Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1267 of Tuesday, September 6, 2022…

Tomorrow belongs to us what awaits you in episode 1267

In the next episode of Tomorrow belongs to us… Victoire is depressed without Samuel, Judith recounts her kidnapping and Timothée disappears.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Tuesday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

After being kidnapped, Judith was quickly abandoned by her attacker. At the police station, she tells Martin what happened, with her parents by her side. The young girl is very shocked and reveals that she woke up half undressed in the back of her moving van. She begged to be released… Once the vehicle was parked, the criminal left leaving her here. Audrey then heard the cries of the victim because the van was parked near the Spoon.

Hearing this chilling tale, the Commander, Alex, and Chloe assume the attacker is the same one who went after Elsa. Judith now fears that photos of her naked are circulating on social networks. One thing is in any case certain: her assailant did not sexually abuse her. Later, in high school, Elsa talks with Chloe. She knows what happened to Judith and she feels guilty for not having better informed the police to arrest the criminal.

The police lack the elements to find the attacker

Audrey testifies to the police in turn: she noticed a strange man near the Spoon the day before. He was wearing rangers when it was very hot… Near the restaurant, Georges detects the manhole which probably allowed the attacker to escape discreetly. He takes fingerprints and crosses his fingers to finally get a convincing clue.

Sébastien comes to meet Martin, he is very excited. He puts pressure on the cop because the investigation is stalling according to him. The prosecutor is holding on following a press conference. He is tense and it shows. Gabriel, who is just looking at the point, finds it sinister. He who wanted to do an internship with Sébastien changes his tune. He plans to look for another place to perfect his training.

Timothy is in mortal danger

Victor bursts into high school because Timothée hasn’t given him a sign of life for a few hours. He gets worried and finds Elsa. She reports that she and Timothée met earlier in class but that she does not know more. Plus, they’re cold. Victor gets angry with Elsa. He worries that his son was too upset because of his altercation with his girlfriend. He begins to panic and goes to the police.

Sara and a crossing guard find Timothée’s phone and bicycle near the station. Victor is sure something bad has happened. Sara tries to calm him down and put things into perspective. Victor gets angry and even goes so far as to insult her. Exasperated, he leaves and chooses to fend for himself. He contacts old acquaintances who might be able to give him some information. Victor then sees a note on the windshield of his vehicle: he is being asked for a million euros for the release of his son, otherwise he will die!

Victor is livid while Timothée is having a panic attack, held against his will. He is in a room, curled up on a bed, with extremely loud music and a very powerful light that blinds him. This environment completely traumatizes the autistic, observed by his cruel captor through a surveillance camera…

Victoire thinks about Samuel all day

Hangover with her friends, Victoire is worried because she hasn’t heard from Samuel for two days. Lisa and Soraya try to reassure her and advise her to enjoy her day with them. But Victoire’s spirit remains elsewhere… The girls go to the cinema despite everything and have a good time.

Victoire decides to stay away from her phone so as not to spend all her time staring at it. However, she ends up receiving a call from her companion. She is enchanted! After this phone call, the doctor realizes that she should not be so depressed and think more about herself to be more peaceful.

Nathan helps Mona

Nathan goes to the Spoon to help his good friend Mona get the chef job she covets. She appreciates his help and gives him carte blanche to get rid of Jérôme, the cook hired by Bart. To do this, Nathan announces to Jérôme that Bart is gay and that he is often very insistent towards the men he picks up! But, surprise, this does not put off Jérôme… quite the contrary! He is happy because Bart is completely to his liking.

Jérôme therefore tries his luck with his boss by making him heavily into it. Bart is embarrassed and reminds her that their relationship is purely professional. Amused by the situation, Bart laughs shortly after with Audrey and this upsets Jérôme. He surrenders his apron and resigns. Nathan goes to Mona’s, he apologizes because he believes his plan has totally failed. She doesn’t blame him. Mona notices that she has messages from Bart on her phone: he finally asks her to become the leader of the Spoon! Mona exults.

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