship with him, the policewoman decides to completely ignore Hadrien.

Later, Hadrien invites Mélanie to join him for lunch, but the policewoman declines, preferring to take her break later. When he tries to find out if the intimate moment they spent together was good, Mélanie answers yes before telling him that she can’t do it again. Indeed, she does not want to take the risk of losing her transfer to Bordeaux. If he promises to leave her alone, Hadrian can’t help flirting with her despite everything. Just as she is about to succumb once again to her charm, Alma arrives to keep her son company.

Afterwards, mother and son play rummy. As he is bored, Hadrien offers Mélanie to join them, which she accepts on the condition that they play poker. While Hadrian turns out to be a very bad loser, Alma understands that there was perhaps a little too much at stake in this game.

At the end of the day, Sara comes to replace Mélanie for the evening. Before leaving, Mélanie explains to Hadrien that she cannot mix sex and work. Hadrien understands this perfectly and even hopes that she will be very happy in her new role in Bordeaux. However, Melanie cracks again and kisses him passionately.


Claire had an appointment with Sébastien. Unfortunately, an emergency at work prevents her from joining him.

Later, Sebastian goes to the hospital. Indeed, the prosecutor’s heart is beating a little too fast. His blood pressure being good, Dr. Delcourt thinks it is simply stress. When she asks if he is under pressure at the moment, Sébastien replies that he has a good reason to have his heart racing lately.

He then talks to her about his new love story and specifies that he did not really appreciate Claire standing up for him. According to him, this means that the young woman wants to put a certain distance between them. Marianne thinks that she may have had a real impediment and urges him to come to her senses. That’s why she helps him write a message before pushing him to declare his love for her.

At the end of the afternoon, Claire and Sébastien are at the edge of the pond. After letting the young woman apologize to him, the prosecutor declares that he really likes her. He then tells her how much he suffered when his wife left. For thirty years, Sébastien even convinced himself that serious relationships were not made for him. Luckily, things have changed since he met Claire and he counts himself lucky that she’s interested in him. Touched by what she hears, Claire confesses that she feels the same before kissing him.

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