Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1268 of Wednesday September 7, 2022…

Tomorrow belongs to us what awaits you in episode 1268

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While the police try to corner Timothée’s kidnapper, the penalty falls on Camille. At the same time, a rumor circulates about Adam and Charlie.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday, September 7 in tomorrow belongs to us


Now having proof that his son has been kidnapped, Victor seeks the help of Sophie Novack. If the latter pushes him to go to the police immediately, Brunet refuses because the investigators do not really carry him in their hearts. Despite everything, Sophie insists. According to her, the police are her only chance to find Timothée alive.

At the police station, the investigation is at a standstill and no fingerprints have been found on the manhole covers of the yard or the Spoon. As these plates have not been the subject of any intervention by the road services, Commander Constant and his men are convinced that the attacker goes through the sewers to escape the cameras. The police must therefore draw up the psychological profile of the latter in order to understand how he functions. The naked photos of the victims representing trophies for him, the investigators are dealing with a person with a need for control and absolute domination. In other words, he uses violence to possess them.

Shortly after, Victor arrives at the police station with proof that Timothée has been kidnapped. While the police immediately mount an operation to corner the kidnapper of the Brunet son during the delivery of the ransom, Brunet warns Martin that he has no interest in screwing up.

Not far from there, Timothée is exhausted. Tired of the music playing continuously in the room where he is held captive, the young man is ready to do whatever his captor asks of him to stop it.

For her part, Judith is in the worst possible condition. And for good reason, her naked photos have been posted on the net. She may try to put things into perspective, but unfortunately she can’t. Although she was not raped, Judith still feels like she was. As she fears that the customers of the mas will see these photos, Jordan reminds her that she is a victim and that no one will judge her for it.

Meanwhile, Damien is certain that Timothy’s kidnapper is English or of Anglo-Saxon descent from the lettering on the ransom note. For her part, Lisa would like to help in the investigation but Commander Constant refuses because the IGPN has not mandated her for this.

In the afternoon, Brunet goes to the meeting place. If the businessman is anxious, he can count on the police who are hidden in a specially equipped van a few steps away. Only, the kidnapper is more than two hours late and finally does not come. At the same time, the latter gives a computer to Timothée and threatens to kill him if he does not follow his instructions to the letter.


Emma and Camille have breakfast at the Spoon. With the judge having to make a decision about her future today, Emma is in low spirits. The Meffre girl does try to reassure her but without success.

Subsequently, Camille meets her grandfather at the marina. Worried about his granddaughter, Sébastien takes a very dim view of her dating Emma Garnier, whom he considers a delinquent. Immediately, Camille defends her friend then specifies that her mother has agreed to take her in to give her a second chance. Angry, Sébastien shows up at his daughter’s office to make her change her mind. In vain.

In high school, Camille later catches Emma smoking weed in the restroom. After lecturing him, Camille urges him to keep his good resolutions.

At the end of the day, Raphaëlle announces to Emma that the judge has decided to be lenient and that she will therefore not go to prison. On the other hand, she will have to do 180 hours of community service after school by cleaning the beaches of the coast from the waste left by holidaymakers.


In high school, Charlie and Adam show themselves to be particularly accomplices, which did not escape Emma, ​​Camille and Dorian who imagine that they are in a relationship.

Adam confides in Charlie about his parents’ separation. Indeed, the teenager explains that he was very angry with François when he left his mother, to the point of having papers made in her name. As he repeated his first, his mother felt guilty for not having succeeded in framing him. This is why she encouraged him to return to Sète so that François could tighten the screw. Today, Adam is happy to spend time with his father.

Later, Nathan tells Charlie that the whole school thinks she and Adam are in a relationship. Insofar as the rumor could come to François’ ears, Nathan encourages him to warn him, but Charlie sees this as an opportunity to make the man she loves jealous.

Obviously, the rumor goes around the school so much so that Alma talks about it to Étienne. The latter then tells him that Adam is the son of François before adding that these rumors in the corridor are unfounded.

At the end of the day, Adam tells his father that everyone believes him in a relationship with Charlie. Information that allows François to understand why his students stared at him all day. The latter having no desire for the gossip to start again, Adam decides not to speak to Charlie in high school until things calm down.

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