Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1274 of Thursday, September 15, 2022…

Tomorrow belongs to us what awaits you in episode 1274

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”, Noor pleads the cause of Gabriel, Emma and Camille fight over Adam’s favors and the police identify Valentin when he intends to attack Manon…

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday, September 15 in tomorrow belongs to us

Abandoned in the woods by Valentin, Timothée is still lifeless in nature. The police tell Victor why the kidnapper kidnapped his son: to hack into the police station’s computer system. Martin explains that the young man has succeeded and that the attacker therefore no longer needs him.

Victor is livid because if he had had this information earlier, he could have warned his contacts who are also looking for Timothée. The former thug loses his temper, he fears that his child is dead… Lisa summons him to calm down.

Timothée finds his family

Victor demands to be informed from now on of the progress of the investigation. For his part, Timothée finally wakes up. He is at his worst. He meets a woman on the side of a road but she gets scared when she sees him and leaves.

At the police station, Aurore discovers that the body found in the sewers is that of a rather elderly Englishwoman, Mary Bartlett. She could be an old acquaintance of the abuser. Suddenly, Timothée arrives exhausted! Martin and Aurore want him to go to the hospital but he first asks for a computer to find the file that Valentin had deleted.

Victor immediately returns to see his son, but he is busy recreating the documents he erased. Quickly, Timothée retrieves Valentin’s criminal record on which it is written that his real name is… Bartlett. Aurore and Martin understand that he therefore killed his mother, Mary!

The police understand that the attacker is Valentin

The cop immediately calls Manon and tells her that the one she had been dating this summer was not who he claimed to be. At home with Gabriel, Valentin suspects nothing. He leaves the roommate with a bouquet of flowers with the idea of ​​winning back a girl he has loved since this summer… Gabriel wishes him good luck and he receives a visit from Aurore and Martin a few minutes after his departure. .

They explain the situation to him and Gabriel is flabbergasted. He tells them what Valentin told him and Aurore fears that the psychopath has gone to attack Manon! She joins her daughter but falls on the answering machine, she leaves a message. At the same time, Victor told Elsa that Timothy is safe. She comes to meet him and hugs him, relieved. They are happy to be reunited after what they have been through.

Valentin attacks Manon

At the same time, Manon is indeed at home but she was swimming. She listens to her mother’s message and hurries to go inside to lock herself in… but Valentin is already there. Manon invents that she is revising and that she was going home.

He asks her for five minutes of her time to talk to her, offering her his bouquet. He confesses his feelings to her and this makes Manon nervous. Valentin notices this and he also sees that she receives a lot of text messages. Manon stammers that she is surprised by his declaration and asks him for time to think. Valentin accepts but wants to be sure of his sincerity: he demands a kiss from her.

As he advances towards her, Manon flees and protects herself in the house. This makes Valentin hysterical. He grabs a chair in order to smash a window. Manon begs him to stop on the other side…

Emma and Camille’s bet

In high school, Camille discreetly takes a picture of Adam and Dorian surprises her. This annoys him and he gets jealous. His girlfriend explains to him that the shot was for Emma and so he can relax, he has nothing to fear. Camille also finds her friend who thanks her for the famous photo.

Emma is completely under the spell and hopes to seduce Adam. She jokingly forbids Camille to approach him. The latter then takes this as a challenge and the girls decide to make a bet: the one who will not succeed in getting an appointment with Adam will be on cleaning duty at home!

Emma immediately goes on the attack. She approaches Adam but he doesn’t seem really receptive… He abandons her to go to the CDI instead. Camille observes the scene with amusement. Then it’s his turn to try his luck.

Camille lands a date with Adam

Camille accosts Adam by complimenting him on his pictures on Instagram. She makes him believe that she wants to join his photo club. Flattered, Adam is much more enthusiastic about Camille… When she offers to capture images together the next day, he accepts!

Emma is upset but does not consider it a real date. Camille agrees and hopes that he will finally invite her on a real “date” after this photo session, to validate his victory at the bet.

Gabriel thinks Soraya is still mad at him

Gabriel is upset because his application for the legal internship was refused by Raphaëlle. Charlie advises him to return to the firm to plead his case. He complies and Raphaëlle justifies her refusal by claiming that she is looking for someone more experienced than him… except that it is because of Soraya that her profile was not selected.

This one arrives elsewhere in the office. Gabriel tells her that they almost were colleagues and she replies that she already knew that. Soraya is embarrassed by the disappointment of Noor’s ex. Gabriel offers to have a drink with the two sisters in the evening. Soraya kicks into touch.

He then goes to the hospital to talk with Noor. He found Soraya weird just now and wonders if she wouldn’t have asked Raphaëlle not to validate her hiring because of their past estrangement. Noor thinks it’s impossible and that Soraya has moved on a long time ago. She advises Gabriel to question himself.

Noor reframes his sister

However, the nurse goes to question her sister and she admits that she did not support Gabriel against Raphaëlle. Noor points out to her that if she forgave him, she can do it too. She wants Soraya to fix things… The young lawyer then goes back to see her boss and advises her to give Gabriel a chance.

Raphaëlle therefore contacts him again and finally offers him the internship! Gabriel is overjoyed and then bumps into Soraya. He doubts her intervention and thanks her. He again flatly apologizes for his past behavior and swears he will never disappoint her again.

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