Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1275 of Friday, September 16…

Tomorrow belongs to us what awaits you in episode 1275

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”, Valentin is finally arrested, Dorian and Camille argue because of Adam and Audrey is worried about Mathis, a friend of Léo…

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Friday, September 16 in tomorrow belongs to us

Just as Valentin is about to hurt Manon, Nordine bursts in and throws herself at the criminal. The young men fight and end up in the pool. Manon begs her boyfriend to get out of the water but Valentin holds him back to drown him.

Valentin is finally arrested

Martin and Aurore arrive in turn and point their weapons at the aggressor. He agrees to surrender, Manon and Nordine are safe and sound. At the police station, Lisa and Martin question Valentin. They look back on his past as a legionnaire. They know that a complaint had been filed against him because he had taken pictures of a female soldier undressing without her knowledge.

Valentin explains that he had made advances to her and that she had rejected him. Subsequently, he had taken the pictures to supposedly make his colleagues laugh. The police then show him images of the corpse found in the sewers. He claims he doesn’t see what they are talking about.

He also states that he doesn’t really know Judith, nor Elsa. Lisa decides to be more direct and announces to Valentin that the body found is that of her mother, Mary. He is livid. At the same time, Sara and Nordine go to search his things in the roommate he shared with Gabriel. They find the same rangers that the attacker was wearing at the time of his attacks and a USB key. They take her back to the station.

Valentine confesses his crimes

Lisa and Martin show Valentin what the key contains: photos of girls taken without their knowledge. There are also images of Manon. The investigators ask Valentin what he would have done to her if they had not arrived. He defends himself and insists that he is not a pervert. His mother called him that…

Lisa questions him about this. With tears in his eyes, Valentin remembers that his mother belittled him and that they had therefore cut ties. She had returned to her son because she was sick but the insults had resumed. Moreover, when he had broken up with Manon, his mother had cruelly laughed at him. He wanted to silence her for good. He feels no remorse.

With his confession, Valentin will end up in prison. At the police station, he and Manon meet. He utters all his love to her but, still shocked by what happened, she cuts the conversation short on the spot. Manon and Nordine go for a drink and run into Aurore and William. They decide to start all over again after this misadventure.

At the station, Georges reveals to Martin that Sacha’s boat arrived at its destination… but that he wasn’t in it! They realize that the fugitive is still in Sète.

Dorian learns about Camille and Adam’s date

After a bet with Emma, ​​Camille got a date with Adam. They get up at dawn to go and photograph birds. Camille doesn’t give a damn about this activity and is bored. Adam noticed it and made the moment last on purpose to annoy him. They end up leaving.

In high school, Camille tells this whole story to Emma who is hilarious listening to her story. She considers this mission a failure. Camille nevertheless points out that Adam gave her his sweatshirt because she was cold. She shows it to Emma and Dorian arrives. He wants to know why his girlfriend has someone else’s clothes.

Adam discovers the whole masquerade

At the same time, Adam reports this nature outing to Charlie. He doesn’t understand why Camille came with him this morning since she clearly didn’t want to be there. Charlie hypothesizes that the latter and Emma made a bet to seduce him first. She specifies in passing to Adam that Camille has a boyfriend.

Camille explains everything to Dorian about the bet. Jealous, he considers her immature and believes that this action is not worthy of trust. Camille finds it unfair and takes on this frivolous behavior after everything she and Emma have been through.

The girls find Adam soon after, he has understood their whole little game but is having fun with it. They admit that their bet is far from being won by one or the other…

Audrey cares about Dan and Mathis

Mathis picks up Leo to go to school. Audrey opens the door for him, then asks him if he gave his father the summons from the judge. The child answers no because he is afraid of his reaction. Audrey offers Mathis to forward the mail herself and he accepts. He tells the waitress that he wants to continue living with his father.

At the Spoon, Audrey gives the letter to Dan. He opens it and discovers that his ex is claiming sole custody of their son. He finds this disloyal because he does what he can to offer Mathis a good life. Audrey understands this but also knows that the little boy is often alone.

She confides to Damien that she wants to continue to take Mathis into their home when his father is away. The cop advises him to take some distance instead. She snubs him curtly because she doesn’t see herself leaving Mathis and Dan aside. She is touched by this story.

Benjamin must give his opinion on the situation of Mathis

Alma comes to see Audrey at the Spoon, the latter regrets her aggressive attitude towards Damien. She confides in her friend that Dan and Mathis remind her of her own situation, when she struggled to take care of her own children.

Alma later goes to pick up Benjamin from the hospital. It is precisely on a file: that of Mathis. He’s in trouble because he doesn’t know how to handle this case. He wants to try to be as impartial as possible.

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