Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1238 of Wednesday July 27, 2022…

Tomorrow belongs to us what awaits you in episode 1238

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While the police continue to investigate, William worries about the future of his couple. For her part, Marianne does not go unnoticed.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday, July 27 in tomorrow belongs to us


The day after his arrest, Paul is questioned by the police and denies any involvement in the tragic events that have occurred at the stud farm in recent days. According to him, it is a simple coincidence that his horse’s shoe ended up in the shooting zone. Moreover, the stable manager specifies that he absolutely does not blame Samuel for having inherited the stud farm in his place. He even claims to be very happy for him.

Shortly after, Damien interrupts them to deliver an analysis report to Martin. As they found no trace of powder on Paul, he was released. However, Martin remains convinced that he is hiding something and has no intention of letting it go.

For their part, Victoire and Samuel are having breakfast when Anne-Marie joins them panicked. Indeed, Victoire’s grandmother heard voices in the garden calling her name. Having all experienced a shocking event, the young woman tries to make him understand that she is in full post-traumatic stress and that she was probably the victim of an auditory hallucination. To reassure her, Victoire therefore schedules an MRI in the afternoon to check that everything is fine.

Subsequently, Victoire and Samuel go to the police station to find out a little more about the progress of the investigation. Georges then informs them that they seriously suspect Paul. Although surprised at first, Samuel eventually wonders about him and remembers that he was not out of breath at all when he joined them after the gunshots. However, Georges tempers by pointing out that they have nothing concrete against him. And the policeman added that at this stage of the investigation, the most important thing is that they pay attention to themselves.

Back at the stud, Samuel confronts Paul with virulence. Although the latter proclaims his innocence, the doctor refuses to believe him. Angry, Samuel grabs him by the collar and then summons him to tell him the truth. After freeing himself from his grip, Paul goes back to work.

At the hospital, Victoire is upset and confides in Benjamin. Indeed, she is afraid that Samuel will do something stupid because the police suspect Paul. But for Benjamin, the stable manager is harmless. When Victoire tells him that he has no alibi for the shooting, he claims to have met Paul at the stud farm a few minutes before the incident. It is therefore impossible that he could have reached the scene of the shooting in less than five minutes.

Without waiting, Victoire returns to tell everything to Samuel, who blames himself for having had a blood stroke and for not having given Paul the benefit of the doubt. With everything that has happened, Samuel is fed up with not understanding anything and being constantly on the alert. Now that Paul is cleared, the police will now be able to focus on other leads.

At the same time, Damien managed to reconstruct the probable route of the shooter. Samuel and his friends were two kilometers from the stud farm, a ten-minute walk. According to him, Benjamin’s testimony does not completely clear Paul. If the window is tight, we must not forget that Paul is a seasoned rider. He could therefore very well have reached the shooting range in time. However, Commander Constant points out that these are only guesses and fears that they have focused on him a little too quickly.

At the same time, Georges continued the research on Diane and discovered no movement on her bank account since May 2012, which is the period in which Diane disappeared but also the period when Solange disinherited her brother in favor of her nephew. On the other hand, 15 days before her disappearance, Diane received a transfer of 15,000 euros from Renaud…

For his part, Renaud leaves a message on his son’s answering machine: ” I know you don’t want to give in to fear but please for once you have to listen to me. I’m begging you, get rid of this stud. “. Once he hangs up, Renaud looks at a family photo before tearing it up.


At the hospital, Nicolas, the new nurse, and Benjamin discuss life as a couple. For his part, Nicolas admires people who can stay with the same person for years, something he does not envision for him. Benjamin thinks he is saying this because he has not met the right person. Despite everything, Nicolas persists and says he doesn’t want to become an old couple who have nothing more to say to each other once the children have left the nest. Annoyed by what he hears, William comes to regret getting up so early to hear such nonsense, especially since he hates shortcuts to love.

Worried by this discussion, William decides to put a little salt in his life as a couple. That’s why he goes to the police station to surprise his wife by inviting her to lunch at the hut. Unfortunately, Aurore has already bought herself a sandwich. However, the policewoman is surprised by the romantic side of her husband because the last time he offered her an unexpected lunch was in 2015.

Back at the hospital, William confides in Benjamin who believes that after so many years of living together, it is important to keep the flame alive. However, with his wife’s strong personality, William knows it’s not easy. Even if it’s not always easy with her, one thing is certain, William doesn’t want to lose her. Benjamin therefore enjoins him to do his utmost to keep her.

On her advice, William comes home and prepares a romantic dinner for Aurore. Although she appreciates that he pulled out all the stops, she nevertheless has the impression that her husband is afraid that she will move away or even worse that she will cheat on him. William then recognizes that Bénédicte’s adventure disturbs him a little. Now that their daughters are grown, he is afraid that they will become a couple again. For Aurore, it’s normal and she promises that they will find their rhythm. And the policewoman to specify that as long as he continues to make her laugh, nothing will happen to their couple.


Chloé, Judith and Marianne are making the most of their stay at the spa. After the pool, Chloe decides to sit on a deckchair to read a book when the handsome stranger she saw the day before comes to see her to make sure everything is going well. The latter then compliments her on her choice of reading, which makes her uncomfortable because it is an erotic book by Diderot.

A few hours later, Chloé goes to her massage session and is taken care of by a certain Darius who is none other than the stranger she keeps coming across. Inevitably, Chloe is tense. In order to prevent him from getting the wrong ideas, Judith’s mother explains that the book was not hers. Darius then confesses that he told her that she had made a very good choice out of politeness. Afterwards, he asks her about the woman with the amazing look that comes with it. Indeed, Darius has fallen for Marianne and is trying to find out more about her. While Darius hoped she likes massages, Chloe responds that Marianne doesn’t like it at all.

Later, Chloe tells her mother that Darius had a phenomenal crush on her. It was enough for Dr. Delcourt to be tempted by a massage.

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