Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1241 of Monday, August 1, 2022…

Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1241 of monday, august 1, 2022...

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While the police make an unexpected discovery, Sara can’t stand Roxanne’s mood swings anymore. Manon lets herself be seduced by Valentin.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday 1er august in tomorrow belongs to us


The police results are clear: the DNA found on the rifle used to shoot Samuel belongs to Diane Ferry. The latter would therefore be back in Sète after having disappeared from circulation ten years earlier. Although this is the only DNA found on the firearm, Aurore is nevertheless convinced that the shooter was a man. Georges then hypothesizes that Paul Camus would be Diane Ferry’s accomplice from the start. In order to dig this track, Commander Constant asks for a rogatory commission to search the stud farm.

For his part, Paul takes care of a horse and whispers to him that he did not like Diane very much. However, he prefers to think of something else, specifying that all this history is now behind them.

Meanwhile, Renaud is upset as he has realized that his son no longer has any confidence in him since he lied to him about his mother’s internment. If he regrets that something broke between them, Renaud is also saddened that Samuel put his life in danger because he does not believe him. For Marianne, he was not indeed a perfect parent but she makes him understand that this does not exist. Moreover, she is convinced that Samuel will end up calming down and that he will come back to him when the time is right.

Later, the police go to the stud to conduct the search and Damien discovers recent bloodstains on Solange’s desk. Seeing Paul’s shifty gaze, Georges is sure he’s hiding something from them. He therefore asks the stable manager to follow them to the police station.

During his interrogation, Paul continues to assert that he does not know Diane Ferry. When Commander Constant shows him the photos of Diane and Samuel that he found in his truck, Paul replies that they wanted to give them to the doctor. Right after, their exchange is interrupted by the arrival of Damien who confirms to Martin that the blood taken in his office does indeed belong to Diane Ferry. Without waiting, the commander accuses Paul of having killed Diane to silence her. While the latter proclaims his innocence, the policeman announces that he is going to comb through Solange’s office in order to find the DNA of the person who attacked Diane. In the meantime, the investigators would like to take Paul’s in order to isolate the unknown traces present in this office. However, the team manager categorically refuses.

To advance the investigation, Damien then recovers the cup in which he drank to carry out tests. A few hours later, the results come in. Paul couldn’t kill Diane Ferry because they are the same and only person…


Roxane’s nausea still doesn’t go away and a little disgusts her. After the food, it’s the laundry’s turn. A real hell for the young woman. To clear her mind, Roxane offers her wife to go to the beach but the latter claims to have some catching up to do at work.

In reality, Sara can’t stand her mood swings anymore and needs to decompress. That’s why she joins Bart at the Spoon. They first decide to go play sports but end up enjoying the sun on a deckchair at the straw hut. When Roxane calls her, Sara does not pick up. The young woman then calls Bart who makes her believe that he is too busy at the Spoon to spend time with her.

Unfortunately for them, Roxane later arrives at the hut. Although she is aware of being difficult to live with at the moment, she regrets that they lied to her. However, Sara and Bart manage to make amends with blackcurrant ice cream with whipped cream and raspberries.


Certain that her plan didn’t work, Manon decided to drop the case with Nordine. And although she still has the policeman in her head, she finds Valentin, the beach attendant, rather cute. Charlie then pushes her to have fun.

Meanwhile, Nordine calls Roxane to tell her about Manon. Indeed, he can’t stand her continuing to frequent the beach attendant at the beach hut. While the policewoman points out to him that he is jealous, Nordine assures the opposite. He just says he’s worried to see her do anything with anyone. As Aurore heard the end of their conversation, Nordine explains that he is worried about his daughter who is dating a boy from the beach. But for Aurore, a holiday romance can only do Manon good.

Later, Manon joins her mother at the police station to spend an afternoon shopping with her. Indeed, Aurore and Manon have planned to spend the afternoon shopping. Unfortunately, the policewoman is forced to cancel because she has a lot of work. Before leaving, Manon takes the opportunity to talk to Nordine. As they are uncomfortable, Nordine pretends to have work to cut short their conversation.

At the end of the day, Nordine and Sophie are at the Spoon for dinner. Her head elsewhere, Nordine gets annoyed as soon as the lawyer opens her mouth, even if it means being tough on her. Refusing that he vent his nerves on her, Sophie prefers to leave.

Manon has meanwhile agreed to picnic with Valentin on the beach. On the spot, the young woman lets herself be seduced so much so that he kisses her, she does not push him away.

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