Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1292 of Tuesday, October 11, 2022…

Tomorrow belongs to us what awaits you in episode 1292

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Amanda is back in Sète, Hadrien plays his charms. François is overtaken by Charlie.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow we belong broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday, October 11 in tomorrow belongs to us


The day before, the police received the same card as the one sent by the killer to her victims. For his part, Damien was able to analyze the blood on the card and unsurprisingly, it is the same animal blood as that found on the cards of Yohan Champion and Sophie Novak. Unfortunately, Commander Constant’s team has nothing to identify this mysterious shooter. However, they have a suspect in their sights: Arielle Bolinsky, Ophélie Messy’s former cellmate. As the latter might want to avenge his death, Commander Constant asks his men to wear bulletproof vests at all times.

Meanwhile, Nordine goes to Sophie’s bedside. Even if she did not expect his visit, the lawyer is delighted to see him and confides that it was his face that she saw when she was injured. And the lawyer does not stop there since she also admits that she loved him passionately. Indeed, Sophie regrets not having confessed her feelings to him when they were a couple. Nordine then retorts that he was also in love and that he had long hoped that she would tell him that he mattered to her. But now, time has passed and he has moved away.

Subsequently, Sophie receives a visit from Victor. After hearing from her, the latter tells her that Raphaëlle Perraud has agreed to defend her. At this announcement, Sophie warmly thanks him for being there for her.

At the same time, Martin and Lisa find Arielle after work, but the latter tries to escape. Once they manage to arrest him, they take him to the police station. On the spot, Arielle ends up admitting that she was in a relationship with Ophelia. Madly in love, she tried in vain to dissuade her from escaping.

When Ophélie died, everything changed for Arielle who decided to change her life. She would therefore never have taken the risk of screwing up everything. Moments later, Arielle’s boss confirms that she was already at sea when Sophie Novak was assaulted. It is therefore impossible that she is the shooter. Before releasing her, Karim and Lisa show her the card that the killer sends to her targets. A card that Arielle has already seen since Ophélie and Anthony had received it in prison.

At nightfall, Victoire meets Amanda in the streets of Sète. After having taken her warmly in her arms, the young woman explains that she is moving back here for a few months to follow a training course as a nurse. Unfortunately, her return to Sète brings back painful memories and she has the impression of seeing Ulysse again everywhere. Despite everything, the young woman assures us that she is well and that she is gradually recovering.

In reality, Amanda is in Sète to avenge the death of Ulysses. On her way home, she places a gun next to a wig and a motorcycle helmet…


William agreed to host Hadrian. Still under police protection, the young man is accompanied by Mélanie, the police officer in charge of his security. While the latter takes her mission very seriously, Hadrien tries by all means to make her crack so that she cheers up a little. And as much to say that Hadrian’s reputation as a heartthrob is confirmed since Mélanie ends up succumbing to his charm. Besides, William will surprise them half-naked in his living room…


For a few days now, François has been planning a little revenge by making Charlie believe that he is taking him to spend the night in a castle. Only, she is far from being fooled and knows full well that he is up to something. She therefore takes advantage of his absence to search the apartment and then finds something that seems to put her on the right track.

However, Charlie decides to play the game when François blindfolds him to take him to his surprise: a tent lost in the middle of nature to spend the night under the stars. If she makes him believe that she is disappointed, Charlie has in fact planned everything to make this camping evening a real five-star night: tablecloth, table, chairs, champagne, gourmet menu… For his part, François does not know if he must be disgusted at not having succeeded in trapping her or be admiring at having been double-crossed in this way.

At nightfall, Charlie tries despite everything to convince François to go home to find his comfortable bed. She may be afraid of the surrounding noises, François has every intention of staying until the next day.

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