Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1278 of Wednesday September 21…

Tomorrow belongs to us what awaits you in episode 1278

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Sacha is arrested, Benjamin gets shot. At the same time, Emma and Judith get closer.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday, September 21 in tomorrow belongs to us


At the police checkpoint, Lisa and Sacha’s car ended up on its roof. After helping Lisa out of the vehicle, Commander Constant arrests the fugitive.

The next morning, Martin informs Sacha that a van will come to pick him up to take him to prison where he will be placed in a high security area. At the slightest deviation, it will be isolation. At the idea of ​​knowing him behind bars for at least the next twenty years, Martin is jubilant.

Subsequently, Martin goes to the hospital to check on Lisa. Apart from a few aches and scratches, the latter is doing well. Once he heard from her, Commander Constant wanted to thank her. If it weren’t for his little swerve, he would probably be dead by now. When he declares that she is a super policewoman, Amel, Lisa’s little sister, arrives in the room. Martin then introduces himself to the teenager then leaves the place to leave them with the family.

Later, Victoire goes to her cousin’s bedside. As all is well, she will be able to leave the hospital at the end of the day.

Not far from there, the prosecutor gave a press conference on the Girard affair and claimed all the laurels for this operation. Conversely, Commander Constant congratulates his teams for the excellent work they have done on this case.

At the end of the day, Lisa, Victoire and Amel prepare dinner. Learning that they have planned to take a train for Paris the next day, Victoire is a little sad because she would have liked to enjoy her cousins ​​a little more.

At the same time, Sylvain and Alex are at Tristan’s side, who is delighted with his brother’s arrest. To clear their minds, the three friends plan a sea trip.


Audrey goes to Dan’s to look for Mathis. While the little boy finishes getting ready, the mother of the family takes the opportunity to talk about what happened to the old woman in the hospital. After acknowledging that he had lost his temper with Doctor Ventura, Dan begins to insult the doctor. Only, Audrey knows Benjamin well and affirms that he is a good person.

Meanwhile, Leo and Mathis are having fun in the garage. By dropping a bullet on Dan’s belongings, the Roussel son discovers a weapon hidden in a box. Matis then makes her promise not to tell anyone, then offers his friend to take her in his hands. Fortunately, Leo doesn’t have time to do anything because Audrey calls them to leave.

Later, Dan goes to the hospital to apologize to Benjamin. The doctor, who does not hold it against him, assures us that he has no intention of filing a complaint. Unfortunately, Dr. Dumaze goes to the police station to file a complaint on behalf of the hospital’s board of directors.

Dan is therefore summoned. Sara may affirm that the complaint comes from the board of directors of the hospital, but Mathis’ father refuses to believe her, certain that Benjamin is solely responsible.

When night fell, Benjamin finished his shift in the hospital and got into his car to go home. Shortly after, someone shoots him through the windshield and he loses consciousness, collapsing on his steering wheel…


Judith always frowns at her father for having hired Emma without his agreement, which her parents did not escape. If Alex thinks it’s not like his daughter to sulk over something so trivial, Chloe points out to him that she’s more sensitive since her attack.

Later, Alex reminds Judith that he has an appointment at the bank. Since Jordan isn’t working this afternoon, he encourages her to enlist Emma’s help in pulling the oysters and preparing the deliveries. Unfortunately, the Delcourt girl judges that it is a waste of time because she will have to teach him all the technical gestures. However, Emma is determined and gets her hands dirty. Even if the atmosphere is tense at first, the two young women find common ground and then even show themselves to be accomplices.

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