Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1253 of Wednesday August 17, 2022…

Tomorrow belongs to us what awaits you in episode 1253

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While the robber goes after Charlie, Maud tries to trap Emma and Camille. Nathan lands a job at stud.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday, August 17 in tomorrow belongs to us


At the police station, Nordine feels guilty for having had her weapon stolen like a bruise by someone wearing a clown mask. Martin tries to reassure him then asks him to change his outfit the next time he has a date. Moreover, Commander Constant understood very well that Manon was the famous girl his son had fallen for and he advises him to keep a low profile vis-à-vis Aurore.

For her part, Aurore takes Manon’s statement, which identifies the clown mask worn by her attacker. Although this is a very common mask, it is nevertheless a start. When her mother tries to find out if she noticed anything else, Manon replies that she doesn’t remember much because everything happened very quickly. When she asks if Nordine will have any problems, Aurore explains that he was not allowed to wear his uniform outside working hours. Manon therefore defends her and specifies that he risked his life to protect her. As Aurore is surprised that he was present when she thought he was no longer helping her to revise, Manon makes her believe that he never stopped.

While accompanying her daughter out of the police station, Aurore meets Nordine and thanks him for his heroic composure. Slightly uncomfortable, the policeman then tells his colleague that the robber probably followed him. Looking at the CCTV footage of the surroundings, Nordine said he was certain he was in the parking lot of the police station just before he left. The criminal would therefore have premeditated his attack. Right after, William joins them. To thank him for having saved Manon, Doctor Daunier invites him to dinner one evening at home. Nordine then agrees to schedule it once the investigation is over.

Meanwhile, Martin and Georges take stock with prosecutor Perraud, who has reported that Nordine had his service weapon stolen. Since this kind of incident is not tolerable, he is counting on Commander Constant to impose severe sanctions. Immediately, Georges and Martin come to his defense and argue that Nordine’s presence is essential to the investigation. In addition, the police found a dummy weapon in a trash can 100 meters from the scene of the attack and believe that it belonged to the attacker. Sébastien then puts pressure on them to find this individual as soon as possible.

Later at the police station, Georges managed to compile all the unresolved armed robberies in the region, including six around Montpellier, mainly on individuals and small businesses. Each time, the robber wore a clown mask. Now that he’s armed, Martin deduces that he now wants to make bigger heists. After having interrupted them, Aurore informs them that the call for witnesses was successful: residents of Pointe Courte spotted an individual with a clown mask in his hand.

Without waiting, Nordine and Sara go there. Seeing a man wearing a mask in the middle of the street, Nordine sets off in pursuit and manages to control him. Unfortunately, he’s just an acrobat doing mime to make a few coins.

At the same time, the robber recovers his weapon and his mask in a sports bag that he has hidden by the sea.

While Charlie is counting her cash, the individual in the clown mask points a gun at her then the sum to give her the money. When she begs him not to hurt her, he tells her to turn around and count to 10…


Emma and Camille join Maud at the straw hut. As they have cocktails in hand, the latter imagines that it is alcohol and lectures them. Camille assures that these are non-alcoholic drinks. At the same time, Emma receives a message from Milan who has collected a pack of bottles and would like to party at the Meffre’s. Maud, who can’t stand Emma anymore, sees the opportunity to get rid of the teenager once and for all. She therefore makes the two young women believe that Raphaëlle is spending the evening in Montpellier with Chloé.

Afterwards, Emma and Camille welcome some friends for a little improvised party. When her mother calls her and warns her that she will be home shortly, Camille understands that her little sister has tried to trick her. Once Camille has hung up, the teenagers actively start tidying up the house before taking to their heels.

Returning a little later, Maud realizes that her plan has failed…


Samuel is released from the hospital and goes to stud. Although he is very happy to see him again, Paul explains that he was hurt that he might have believed that he wanted to hurt him. Samuel then apologizes to him before offering to leave this story behind them.

In view of recent events, employees of the stud farm have resigned. As it’s a bit tense at the moment, Paul posted an ad to recruit reinforcements for the end of the season. Motivated, Nathan introduces himself and pretends he has worked with horses before. Only, Paul is far from being fooled. Even if the young man has no experience in the field, the team manager nevertheless agrees to take him on trial.

Very quickly, the teenager finds himself confronted with the difficulty of the job, which does not escape Benjamin, who comes to his aid by giving him some advice. When Nathan has a seizure because he stepped in the dung, the doctor reframes him then tries to understand why he accepted this job without knowing anything about horses.

Nathan therefore explains that he needs a lot of money. Indeed, his girlfriend has just lost her father and he would like to be able to take her for the weekend to clear her mind. If Benjamin finds it smart of him, he also thinks it’s reckless to work with horses. After assuring to do his best, Nathan makes him promise to keep it a secret.