Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1252 of Tuesday August 16, 2022…

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Nicolas tries to end his life, Nordine and Manon are in serious danger. Raphaëlle is back in Sète.

Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1252 of tuesday august 16, 2022...

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday, August 16 in tomorrow belongs to us


The police are actively looking for Nicolas Barraud. Fortunately, Georges has a lead. Last week, the nurse withdrew 3,000 euros in cash from an ATM in downtown Sète to rue Gabriel Peri. Since the bank gave him the ticket numbers, the police put them on the watch list. Now Commander Constant and his men can only hope they use it.

During this time, Victoire is at the bedside of Samuel who is regaining his strength. The latter then thanks her for having saved his life and says he is lucky to have her with him. After having told each other all their love, they kiss each other tenderly.

For its part, the Banque de France warned investigators that some of the banknotes withdrawn by Nicolas Barraud were cashed by a small merchant in the city center selling kitchen equipment. By going through his account statements, the police found that the same sum was regularly returned by transfer via a rental site between individuals. Martin therefore deduces that he rents an apartment to her.

Without waiting, Martin and Sara go there. Seeing him arrive in front of his building, Nicolas goes back into his apartment and then threatens to jump off the balcony. After laying down their weapons, Martin and Sara try to convince him to surrender. Unfortunately, Nicolas prefers to die rather than end up in prison and throws himself into the void.

Urgently transported to the hospital, Nicolas is cared for by Renaud and Victoire. When they realize it is Samuel’s executioner, Renaud reminds Victoire that they have taken an oath. Moreover, Doctor Dumaze intends to save him so that he can answer for his actions before a judge.

Eventually Nicolas was brought out of harm’s way. When he wakes up, Victoire is by his side. Putting her in the same bag as his hazers, Nicolas says that he took pleasure in seeing them suffer one after the other by losing those they loved. Since she tries to understand why he killed Cédric, Nicolas explains that he was simply in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Indeed, the nurse had understood that it was he who had given beta-blockers to Anne-Marie. Nicolas therefore did not want to take the risk of being denounced. Angry, Victoire says he could never have been a doctor because he’s just a monster.

At the same time, Anne-Marie takes great care of Samuel. If she brought her something to take her mind off things, Victoire’s grandmother also organized a small party the same evening for her return home. In turn, Renaud visits his son and tells him how scared he was. He then takes him in his arms before promising to be a more present and attentive father in the future.

For his part, Nicolas Barraud will be able to be tried and will be charged with the murder of Cédric, the kidnapping of Samuel as well as everything he has committed since 2019.


Sophie and Nordine have breakfast at the Spoon. However, the policeman has his head elsewhere and rereads the last messages to which Manon has not replied. Shortly after, Sophie offers him a movie night, which he accepts without enthusiasm. Since Sophie feels like she’s boring her, Nordine pretends that work is bothering her right now before paying the bill and then leaving.

At the same time, Manon invited Charlie to her home. As they share a drink by the pool, Charlie congratulates her friend for not saying Nordine’s name for the past fifteen minutes. Although she still thinks of him, Manon has every intention of forgetting him by immersing herself in the revisions for her competition.

For his part, Martin has noticed that his son has his head elsewhere at the moment and pushes him to confide in him. The young man explains that he had a crush on a girl younger than him but that she blocked him. Martin then advises him to pull out all the stops to get it back.

A few hours later, Manon receives a bouquet of flowers accompanied by a card in which Nordine writes to her: “I keep thinking about you. I can’t force you to see me, but I just want to understand why you stopped answering me. “. He therefore gives her an appointment tonight on the beach to discuss.

At the end of the day, Manon and Nordine are at the beach. When he learns what Sophie has done, he swears he never showed her his messages before confessing that he can’t stop thinking about her and that he really likes her. As they are about to kiss, an individual wearing a clown mask points his gun at Nordine’s neck. The latter then turns around to protect Manon and places his weapon at her feet. Once he has recovered it, the individual holds them at gunpoint with the two pistols.


Since Raphaëlle will be back in two hours, Camille and Maud are busy cleaning up while Emma does her nails while listening to music.

On returning, Raphaëlle is greeted by Emma who takes all of Maud and Camille’s work to herself. And to put the avocado in the pocket, she even proposes to make a small salad for lunch. Annoyed, Maud asks the teenager to stop her little merry-go-round.

During the meal, Emma questions Raphaëlle about her job as a lawyer. After answering her questions, the latter told her that she would see her doing this job. Only, the teenager is not sure of being taken to law school because her school record is catastrophic. While Camille is encouraging, Maud is not.

Later, Camille and Raphaëlle spend time alone. It must be said that since the death of Stanislas, Raphaëlle is very worried about her daughter. However, she assures us that she is doing very well. Moreover, the presence of Emma allowed him to take his mind off things. When Raphaëlle asks whether the young woman will return to Agnès Varda, Camille replies that the situation with her grandparents is complicated. That’s why she suggests to her mother that Emma come and live with her. Before giving her answer, Raphaëlle nevertheless needs to think about it.

At the end of the day, Maud, Camille and Emma join Raphaëlle in the office to eat a pizza. When Emma drops a bag of cannabis, the mother teaches her. Refusing to see drugs in her home, Raphaëlle makes her understand that if she sees her smoking or in possession of drugs, she will return to her grandparents right away.

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