Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1255 of Friday August 19, 2022…

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Tristan takes a bullet in the leg, Samuel finds his return to normal life difficult. At the same time, Manon and Nordine kiss.

Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1255 of friday august 19, 2022...

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Friday, August 19 in tomorrow belongs to us


Nordine knocked down Lizzie as he was chasing the robber in the clown mask. Fortunately, the teenager has nothing serious and can leave the hospital in the early morning. Recovered by the idea that her daughter almost died because of a policeman who wanted to play cowboy, Audrey would like Lizzie to file a complaint. Although he can’t stop them from doing so, Damien however assures that Nordine is a good person and that he simply made a mistake. For her part, Lizzie knows that she was crossing outside a pedestrian crossing and with her helmet on her head. She therefore sees no point in filing a complaint.

At the police station, the prosecutor Perraud gives a soap to Nordine for having overthrown a civilian. In addition, he will have to request an investigation from the IGPN. For Commander Constant, it will not be necessary because the teenager will not file a complaint. However, Sébastien feels that he deserves a sanction. Martin therefore has no choice but to suspend his son for the duration of the investigation.

Meanwhile, Victor Brunet is about to get into his car when he is held up by the individual in the clown mask. Without waiting, Victor goes to the police station to file a complaint. Fortunately, he had equipped his vehicle with a GPS beacon.

A few steps away, Milan offers Emma to take a ride in his brand new car. While they are having fun in the vehicle, Milan launches the idea of ​​a road trip to Spain, which Emma ends up accepting. As the teenagers kiss, the police arrive and arrest them.

Although his men have found a clown mask, a gun and cash in the car, Milan refuses to answer Commander Constant’s questions. Upon learning that the weapon belongs to a policeman, the teenager swears that it was not he who stole it.

At the same time, Emma is questioned by Aurore in the presence of Raphaëlle. Although she participated in a burglary in Ardèche which earned her a few months in prison, she swears that she is not Milan’s accomplice. To get to the bottom of it, Captain Jacob will therefore check his alibis.

At nightfall, Bart and Tristan are cleaning up the Spoon when the individual in the clown mask holds them up to steal the cash register. By giving him the money, the Vallorta son takes the opportunity to try to disarm him. Tristan, who comes to his aid, then takes a bullet in the leg. While Bart calls for help, the criminal flees.


Samuel decided to go back to work to the great displeasure of Victoire who would have preferred that her companion rest to regain her strength. She does try to ask her grandmother to make him change his mind, but she thinks that if Samuel has made up his mind, there’s no point in going against it.

At the hospital, Samuel gives Roxane an ultrasound and it’s the first time that Sara, Roxane and Bart hear their baby’s heartbeat. An incredible moment for future parents who struggle to hide their emotion. As artisanal insemination is not legal, Dr. Chardeau would like to know if they have inquired about the steps for Sara to legally become the parent of the future child. Bart then replies that he will renounce his paternal rights so that the policewoman can make a simple adoption. When they have passed the milestone of two years of marriage, Sara can then make a full adoption.

Later, Samuel confides in William that he feels weird right now, like he’s not really in his body anymore. For Dr. Daunier, everything suggests that he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. Insofar as he has spent his life fleeing problems by drowning himself in work, girls or drugs, William advises him to face this ordeal.

Taking his scooter, Samuel has a kind of panic attack in the middle of the road and parks on the side of the road to catch his breath.

Thereafter, he goes to the stud farm where Paul pushes him to confide. The doctor therefore explains to him that when he felt himself dying, he felt an incredible calm. A feeling of total fullness that he can’t forget and that he misses a lot. In a way, Samuel would have preferred to die. Ever since he came back to life, he feels like things don’t make sense anymore. For Paul, it will take time to find his bearings and accept what he has been through. Feeling the need to be alone, Samuel asks Paul for permission to sleep at the stud farm, which he accepts, specifying that he is at home here.


At the straw hut, Manon tells Charlie that Nordine was heroic when they were held up by the individual in the clown mask. Although they have experienced something very intense, the young woman specifies that they are not kissed. Moreover, she wonders if they would not be victims of a curse and hopes that it will not last too long because she really wants to make love with him.

Meanwhile, Nordine arranged to meet Sophie at the Spoon. Indeed, he would like to know why she told Manon nonsense. While the lawyer reminds him that they are a couple, Nordine retorts that nothing happened with Manon even if what he lives with her is strong then puts an end to their relationship. Even though she tries to be strong, Sophie sheds a few tears when the policeman leaves.

Later, Manon and Nordine are at the beach. Seeing the young woman dressed for their date, Nordine loses her words. After telling her how beautiful and radiant she was, he musters up his courage and tells her that she means a lot to him.

A statement that the daughter of Aurore and William did not really expect, especially since things have been particularly complicated between them recently. Once he informs her of his breakup with Sophie, Nordine apologizes for making him suffer and then kisses him passionately.

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