Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1288 of Wednesday October 5, 2022…

Tomorrow belongs to us what awaits you in episode 1288

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While François and Adam make a macabre discovery, Sébastien has met a woman. At the same time, Charlie teaches his beloved a lesson.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday, October 5 in tomorrow belongs to us


Sophie hides in an abandoned house lost in the middle of nature. In the early morning, she receives a visit from Victor who has come to bring her some aspirin to soothe the terrible headache that is making her suffer. It must be said that Sophie worked all night to understand who could well seek to kill her, but without success. Sophie’s life being in danger, Victor explains to her that he will have to exfiltrate her by the end of the week so that she is safe.

Meanwhile, Yohan Champion arrives at the Perraud cabinet. Particularly stressed, the young man is looking for Sophie. When Gabriel informs him that Master Novak is on vacation, he leaves furiously.

For her part, Nordine managed to reconstruct the torn letter found in Sophie’s belongings and it is a love letter she wrote for him: ” They say silence is golden but mine hurt us so much. Nordine, my heart was yours. I just couldn’t tell you. Since you left, I realize how strong my feelings were. “. To say that Nordine feels guilty is an understatement. Indeed, the policeman blames himself terribly for not having seen that something was wrong the last time he saw her. Lisa then reminds him that he couldn’t have known she was going to disappear.

Worried about Sophie, Nordine calls the beach hotel, a place they used to go, and pretends to be her boyfriend. Unfortunately, the manager of the establishment has not seen the lawyer for some time. As Manon overhears the end of the conversation, Nordine assures us that it is she he loves before specifying that Sophie is now part of his past.

Not far from there, Yohan, who is still looking for Sophie, follows Victor Brunet into a small town street. Without beating around the bush, the young man indicates that he is in mortal danger because, like Sophie, he helped the Messys to escape. Moreover, he even received death threats on this subject. To disappear from circulation, Yoan needs money and the businessman therefore gives him a wad of cash before asking him to leave.

Immediately, Victor goes to Sophie’s hideout to tell her what happened. At the foot of the wall, the lawyer says that she knew Anthony and Ophélie Messy since they were kids. Very attached to them, Sophie did not want to see them end up in prison. That’s why she helped them escape. While she had stashed a weapon at the courthouse, Yoan had found them a car to get away. However, in wanting to help them, Sophie doomed them. Anthony finally died because of the gun she gave them and then Ophelia lost her life before her eyes. Victor then encourages Sophie to talk to Yohan in hopes of finding the person threatening them. Grateful, Sophie thanks him.

At the same time, Soraya announces good news to Hadrian. Indeed, he was completely cleared and will be released from prison the next day. However, Alma’s son is still in danger as the police have yet to arrest the woman who shot him. Also, Hadrian will benefit from close protection.

When night falls, François and Adam return home and discover Yohan’s body his life in the streets of the city. And obviously, this one died of a bullet in the heart.


Raphaëlle and Chloé meet at the Spoon for a coffee. The opportunity for the Delcourt daughter to inform her friend of her suspicions concerning a possible affair between their parents. As Marianne and Sébastien proved to be particularly accomplices when she met them at the hospital, Chloé asks Raphaëlle to carry out her little investigation.

Raphaëlle therefore visits her father and tries to find out what he was doing in the hospital a few days earlier. The latter then claims that he was having a routine check. As he receives several text messages during their exchange, he makes his daughter believe that he has an appointment with his new sports coach.

Later, Camille tells her mother that Sébastien has asked her to give him a makeover. Enough to convince Raphaëlle that her father has met a woman and to fear that he really has an affair with the mother of his best friend.

In reality, Chloé and Raphaëlle are wrong all along the line! Indeed, Sébastien has an appointment with Claire, a woman younger than him. Moreover, this is not the first time that Claire and Sébastien have an appointment since the young woman welcomes him with a kiss on the cheek. During the conversation, Claire tells the prosecutor that she may have to stay longer in the region because her superiors are offering to extend her mission. Only she also received a proposal from a former client. And if Claire hesitates to make her decision, it’s because of Sébastien…


Not having really appreciated that her companion called her a snob, Charlie decided to teach François a little lesson. In revenge, the young woman therefore decided to hide from him that the evening at the Moreno’s was no longer in disguise. And to top it off, Charlie pulled out all the stops by buying her a huge lion costume.

At the end of the day, everyone meets at the Moreno’s for a convivial moment. While the guests are wondering who could be hiding under the lion’s mask, Charlie arrives in turn disguised as a tigress. François and Charlie then engage in a frenzied little dance to amuse the guests. Even if he fell into the trap, François does not hold it against the woman he loves but nevertheless promises to take revenge.

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