Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1276 of Monday, September 19, 2022…

Tomorrow belongs to us what awaits you in episode 1276

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”, Sacha reappears, Timothée is considered a hero and the case of Dan and Mathis divides…

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday, September 19 in tomorrow belongs to us

Martin and Sara go to the port to find out about Sacha. The men who take care of the entrances and exits of the passengers of the ocean liners are not very talkative. One of them tries to sneak away but Sara catches him and they lead him to the station.

In the footsteps of Sasha

During the interrogation, they show him photos of Sacha and he pretends not to recognize him. The cops put pressure on him and he ends up confessing that he sold him on the black market a boat ticket to the killer. During their meeting, the tone rose and Sacha fell. He probably broke his ankle. Martin and Sara will inquire with the hospitals because according to them, he could not leave Sète in this state.

At the hospital, precisely, William meets Philippe, a colleague who came to do tests after a supposed fall. This one has been missing for a while and seems exhausted. William finds him very tried and advises him to take care of himself. The doctor discreetly looks at the x-rays of Philippe with Renaud shortly after, his injuries rather indicate an attack.

William wonders if Philippe doesn’t have big problems and goes digging to find out more. At the same time, Philippe returns home and finds his wife… with Sacha! The fugitive holds them hostage and hides in their home. He sent Philippe to get medicine to soothe his pain. He is desperate and threatening: he will kill them if they are spotted. Philippe and his wife are terrified.

Sacha is injured and dangerous

William picks up Aurore at the police station and he hears her talking about Sacha who has been potentially injured and in great pain for 15 days. The doctor intervenes and specifies that an untreated broken ankle causes excruciating pain. They think the criminal must have managed to get some painkillers. William then talks to them about Philippe, without much conviction, but who does not seem to be in his normal state for precisely 15 days…

The police are waiting no longer and rush to Philippe’s house. Martin finds him with his wife, they are bound and gagged… but alone. Sacha ran away again.

Timothy is considered a hero

Charlie and Gabriel are shocked by all the revelations about Valentin. They reassure themselves by saying that this one will pay behind bars. Timothée has nightmares after his kidnapping. He plans to go and see Anna again. Victor supports him and reminds him that he is very proud of him.

The young man tells his father that he thought a lot about him during his captivity, which touches Victor a lot. They go for a drink at the Spoon and they meet Judith. She comes to thank him for his heroic attitude which allowed Valentin to be arrested. Timothée does not understand why he is being congratulated.

He is then offered to answer an interview but he does not want to. Elsa encourages him to do so but he remains categorical: according to him, there is no reason for him to receive so many honors.

Dan fears losing his son

Dan is received by Sébastien to explain his repeated absences to Mathis. He says he has two jobs to support his son. Her ex uses this to accuse her of neglect and claim sole custody of the child.

Sébastien points out to him that Mathis performs tasks of an adult person at home. Dan assures that his son sees it all as a game. He admits that he is not well organized but does everything for Mathis. Sébastien believes in his good faith but has no choice, other interviews will be carried out to ensure the total well-being of the little one.

Mathis is also welcomed by Benjamin to be examined. The doctor asks him questions about his way of life with Dan and understands that Mathis is doing too much for his young age. Later, Audrey and Dan spend some time together with their playing children. He has the impression that the appointments have gone well but fears that Mathis will be taken away from him. It would collapse if that were the case.

Benjamin must issue a decisive opinion

Audrey comforts Dan because she is convinced that the judge will be able to make sense of things. Sébastien goes to Raphaëlle’s office, he talks to her about the Mathis affair because she touches him. He fears breaking the relationship of Dan and his son. He takes the opportunity to apologize to the lawyer for all the years he was absent. She tells him that she hasn’t been mad at him for a long time.

Benjamin fills in Mathis’ file while Alma visits him in his office. He admits that he has trouble remaining impartial on this case. He sees clearly that the father and the son adore each other but that the child’s living conditions are not good. His mental load is too great for his age because he does everything on a daily basis.

Benjamin feels that Dan is overwhelmed. He feels obliged to report it but suspects that it will cause Dan to lose custody of Mathis…

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