Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1258 of Wednesday August 24, 2022…

Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1258 of wednesday august 24, 2022...

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… Damien receives a parcel bomb at the police station and Samuel decides to go on a trip alone. As for Nathan, he has prepared a dream last day for Angie.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday, August 24 in tomorrow belongs to us


Finally some good news at the police station! Georges found the trace of the robber in a gas station north of the city. However, he failed to see his face as he constantly wears his motorcycle helmet. Commander Constant then asks him to continue to watch the axes of the cameras to perhaps discover his identity.

At the same time, Juliette confides in Tristan what happened in the visiting room between her son and Sacha. For his part, Gaspard did not think he was going to react like this in front of his father and apologizes for his behavior. However, he does not regret having seen it since he finally understood that he will never change. He affirms that he will not see him again for the greatest happiness of his mother who hopes to be able to move on.

A little later, Sébastien admits that Commander Constant’s team is making progress on the investigation, but the robber strangely seems to always be one step ahead. Martin then asks the prosecutor to reinstate Nordine in his brigade, which he accepts not without difficulty. He does not fail to ask him for convincing results and this very quickly.

Nordine is back at the police station and plunges directly into the investigation. For his part, Georges has good news. He discovered that a passenger put gasoline right next to the robber, then took a photo with her friend. And according to the surveillance video, the angle used by the two young women would allow them to see the face of the criminal. Martin then asks his son to find them as soon as possible.

During this time in prison, Sacha’s cell is combed through. And if the overseers find nothing, the criminal subsequently pulls a razor blade from his mouth.

For his part, Gaspard strolls through the pediatric ward of Saint-Clair hospital. And quickly, a door that leads to the parking lot and the ambulances catches his eye but is blocked by a code. The young man is surprised by Christelle who asks him if he is looking for something since this place is reserved for staff. Gaspard then claims to want to make an appointment with a psychologist and receives help from the social worker.

Later, Nordine found the passenger who was taking a selfie near the robber who was filling his jerrycan. The young woman remembers the motorcycle and the driver very well. Unfortunately, she deleted the photo precisely because the biker appeared on it. The policeman is certain, however, that they can find her thanks to the phone’s memory. He hastens to go to Montpellier to recover it.

A dramatic turn of events at Sète prison! Sacha attempted suicide in his cell. He was then rushed to Saint-Clair Hospital.

At the police station, Nordine gives the young woman’s phone to Georges, who is convinced he can get the photo back. Then, Martin announces to them that Sacha Girard has attempted suicide and that he is currently in the hospital. He then asks his son to go watch him and take turns with a colleague. At the same time, Damien receives a mysterious package containing a bomb!


At the hospital, Benjamin tells Victoire that he surprised Samuel in the reserve. He finds that his behavior was strange since he pretended to look for a catheter when he was clearly rummaging through the medicine cabinet. Besides, he didn’t even have time to close it before leaving. The doctor therefore decided to inquire and discovered that a vial of opiate was missing. For her part, the young woman fears that her boyfriend has fallen back into his addictions.

A little later, Samuel confirms to Victoire and Renaud that he took a vial of opiate during a moment of weakness. However, he promises them that he didn’t touch it. Indeed, he understood that the drug was not going to help him to have answers about his life or his choices. He finally tells them that he is not going as well as he has been able to claim so far and wants to find solutions to get out of it.

From now on, Samuel wishes to live fully. He refuses to endure his life any longer and thinks he must finally confront himself. He later explains to Victoire that he has finally found a way to feel better: go on an adventure as he dreamed of when he was younger. The young woman strongly encourages him but mistakenly thinks that her boyfriend is inviting her to go with him.

At the end of the day, Victoire surprises her boyfriend: they are going to Mexico next week. Samuel then confesses to her that he intends to leave alone since he feels the need to be on his own. He promises her that her decision has nothing to do with her, but the young woman is dejected.


The Diallo girls finish their boxes when Jahia receives a voice message from Jordan. Her ex-boyfriend says he is really sorry for her and wants to assure her that she can always count on him. For her part, Angie has a message from Nathan who, for his last day in Sète, left something at the place where they kissed for the first time. The young man is waiting for her there, but she no longer seems to remember the exact place of their first kiss.

Angie is on the verge of a panic attack. She can’t remember where they first kissed. But when Jahia lists her the places they have visited the most, the young woman has an illumination: Nathan is waiting for her at the Spoon.

A little later, Angie finds Nathan at the restaurant. The young man offers him a large stuffed animal as well as his favorite cocktail. And the surprise is far from over, since the young woman discovers a red rose under her chair after having solved a riddle. The little touches continue when Nathan gives her a heart-shaped lollipop.

After a chaotic tandem ride, Nathan gives his girlfriend a major gift: he has taken train tickets to visit her in Dole in two weeks, which touches the young woman a lot. And if Angie thought their relationship would be impacted by the long distance, she finally seems reassured. She would like to stay with him forever.

At the end of the day, Nathan has planned a final surprise for his girlfriend: a one-on-one dinner on the heights of Sète. The young man was able to count on the precious help of Mona to prepare everything. Angie is very moved by her boyfriend’s attentions and declares her love for him. They end up kissing tenderly.

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