Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1251 of Monday August 15, 2022…

Tomorrow belongs to us what awaits you in episode 1251

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Samuel is safe and sound, Dorian continues to cover for Camille. At the same time, Cholé and Judith try to get rid of Marianne.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday, August 15 in tomorrow belongs to us


Samuel is in critical condition. His leg is infected, he loses a lot of blood and is at risk of developing sepsis. Although the clock is ticking, Nicolas has no intention of doing anything to help her. As Victoire has understood who he really is and that the police are looking for him, the nurse believes that he has played enough and that it is time to get rid of Doctor Chardeau to punish her. Samuel does try to push him to flee by letting him live, but Nicolas now has nothing to lose.

At the police station, the police are actively looking for Nicolas. While Georges gives his description to the nearest Mediterranean ports, Damien watches Samuel’s video over and over in the hope of finding a clue to his whereabouts.

For her part, Victoire is exhausted and fears that the chances of finding Samuel are futile. While they discuss Nicolas, Benjamin declares that the nurse has a habit of running on the local hiking trails, one of which he takes every day. Immediately, Victoire warns Georges.

When Georges and Aurore set out to search, the harbor master’s office at the station calls the police to warn them of the movement of a tug moored near the station. However, it has been decommissioned for two years. After warning Martin, the three of them go there.

At the same time, Nicolas steers Samuel hand and foot tied to the bow of the tug. As he asks him to jump, Samuel begs him to keep him alive but hearing the police sirens in the distance, he throws him overboard.

Fortunately, Samuel manages to rise to the surface and then cling to one of the boat’s ropes. When they arrive, the police search the premises but Nicolas has disappeared and Samuel remains untraceable. The latter tries to call Victoire but he is much too weak to shout.

Seeing Martin, Aurore and Victoire leave the boat without seeing him, Samuel loses all hope of being saved and lets go of the rope that keeps his head above water. It was at this moment that Victoire turned her head and saw bubbles on the surface. The young woman then throws herself into the water, followed by Aurore. It is then only after a few seconds that they manage to bring Samuel to the surface and then to dry land. He is unconscious and in bad shape. While Major Constant gives the order to call an ambulance, Victoire gives him mouth-to-mouth. Finally, Samuel spits out the water contained in his lungs before regaining consciousness, to the delight of Aurore and Victoire who are crying with joy.


Aurore tells Bénédicte that Dorian stole from a store. Although she is certain that her nephew is covering for Camille to protect her, Dorian does not risk much because he is underage. In the worst case, he will have a reminder of the law.

Bénédicte then finds Étienne and informs him of the situation. Afraid of having missed something, Étienne decides to speak to his son to find out how he experiences their separation but also to understand this story of theft.

So he makes an appointment with Dorian on the beach to go kitesurfing. Once with his father, the teenager continues to protect his girlfriend, claiming that he was the one who committed the theft. Étienne then talks about his separation from Bénédicte and apologizes for not having paid enough attention to him. Immediately, Dorian jumps at the chance to make him believe that’s why he twisted and then promises never to do it again. Understanding, Étienne assures us that he still trusts her.

At the end of the afternoon, Étienne, Bénédicte and Dorian are at the hut for a drink. As the young man appreciates this time spent with the family, Étienne announces that he is moving back to the villa. A news that delights Bénédicte. However, the latter loses her smile when her husband specifies that he does this only for their son.

Later, Camille once again thanks Dorian for everything he has done for her. Seeing that she blames himself for having put him in a delicate situation, he tells that he escaped the punishment before making her promise never to do it again.


Jordan got sunstroke so he can’t come to work today. As Judith is alone at the farmhouse, Chloé offers to help take care of the tasting stand, which her daughter accepts.

Subsequently, Chloe goes to the Spoon and crosses paths with her mother. Upon learning that she will be manning the tasting stand, Marianne offers to come and lend a hand. Only, the customer relationship is not really her strong point and she is particularly unpleasant with customers.

To avoid scaring them away, Chloé and Judith ask Christelle to get rid of Marianne. The social worker therefore calls Doctor Delcourt to make him believe that there is a problem with the schedules. Neither one nor two, Marianne gets her things back and goes to the hospital.