Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1273 of Wednesday September 14…

Tomorrow belongs to us what awaits you in episode 1273

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”, Sophie recontacts Nordine, Gabriel has an interview with Raphaëlle and Valentin drugs Timothée…

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday, September 14 in tomorrow belongs to us

At the police station, Charlie tells Sara and Lisa about the assault she suffered and how she managed to get out of it. She remembers that the individual who attacked her smelled like sewers. The police then direct their questions to Valentin, they want to know how he behaved with the customers of La Paillote this summer. Charlie remembers that he was flirty but never really mean. They let her go.

Charlie remembers a detail about his attacker

Lisa announces to Sara that the assailant succeeded in erasing the documents he wanted in their files, without leaving a trace. François picks up Charlie at the station and goes to spend the day with her. As she leaves, she suddenly remembers that her attacker had a sort of crest on his coat, in the shape of a flame. She goes back to tell the authorities.

Gabriel is late, he has an interview at the law firm with Raphaëlle. Valentin, still in the grip of an attack of malaria, advises her to smile throughout the meeting because, according to him, it is the key to giving a woman confidence… Valentin then leaves for his hideout where Timothée is still sequestered and in bad shape. He begs his captor for water. Valentin gives it to him but with drugs in it.

When he receives the bottle, Timothée throws himself on it and swallows everything. It doesn’t take long for him to lose consciousness and Valentin moves him. At the police station, the police discover that the symbol on the aggressor’s coat is that of the foreign legion.

They also learn that the substance found on his phone was a drug against malaria, a disease common among legionnaires…

A body is found in the sewers, it is that of a woman but her profile does not correspond to that of the victims of the attacker. Lisa and Sara think all the same that the author of this crime could be the same man.

Valentine abandons Timothy

At François’s, Charlie pretends that everything is fine but she feels bad. Her boyfriend asks her to allow herself not to be so strong. The girl lets go and feels like she’s getting into trouble. The teacher reassures her, she was very brave and he is proud of her.

At nightfall, Valentin lays the lifeless body of Timothée in nature and abandons it there, thanking him for his services.

Gabriel wants to work with Raphaëlle

Raphaëlle notices that Sophie is wearing her blouse from the day before. The latter confides to her colleague that she had a date last night but that it did not give anything interesting. She doesn’t want to think about men anymore.

Raphaëlle then gives her interview to Gabriel. It’s going pretty well, she’ll keep him posted. He goes to see Noor and tells him everything. He is confident. To celebrate, he invites her to have a drink at the roommate in the evening.

At the same time, Raphaëlle debriefs her interview with Soraya. This one is not delighted to know that Gabriel made a strong impression. Soraya reveals to her colleague the old accusations that weighed on the young man. Raphaëlle then chooses to eliminate her candidacy.

At the end of the day, Noor comes as planned to Gabriel’s but the time is no longer for the party. He received the negative response from Raphaëlle and he is saddened. His friend wants to call Soraya to find out more but he refuses because it would embarrass her too much.

Sophie gets in touch with Nordine

For her part, Sophie calls Nordine. This one is with Manon, he does not answer and explains to the young woman that it is not important. Sophie sends him an SMS and specifies that she would like to speak to him. He then reveals to Manon who it is and this challenges him. She advises him to go have a drink with her in order to find out what Sophie wants from him once and for all.

But Nordine does not at all want to make an effort. However, Sophie returns to the police station to confess her feelings to him… and Nordine is icy with her. She is disappointed and leaves. She goes back to the practice and Raphaëlle offers her to go out and clear her head, but she prefers to say no.

Sophie wants to leave town

Sophie announces to Raphaëlle that she feels the need to get away from Sète for a while. She needs to take a step back and have a vacation.

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