Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1262 of Tuesday August 30, 2022…

Tomorrow belongs to us what awaits you in episode 1262

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While the police are doing everything to find Christelle’s attacker, a threat seems to be waiting for Elsa. At the same time, Gaspard is transferred to Brittany, and Nordine shows no mercy.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday, August 30 in tomorrow belongs to us

Did Sacha attack Christelle Moreno?

Christelle Moreno was the victim of an assault in her hotel room. Dispatched to the scene, Aurore questions Charlie, but the young woman did not see the face of the assailant who jostled her when she arrived in the room.

At the same time, Chloé comes across a newspaper article that talks about the attack in question and understands that the victim is undoubtedly Christelle. Reading how the attacker was dressed, Alex makes the connection with the mysterious individual in the cap whom he met the day before near the hotel and comes to wonder if it was not Sacha Girard. . When in doubt, he decides to call the police.

Later, Aurore goes to Christelle’s bedside at the hospital to ask her a few questions. Christelle then says that when she arrived at the hotel, an individual pushed her inside her room and hit her on the head. Then it’s the black hole, she doesn’t remember anything. Aurore tells her that her attacker has obviously stolen all the jewelry that was in the room and asks Christelle to make a list of everything she had in her jewelry box.

Meanwhile, in his hideout, Sacha shaves his head in order to change his appearance and escape the police. He then contemplates the jewels he has stolen and seems on the point of fleeing Sète.

Even if the CCTV images of the hotel did not give anything, the police remain convinced that the attacker of Christelle is Sacha. Indeed, Aurore discovered that Girard had offered his services as a private coach to hotel guests a few months before his arrest. Everything therefore suggests that Sacha knew the location of the cameras and knew that the clientele of the hotel was wealthy. Martin then instructs Aurore to get closer to Sacha’s former receiver.

During his cell, Gaspard is visited by Jack and Maud. His friends make him understand that he is not a bad person, that he is just sensitive, and that Sacha used him and his sensitivity to carry out his plan. Jack wants to reassure Gaspard: he has nothing to do with his father. He is even the complete opposite of him. Gaspard is touched by the presence of his friends.

For her part, Raphaëlle informs Juliette that she has managed to organize Gaspard’s transfer to a juvenile detention center near her home in Brittany, where she will be able to see her son every day. Juliette can even accompany Gaspard during his transfer. Juliette is relieved.

Raphaëlle is however honest with her: Gaspard will receive a prison sentence, even if the jurors will not be able to ignore that he acted under the influence of a manipulative father. Raphaëlle thinks he will receive a sentence of several years in prison, but everything will depend on his defense. And whatever it is, he will obtain an adjustment of sentence so that he can continue his studies and will wear an electronic bracelet which will allow him to stay at Juliette’s or to live in a center of semi-freedom.

Sacha managed to get a false passport. He asks his forger for a new favour: he would like him to put him in touch with a receiver and assures that the jewels he has to resell are worth it.

At the Spoon, Tristan is sad to see Juliette and Gaspard go back to Brittany. The vision of his nephew in a police van was not easy to take. To change his mind, Bart, who claims to have a lot to do, offers him to take care of the service with Audrey. Tristan, who loves contact with customers, is delighted.

A threat hangs over Elsa

At Agnès Varda high school, it’s pre-return for Prépa students. In the yard, Timothy compliments Elsa on her new bracelet. The young woman explains to him that it is a gift from his father for obtaining his baccalaureate.

Timothée is embarrassed because he too has a gift for Elsa, but he feels that what he bought her is no match for this bracelet. He goes all the same and offers his girlfriend a session at the Spa so that she is relaxed for the start of the school year. Hearing that Timothée does not wish to accompany him, Gaëtan, one of their classmates, offers Elsa to go there with her. But the young woman does not take long to rebuff him.

At the Spa, Elsa, who is not used to such a place, is welcomed by Darius. As she takes off her bathrobe and gets ready to get a massage, she has no idea that someone is spying on her from outside with binoculars. Will she be Sacha’s next victim?

Nordine abuses his authority with Valentin

During a traffic check, Nordine stops Valentin and points out to him that he is driving his scooter with a helmet whose chinstrap is not attached and that he is not wearing gloves. Nordine, however, decides to be lenient and not to give him a penalty.

It is then that Valentin recognizes Nordine and gets it into his head that he arrested him because of what happened between Manon and him. Nordine asks him to leave Manon out of this story, but Valentin insists and provokes the young cop in front of his colleague. Annoyed, Nordine finally decides to fine the young man and take three points off his license because of his infractions.

Later, while she is in the middle of a sports session on the beach, Manon dislocates her shoulder. Valentin, who witnessed the scene, helps the young woman and asks her to trust him. He then easily puts his shoulder back in place. Manon can’t believe it, she’s hardly in pain anymore. Valentin, however, advises him to go see his aunt in the hospital so that she can take a look at his shoulder.

Bénédicte examines Manon and advises her to stop exercising in intensive mode. Nordine arrives at the hospital, worried sick, but Bénédicte reassures him: Manon has simply dislocated her shoulder and her “boyfriend” knew the right gestures. Nordine struggles to hide her jealousy. Manon assures him that he has nothing to worry about. She doesn’t feel anything for Valentin and her heroic gesture doesn’t change anything.

Nordine, who blames herself for her behavior, goes to the roommate a little later and apologizes to Valentin. He admits having abused his authority during the check and informs the young beach attendant that he had his two fines cancelled. Nordine then thanks him for having helped Manon on the beach and for not having made him pay for his stupidity of the morning. Valentin agrees to give up and even offers Nordine to stay for a beer with him and Gabriel. But Nordine politely declines.

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