Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1285 of Friday, September 30…

Tomorrow belongs to us what awaits you in episode 1285

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Hadrien is imprisoned, Jordan scores points with Judith. At the same time, Marianne caused a sensation in high school.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Friday, September 30 in tomorrow belongs to us


At the police station, Hadrien explains to the police what happened the night Benjamin Ventura was shot. Although he found himself face to face with the shooter, Hadrian unfortunately did not see his face since he was wearing a motorcycle helmet. When the young man specifies that he thought he was personally targeted by his former employer, Karim tells him that it is impossible since the latter has filed a complaint against him in France.

Meanwhile, Alma informs Chloe that she won’t be able to teach today. In such circumstances, the English teacher must absolutely stay with her son. Leaving high school, Alma meets François and Adam and warmly thanks the teenager for having accompanied her son to the police station.

For his part, Captain Saeed contacted all his informants to find out more about the killer’s weapon. According to one of them, the weapon that was used to shoot Ventura had been sold to a small dark-haired woman a few days earlier.

Now that they know the culprit is a woman, the police are looking for who could blame Benjamin. After Captain Hassan lists three mothers of former patients, she goes to the hospital to discuss it with the doctor. However, Benjamin doesn’t think any of them could have wanted to kill him. Moreover, it cannot be former companions either because he has kept very good relations with most of them.

At the police station, Maître Beddiar informs Hadrien that he is accused of financial embezzlement but in no case of homicide. Indeed, Sandro Deborde, his former employer, accuses him of having opened an offshore account to embezzle money and he therefore risks seven years in prison as well as a fine of 750,000 euros. Soraya, however, assures that they will not come to that.

Afterwards, Hadrien explains that he was hired to clean up the beaches and the oceans but that he sometimes worked in the offices of the NGO. One evening, he saw a person passing by and then discovered holes in the accounts. He spoke about it to Sandro but the latter urged him to forget what he had seen. Hadrien then wanted to warn the local financial brigade but Sandro, who has a long arm, managed to have him accused. It was then that he took the first plane to France. For Soraya, he is a whistleblower and so she will dig into that line of defense. In the meantime, Hadrien will be referred and then placed in pre-trial detention. Soraya however swears to get him out of there.

For their part, the police found a dozen fingerprints in Hadrian’s car. Even though he went through a rental service between individuals, Damien started the analyses. As he found a long black hair in the vehicle, Captain Saeed instructs him to have it analyzed to check if the DNA is on file.

At nightfall, a dark-haired woman is rummaging through the files of the Perraud cabinet.


In high school, Emma tries to find out if Jordan was able to invite Judith to the concert. The latter therefore tells him that there has been a huge misunderstanding. The teenager then explains to him that she made Judith believe that she was interested in him in order to give him a little boost. Convinced that this is the best strategy to adopt so that she falls into his arms, Emma has every intention of continuing on this path.

Preferring to take matters into his own hands, Jordan goes to the farmhouse and invites Judith to go to the concert. After having apologized to him for having been unpleasant, the Delcourt girl explains to him that finding herself in the crowd worries her a little after all that has happened to her, but on the other hand offers to go on another outing.

On returning home, Jordan gives his concert tickets to Jack and Lizzie then indicates that if Judith does not come to the concert with him, he has nevertheless earned points.


In high school, Marianne intervenes in front of the final year class to talk about her job as chief doctor of the general medicine department at Saint-Clair hospital. Adam, whose grandfather was hospitalized for several weeks, says he was shocked by the lack of discussion with doctors. Doctor Delcourt responds that with her colleagues, she tries to find time to talk to patients and then addresses a difficult dimension of her doctor: empathy. In the end, Dr. Delcourt’s intervention was such a success that the students asked to take a selfie with her.

Subsequently, Chloe congratulates her mother for having captivated her students. For her part, Marianne took a lot of pleasure in this exercise and was even surprised by the quality of the discussions. Besides, she would like to come back. Only, Chloé reminds him that the purpose of these interventions is to introduce high school students to several professions. She therefore urges him to come back next year.

At the same time, the high school students loved this exchange with Marianne and Dorian would almost want to do medicine, which amuses Emma and Camille a lot.

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