Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1263 of Wednesday August 31, 2022…

Tomorrow belongs to us what awaits you in episode 1263

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Alma is finally back in Sète, Elsa is the victim of an attack in high school. At the same time, Victoire’s cousin, who works for the IGPN, arrives in town to investigate Nordine.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday, August 31 in tomorrow belongs to us


Sacha Girard desperately needs money to leave Sète and tries in vain to sell the jewels he stole from Christelle.

At the police station, the neighborhood survey around the Moreno hotel turned up nothing and the video surveillance proves that the fugitive is not hiding in the squats near the docks. For his part, Damien took a piece of flamingo feather from the hotel room. However, Christelle and Sylvain did not approach this animal, which suggests that Sacha brought the fiber from outside. Martin then asks Damien to make him a list of places where they can find flamingos nearby.

Meanwhile, at Agnès Varda high school, Gaëtan asks Elsa if she enjoyed her session at the spa. The young woman then confesses to him that this is not the case because she does not appreciate the proximity with others. Then, when Timothée asks her the same question, she lies to him, saying she had a good time. Gaëtan then takes the opportunity to tell the whole truth to Timothée, to the great displeasure of the student. The Brunet son takes offense and reproaches his girlfriend for lying to him once again. When he leaves, Gaëtan seizes the opportunity to flirt heavily with Elsa, who immediately sends him packing.

Aurore and Sara are looking for Sacha in the swamps. The young policewoman remembers an unlisted shed nearby that was abandoned. The two cops decide to go take a look and discover that it is indeed Sacha’s lair. Aurore then discovers burnt pieces of paper and Sara finds a mass of hair which tells them that he shaved his head. The new elements leave no room for doubt: Sacha is in the process of getting new papers. The police decide to change his composite portrait and put the shed under surveillance.

For her part, Elsa walks in the street and takes the opportunity to tell Manon on the phone about her argument with Timothée. However, the young woman has the strange feeling of being followed, which is really the case.

At the same time, Sacha meets a forger who agrees to buy back the jewels stolen from Christelle Moreno. He feels he is taking a lot of risks in doing business with him and makes an offer well below their true value. However, the fugitive accepts all the same since he really needs this money as soon as possible.

Finally, Timothée gives Elsa an opportunity to explain herself on the phone. The young woman tells him that Gaëtan is jealous and that’s why he does everything to get them to argue. Then, when they hang up, an individual in a black hoodie grabs Elsa from behind, putting his hand over her mouth. He then forcibly drags the young woman into the bathroom, and Elsa loses her bracelet along the way.

A little later, Chloe is about to leave high school when she finds a shoe on the ground. At the same time, Elsa comes out of the bathroom totally disoriented with her bare feet and her clothes undone. The young woman then hastens to throw herself into the arms of the director and bursts into tears.


A very special patient is waiting for Benjamin for a consultation. It is about Alma who was not to return until the following day. The young woman took advantage of the fact that her flight was canceled to bring her forward and surprise her. The couple then takes the opportunity to share an intimate moment.

A little later, Victoire discovers that her friend is back in town. Alma is already aware of Samuel’s departure and therefore offers him to spend a little time with friends during an aperitif this evening at the Spoon.

Meanwhile at the police station, Georges sees a young woman asking the police for information at the entrance to the police station. If at first he continues on his way, he finally decides to offer his help. He then presents himself as the director of the Technical and Scientific Police hoping to impress the young woman, but this is not the case. Indeed, Lisa prefers to wait for Commander Constant. The policeman continues the conversation and asks him if they haven’t already been seen somewhere. A question that makes his colleagues laugh a lot. The young woman prefers not to answer her question and decides to wait alone until Martin arrives.

At the restaurant, Alma offers many souvenirs to Audrey. She also asks him if Damien is still the perfect man, which she confirms to him. He also moved in with his children.

Finally, Lisa admitted to Georges that she was Victoire’s little cousin. The young woman was surprised that he did not recognize her and also found the situation very funny. Then, Martin is finally back at the station and asks his colleague where the IGPN investigator is, whom he does not hesitate to insult. Lisa therefore presents herself in good and due form and fully understands that her arrival is not the best news of the day for Constant.

Lisa is in Sète to investigate the circumstances of the theft of Nordine Becker’s weapon and determine her involvement in Sacha Girard’s escape. However, the commander needs all of his men, so she decides not to lay off Nordine, just to get him off the field. Lisa then asks Martin for access to documents regarding the incident and wants to interview those involved.

At the Spoon, Victoire and Alma are having a drink with the girls when Benjamin joins them. Victoire, who wants to let them enjoy their reunion, is about to slip away when Benjamin and Alma ask her to stay for dinner with them.

A little later, while going to order drinks at the bar, Victoire comes across her little cousin. The two young women are very happy to meet again. Lisa explains that she is in Sète as part of a routine investigation at the police station. Then she tells Victoire about the very amusing scene that happened a little earlier with Georges. Victoire isn’t surprised that he didn’t recognize Lisa since they only met once a long time ago. Victoire then offers her cousin to come and stay with her during her stay, then quickly introduces her to Alma and Benjamin before leaving the restaurant.

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