Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1287 of Tuesday, October 4, 2022…

Tomorrow belongs to us what awaits you in episode 1287

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Sophie hides, Christelle sees things big. At the same time, Adam rejects Emma.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday, October 4 in tomorrow belongs to us


At the police station, Nordine is worried about Sophie. And for good reason, Lisa and Karim think that the lawyer could be the target of the killer.

For her part, Captain Hassan asked Benjamin and Hadrien if they knew Sophie. As this is not the case, Karim deduces that the only point which hangs up the lawyer on this shooting would be that she passed by this parking lot when leaving her office. Only, Lisa finds it strange that Sophie did not come to the police station to report the incident. Since she did everything so that the police could not identify her, Captain Saeed thinks that Sophie is once again involved in a dirty business.

Later, Karim and Nordine go to the Perraud cabinet to question Raphaëlle who indicates that her colleague left Sète on September 14 for three weeks of vacation in order to take a step back after her separation. Sophie was due back the day before but Raphaëlle hasn’t had any news.

At the police station, Captain Saeed informs Nordine that Sophie’s mobile phone was indeed confined to the parking lot the evening of the shooting. Indeed, the lawyer reactivated her phone to call for help but turned it off a few seconds later to call Samu from Benjamin’s cell phone. Nordine then realizes that his ex-girlfriend is clearly trying to stay under the radar. For his part, Georges explains that Sophie began to behave strangely the day before the shooting since her cell phone only briefly stopped. In fact, she therefore knew she was in danger and was indeed the target of the shooter from the start. However, that’s not all since always the day before the shooting, she had a last long phone call with Victor Brunet.

Subsequently, Nordine and Karim search Sophie’s home. Given the state of her plants and the dust on the furniture, it’s obviously been a while since the lawyer set foot here. After recovering some documents including a torn letter, Nordine notices that Sophie’s car is still parked in the street. As he imagines that she is hiding in town, Captain Seed thinks more and more of a murder.

However, Karim is mistaken because Sophie, who is alive and well, is hiding in an isolated house in the middle of nature.

For his part, Victor is summoned to the police station and makes the police believe that he had his lawyer on the phone to take stock of a file. Lisa then tells him that he risks being charged with complicity if Sophie’s disappearance was linked to his business. But Brunet swears he has nothing to do with it.

Obviously, he has once again lied to the police and arrives at Sophie’s hideout with a bag of groceries, much to the lawyer’s delight.


For the housewarming party, Christelle decided to have an evening on the theme of jungle animals. Even if she would have preferred to organize something more intimate, she planned to invite about fifty people to please her husband who went to great lengths to find this house.

Meanwhile, Sylvain goes to the farmhouse to order oysters for the evening. He then takes the opportunity to tell his friend that he would have liked something much quieter like a barbecue with friends.

Obviously, this disguised evening is far from delighting everyone. While Charlie would have liked a more glamorous evening, Renaud and Marianne look for any pretext to avoid coming.

At the end of the day, Christelle and Sylvain look for the perfect disguises. Shortly after, they confess that in reality, they have no desire to have a big party. So they decide to organize something more intimate.


In high school, Emma, ​​Adam and Camille are talking quietly in the yard when Amel joins them. Far from being distracted by the newcomer, Emma invites Adam for a drink but he declines on the pretext that he finishes school too late. In reality, he will tell Amel that he lied because he didn’t want to go to this meeting.

Afterwards, Emma confides in Camille that she is sad to have been rejected by Adam. Fortunately, Raphaëlle’s daughter manages to cheer her up and make her smile again.

At the end of class, Adam, Amel and Nathan meet at the foyer to play table football. Without wasting time, Nathan starts flirting openly with his new comrade. However, Lisa’s little sister doesn’t seem sensitive to her charm. And for good reason, she seems to have had a crush on Adam.

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