Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1265 of Friday, September 2, 2022…

Tomorrow belongs to us what awaits you in episode 1265

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Elsa’s attacker watches over Judith, Mona sets out to become the new leader of the Spoon. As for Adam, he is none other than the son of François Lehaut.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Friday, September 2 in tomorrow belongs to us


Early in the morning, Sara advises Elsa to file a complaint since the distribution of photos of her naked constitutes a sexual assault. For her part, the young woman contacted the hosts of the website to have the photos in question removed, but the damage is already done. Indeed, all his comrades have already seen them. The policewoman tells him that she is the victim of pornographic revenge and asks him if anyone around her could be angry with her. Elsa then quickly makes the connection with Gaëtan, a boy from high school whose advances she has rejected several times.

Meanwhile, in high school, Gaëtan is captivated by Elsa’s photos. He hastens to provoke Timothy who punches him in the face. The young man is about to reply when Adam intervenes and warns him: if he continues to threaten his comrade, he will attack him.

A little later, Gaëtan is summoned to the police station since he is suspected of the attack on his comrade. Sara thinks that the young man could not stand being rejected by Elsa and that he finally developed a real obsession with her. However, Gaëtan tells him that this is not the case and assures him that he is innocent. The policewoman then asks him for his mobile phone to analyze it. She then discovers many photos of Elsa taken without her consent. Gaëtan is up against the wall but he continues to proclaim his innocence. However, he has no alibi: he was alone at home at the time of the events.

At the same time, Commander Constant was summoned to the prosecutor’s office. He discovers when he arrives there that he is not the only one concerned since Lisa is also present. Sébastien thinks that the policeman made a big mistake by suspecting Sacha Girard of Elsa’s attack. According to him, this false lead made them miserably lose track of the fugitive. However, Martin tells him that they have new elements on the young woman’s attack and that he wants to return to the field as soon as possible since they are understaffed. At the same time, he told Perraud that the IGPN investigation did not make his job any easier. The prosecutor then asks Lisa if she is able to decide about Nordine, but this is not the case yet.

Sara has collected several testimonies that describe Gaëtan as an unsympathetic and pretentious person who also takes pleasure in humiliating others. However, Damien couldn’t find anything on his phone other than the photos taken before the assault. He then explains to them that the identification number of the device is different from the one that was used during the attack.

For his part, Timothée is totally disturbed by his altercation with Gaëtan. His father congratulates him for having defended the honor of his girlfriend. But the young man does not know how to behave with Elsa and ignores her calls. Victor then points out to her that he should only be there for her, but he struggles to convince him.

At the police station, Lisa confides to Commander Constant that she does not share the prosecutor’s opinion. According to her, he followed a credible lead by suspecting Sacha of having assaulted Elsa. She assures Martin that they are on the same side.

The police discovered during the search at Gaëtan’s home Elsa’s bracelet which he had carefully hidden in a book. As a result, Martin decides to place the young man in custody.

At the end of the day, the aggressor watches Judith through a manhole. He is about to attack the young woman when she is joined by Camille.


Early in the morning, Maud compliments Jack on his new style of dress and thinks he will have no trouble finding a boyfriend. Although they are both single, they expect to meet funny and intelligent boys this year. For her part, the young woman is not insensitive to Adam’s charm but she thinks she has no chance. She is also convinced that Jack also noticed it, which he confirms. However, he refuses to embark on a one-sided story again.

A little later, Adam is late for French class and doesn’t bother to apologize. François does not hesitate to point this out to him, but the young man claims not to have wanted to interrupt him. The teacher then decides to question him on the theme of the return, the first subject of the year. Unfortunately, the young man does not have a lot of knowledge, which seems to make François smile, asking him if no one around him can introduce him to the pleasures of reading. Adam replies that he prefers to live the stories rather than read them in the books, which makes his comrades react a lot. He still answers the question by considering that the return is something personal and intimate.

At the end of the day, Charlie goes to François but cannot find his keys. The young woman decides to ring the bell and it is finally Adam who opens the door for her. The young man is none other than the son of the French teacher. Charlie then instinctively kisses his boyfriend in front of Adam who decides to go back to his room. For his part, François explains to Charlie that this is the first time that his son has seen him with a woman other than his mother. But the young woman believes that he has had plenty of time to recover from their separation, which François ends up admitting. The professor regrets that they did not have more time to talk about the situation since Adam suddenly decided to come and settle with him in Sète. Charlie fully understands her position but she still needs time to adapt.


Mona has found a new occupation: cooking. Since always, preparing good meals has been his second passion after music. So she decided to make several lasagna. Soraya points out to him that what she ultimately loves in life is making people happy.

A little later, Mona goes to the police station with a huge plate of lasagna. She came to ask her son’s opinion since she made a change to her recipe, which greatly amused her colleagues. Finally, the police all take a share of the dish which is very good according to Nordine.

But Mona does not stop there! Indeed, she is determined to become the new head of Spoon and claims to Audrey to have been hired by the boss. However, Bart didn’t know about it since he learns of the deception while returning from a professional meeting. Georges’ mother tells him that customers are tired of eating burgers and offers him to taste his lasagna. Then, when customers arrive, she welcomes them while offering them to order her dish cooked with love.

But Bart feels there’s a big difference between making a unique dish and running a restaurant. According to him, she is no longer old enough for this kind of position.

For her part, Mona does not intend to let herself be defeated. She also develops a new card in order to impress the boss of the Spoon with the help of Nathan, Georges and Soraya.

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