Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1286 of Monday, October 3, 2022…

Tomorrow belongs to us what awaits you in episode 1286

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While the police discover that Sophie Novak is the target of the shooter, Amel enters high school and falls in love with Adam. As for Chloe, she thinks her mother has a lover.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday, October 3 in tomorrow belongs to us


Karim and Sara want to question Germain Gauthier, known for concealment and trafficking, about Benjamin’s attack, but he quickly flees on a skateboard. A chase begins in the streets of Sète until Sara falls on him and handcuffs him.

At the police station, Germain admits that he sold a 9mm to a short, dark-haired woman with long hair who also wore sunglasses and loose clothing. According to him, she was not a professional since she wanted a compact and easy to use weapon. And unfortunately for the police, she prepaid in cryptocurrency, which they can’t trace.

For his part, Benjamin decides to leave the hospital against the advice of his girlfriend. Indeed, the pediatrician does not want to wait for the person who shot him to come back to eliminate him or hurt the one he loves, but Alma still thinks he is acting recklessly.

Benjamin then goes to the police station to help Lisa find the shooter in the medical files. At that time, he remembers an old case when he was practicing in Chaville: a little girl had had lightning meningitis with heavy neurological sequelae. He then recalls that the mother had developed severe alopecia in emotional shock and was wearing a wig. According to him, she was very angry with him for what happened to them, which drives Lisa to find her.

Meanwhile, Alma finds her son in the visiting room and explains to him that Soraya has requested that he be placed under house arrest at Benjamin’s as soon as possible.

After verification, Benjamin’s former patient lives in the Paris region and was at the time of the attack at a birthday party with friends.

Lisa has a new hypothesis: the shooter was actually aiming at someone else and Benjamin took a stray bullet. According to her, the pediatrician found himself in the same axis as the real target who would have had time to throw himself on the ground. The shooter then thought she had killed him and then set off in pursuit of Hadrian when she noticed him, without checking whether his victim was dead. Lisa is also convinced that the target is the one who called the emergency services and that it is in fact a settling of accounts.

At the end of the day, Lisa confesses to her cousin that she has a crush on Martin.

At the same time at the police station, Damien managed to clean up the audio tape of the call made to the Samu. He then makes Nordine listen to it, who immediately recognizes the voice of his ex-girlfriend, Sophie Novak.


Early in the morning, Amel is about to return to high school in first class. The young woman tries to hide her stress from Victoire and Lisa, but her sister is not fooled. Lisa then confides to her cousin her concern since she knows that her little sister internalizes too much, which makes her feel guilty. Lisa also wonders if she doesn’t tend to crush him too much, but that’s not Victoire’s opinion. According to her, she can be proud of herself because she takes care of Amel since she was very young and she is very well brought up.

A little later, Chloé welcomes Amel to Agnès Varda high school. She tells them that she has studied the file of the young woman who has a very good general average, even in sport. Lisa then begins to talk about her little sister’s athletic faculties without letting her speak, which annoys the principal. Amel admits to loving athletics since she constantly pushes her limits, but not competition at all. Chloé then offers her to join the establishment’s athletics sports association, but the young woman does not give her an answer. For her part, Lisa hopes that the principal will manage to convince her, but Chloé tells her that it’s up to Amel to make her choice.

At the police station, Lisa is very worried about her sister and confides in Martin. She explains to him that she takes care of Amel since the death of their parents 4 years ago and now feels guilty for having made him leave Paris and his friends to come to Sète. The commander somehow reassures her and then assures her that there is nothing more resilient than a teenager. However, Lisa knows very well that her sister is very wise, very discreet and that she tends to crash. He then asks her with a lot of humor if she is sure that they are indeed sisters.

For his first lesson, François asks Amel to come quickly to the class. The young woman then does it timidly and then drops her bag on the floor. And when she bends down to pick it up, she butts heads with Adam who wanted to help her. It also seems that she is not insensitive to his charm.


Sébastien went shopping with his granddaughter to change his style of dress. He is very happy with their selection and thanks her for her help. Camille then suspects her grandfather of wanting to please a woman, but he immediately denies it. He explains to her that he simply wants to stay in the game.

For her part, Marianne has decided to get back into sport and is visiting her daughter at the Mas by bike. She also advises Chloé to resume a sports activity because she has to maintain herself.

At the hospital, Chloé comes to bring a water bottle to her mother when she sees her in the middle of a discussion with Sébastien, who is wearing the new clothes bought with Camille for the occasion. She immediately notices that they use familiar terms and that Marianne has a different attitude. Then, when her daughter asks her questions, the doctor seems somewhat annoyed.

At the end of the day, Chloé is convinced that her mother has a lover, which makes Alex laugh a lot. According to him, Marianne has the right to look at other men if she wishes.

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