Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1261 of Monday August 29, 2022…

Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1261 of monday august 29, 2022...

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… Christelle is the victim of a violent attack and Emma moves in with the Perrauds. As for Gabriel, he has found a new roommate.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday, August 29 in tomorrow belongs to us


Juliette thinks her son is in danger with Sacha. She knows what he is capable of and thinks he could get rid of him. However, Tristan points out to him that he has no interest in hurting him and assures that the police will find them. When he is about to leave to do some shopping, Jack arrives at their house and pretends to want to hear from his friend.

The young man has in fact received a voice message from Gaspard that he must have Juliette listen to urgently. In it, his son explains that he has been abandoned by his father and begs her to help him. He tells him to hide at the Quai de la consigne. Gaspard also asks her to join him without her mobile phone so that the police do not locate her. However, Juliette knows that law enforcement is watching her closely and then has an idea: to borrow Jack’s clothes.

At the same time, the investigation continues at the police station. Patrols have been doubled and roadblocks have been installed at the exit of the city. However, still no sign of Gaspard and Sacha and the surveillance of Tristan’s home is inconclusive. But the commander knows that the two fugitives do not have enough money to go on the run and fears that they are making a mistake. For their part, Aurore and Nordine remain on their guard.

A little later, Juliette is flabbergasted when she faces Sacha. The mother of the family tries to reason with her son and show him that his father has been manipulating him from the start. However, Gaspard remains in denial and believes he has truly changed through therapy. They then ask her to come with them, but she flatly refuses. Ash then begins to lose his temper and orders him to hand over his bank card and car keys. But Juliette does not let herself be done, which makes him even more angry. He ends up taking out his gun and wants to snatch his backpack by force when Gaspard comes between them. The young man begins to understand that he has played with him from the start and cannot believe it. The tone begins to rise until Juliette throws him what he asked to protect them.

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Juliette finally goes to the police station with her son. Aurore thinks she should have told them as soon as she received the voice message and tells her that she took a lot of risks. But Juliette knows very well how far Sacha is ready to go and wanted to find Gaspard at all costs. Then, she asks him to arrest her so that he ends his life in prison far from her and her children. At the same time, Martin questions Gaspard who apologizes for everything he has done so far. The young man realizes that he has been manipulated by his father and regrets having believed in him. He then asks the commander to find him so that he returns to prison. Unfortunately for the police, neither Juliette nor Gaspard know where they are.

Meanwhile, Alexandre and Judith come across a very strange man on leaving the cinema. He is also convinced that he has already seen it somewhere.

At the end of the day, Charlie discovers with amazement that the Moreno’s hotel room is wide open. When she is about to enter, a man dressed in all black pushes her violently and knocks her down. The young woman manages to turn on the light and discovers the room in a pitiful state and that’s not all, Christelle is unconscious. So, did Sacha Girard attack her to steal her money?


The situation has still not calmed down between Camille and Maud. For her part, Camille promises her mother never to steal anything again, but does not understand her little sister’s behavior. Raphaëlle then points out that Maud probably wants to spend some time with her.

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A little later, Camille and Maud explain themselves on the beach. Camille finally understood that her sister didn’t want to hurt her by telling their mother the truth. She also apologizes to her as she realizes she has left her behind since returning from Toulouse. As for Maud, she fears that her sister will change because of Emma’s influence. Camille then promises her that this is not the case and explains to her that her best friend has been through difficult things. According to her, they just need to take the time to get to know each other better. Maud finally agrees to make an effort.

Meanwhile, Raphaëlle tells Chloé about the situation. On the one hand, she wants to help Emma and on the other she fears that Camille will be influenced by her. The lawyer also knows that living with a third teenager is a big responsibility. The headmistress of the high school then tells her that if she wishes, she will find a place in her establishment for the young woman.

Maud has finally changed her mind: she accepts that Emma moves in with them. She admits having judged him a little too quickly and understands that her family situation is very complicated. The young woman also points out that she has managed to cheer up her sister lately, which was no small feat.

At the end of the day, the Perraud family and Emma are at the Spoon. Raphaëlle accepts that her daughter’s best friend moves in with them. She also announces to them that she will be returning to high school Agnès Varda. She was also able to speak with Emma’s grandparents who agree on the principle. The two best friends explode with joy! The young woman assures Maud that she will do everything to make sure she gets along and intends to work seriously at school.

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Gabriel urgently needs a roommate because the rent has been too high for him since Timothée left. He would like to replace him, but he doesn’t want to live with just anyone. While he is at the beach with Charlie, he sees a sublime young woman coming out of the water and already imagines living with her. But Valentin, the beach attendant, approaches him on the first floor…

A little later, Charlie has good news: Valentin is looking for a roommate. She has already given him all the necessary details and he wants to visit the apartment. The beach attendant wants to reassure her. After his summer job, he will resume acting and will thus have no money problem. Gabriel then gives him an appointment at 3:30 p.m. at his apartment.

At the time of the appointment, Gabriel realizes that Timothée had to come at the same time to retrieve a shirt he forgot during his move. He then asks his friend to take her while he shows Valentin around the apartment.

After the visit, the beach attendant is ready to move in now and is already planning to have parties. But according to Timothée, this risks preventing the young man from succeeding in his studies. Valentin then offers them to celebrate his move in the same evening with a quiet aperitif before Gabriel goes back to school. Brunet’s son has forgotten his shirt and is going back to get it. Meanwhile, Valentin asks his new roommate about the young man he finds strange. He then explains to her that he is autistic, which explains his behavior. For his part, Timothée explains a little later his worries to Gabriel about Valentin, but the young man reassures him and invites him to come to their evening with Elsa.

At the end of the day, Timothée and Elsa go to Gabriel’s. Immediately, Valentin wastes no time and begins to flirt with the young woman without knowing that she is in a relationship. She snaps it back into place.

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