Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1281 of Monday, September 26, 2022…

Tomorrow belongs to us what awaits you in episode 1281

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While the police are on the trail of a key witness, Hadrien reappears in Sète. At the same time, Christelle is convinced that Sylvain is cheating on her, and Gabriel’s internship begins.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday, September 26 in tomorrow belongs to us

Did Hadrian witness what happened to Benjamin?

The police are formal: Dan is not the author of the assassination attempt on Benjamin Ventura. The weapon found at his home does not match the one used in the parking lot and one of his neighbors eventually recognized that Dan was at work when the shot was fired. Martin and his men therefore no longer have any leads, which does not please prosecutor Perraud.

Leo, for his part, is struggling to recover from the events of Friday. He wonders if Dan is violent like Stanislas. Audrey reassures him: Dan and Stanislas are two very different people. Mathis’ father didn’t kill anyone, he was just overwhelmed by the situation and isn’t a bad person. And what happened won’t change anything in his friendship with Mathis: the two boys will be able to continue seeing each other, to Léo’s greatest happiness.

Georges ended up obtaining from the central SAMU the recording of the call which alerted the emergency services for Benjamin. Karim is convinced that it is a woman’s voice. A muffled voice as if she had put her hand over her mouth. If this call rules out the possibility that this woman is responsible for what happened to Ventura, the two cops notice that she called the emergency services with the doctor’s phone and then took care to erase her fingerprints. For them, there is no doubt, she does not wish to be involved in this affair and has certainly already had to deal with the police.

At the hospital, Alma meets Matthieu, a man she and Benjamin met during their humanitarian mission in Burkina Faso. Matthew explains to Alma that he had to leave for a new mission when he learned what had happened to Benjamin. He therefore decided to postpone his departure and come to hear from him. He admits to Alma that he feels solidarity, after all that they went through together in Burkina. Seeing Sara and a policeman coming in their direction, Matthieu slips away a little hastily to leave Alma alone. The latter then learns from Sara’s mouth that police protection will be set up in front of Benjamin’s room.

On the CCTV images of a bank located at the entrance to the parking lot where Benjamin was shot, Karim, Georges and Sara see a man wearing a purple hoodie getting into a car. But Georges made an even more astonishing discovery: the motorist who picked him up just after the shot was none other than Etienne Curtis.

In high school, Etienne explains to Karim and Nordine that he just wanted to help this young man who seemed hurt and didn’t ask himself any questions. The young man in the purple sweatshirt looked panicked and claimed to have had a scooter accident. He was holding his right arm and seemed to be in pain. Etienne therefore dropped him off in front of the hospital emergency room. But Nordine is pretty sure the individual they’re looking for didn’t show up to the ER and was lying. Karim thinks he is a witness to the assassination attempt on Benjamin who would simply be afraid of reprisals.

Thanks to the testimony of a pharmacist who had dealt with the man they were looking for that very morning, the police learned that he suffered from a gunshot wound that dates back two or three days. Which confirms the inconvenient witness hypothesis. The pharmacy’s cameras were unfortunately deactivated, but the young man left a photo in front of the pharmacy counter that Karim asked Georges to analyze as soon as possible to trace this key witness.

At the hospital, Marianne informs Alma that they will have to operate on Benjamin. It is a heavy operation, which is not without risks. Marianne therefore asks Alma to hold on. A few seconds later, Hadrien, Alma’s son, appears behind her, dressed in the famous purple sweatshirt and injured in the arm. So he is the witness! But when he sees a policeman in the hallway, Hadrien rushes off, without Alma having had time to see him.

Christelle is convinced that Sylvain has a mistress

Sylvain gets dressed up to go to a supposed job interview. However, he refuses to tell Christelle any more, out of superstition, and leaves the hotel room in haste.

Filled with doubts, Christelle joins Charlie at the Spoon and confides to him that she suspects Sylvain of having a mistress. She thinks she has seen unmistakable signs. And she doesn’t forget that her husband has cheated on her before. But Charlie does not believe it for a second and swears to Christelle that she is the only woman who matters to Sylvain.

Christelle, who does not budge, leaves to question Alex at the farmhouse. She tries to make him say that Sylvain has a mistress, but Alex promises that this is not the case. Only, Christelle sees that he is uncomfortable and accuses him of covering up for her husband.

But, in reality, Sylvain is not cheating on his wife at all. He is simply trying to surprise her: he has found her the house of her dreams!

Gabriel’s enthusiasm is put to the test

At the firm, Raphaëlle tells Gabriel the tasks he will have to perform during his internship. He will take care of the reception, the switchboard, the legal secretariat, the mail, the voice notes, and the assignments. Gabriel seems very motivated. Raphaëlle therefore decides to offer to accompany her to a visiting room this afternoon. Gabriel is delighted. But his enthusiasm is quickly put to the test. Soraya hands him a whole bunch of files to file and asks him to make her a coffee. And, at the same time, the office phone is already ringing.

In prison, Raphaëlle speaks with Dan Mazure during her visiting room. On edge, Mathis’ father gets angry and orders his lawyer to get him out of jail. Raphaëlle asks him to calm down. She explains to Dan that the facts of which she is accused are very serious and that she will do her best to avoid him the assizes. She knows he loves his son and really wants to help him. She therefore suggests that he set up a strategy for his defense.

Later, at the office, Gabriel announces a discovery in Dan’s file: he thinks he has found a procedural flaw. But Raphaëlle makes him realize that this is not the case. Gabriel feels ridiculous, yet he was sure of himself. Raphaëlle assures him that it doesn’t matter, that he just looked for a flaw that could work in their favor and that he is on the right track. And then she asks her new intern to stay later tonight to dig deeper into the case and research the Mazure case.

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