Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1237 of Tuesday, July 26, 2022…

Tomorrow belongs to us what awaits you in episode 1237

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Paul is in the crosshairs of the police, Dorian worries about his parents. Judith refuses to slow down.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday, July 26 in tomorrow belongs to us


Samuel, Victoire, Anne-Marie and Soraya were targeted by a shooter. In the end, a horse was hit and the Beddiar girl seems to have dislocated her shoulder when she fell from her mount. Paul, who probably heard the shots, rushes to meet them and indicates the direction to follow to leave the place as quickly as possible. As the horse is losing too much blood, Paul decides to stay by his side until the vet arrives.

Warned by Samuel, the police are quickly dispatched to the scene. After combing the area, Damien dismisses the hypothesis of the accident. According to him, the group was therefore deliberately targeted. And as Shadow was at the stables at the time of the events, the Victor Brunet track fell through.

At the hospital, Victoire informs Soraya that her shoulder is well back in place and that she will be able to go out during the day. Shortly after, Anne-Marie also comes to hear from the young woman. Confused, Anne-Marie explains to her granddaughter that she can no longer find her handbag. Even if she admits to being a little lost in the corridors of the establishment, she is certain that she had her bag with her. A few seconds later, a nurse arrives to give him his handbag which he found at the foot of the coffee machine in the interns room. However, Anne-Marie does not remember going there.

As she is worried, Victoire confides in Samuel. Indeed, she believes that Anne-Marie is having a transient ischemic attack which would have induced a neurological deficit. When in doubt, she therefore intends to have him undergo an MRI. For Samuel, the person who shot them is the same as the arsonist. He might not know who could be so angry with him, but Dr. Chardeau never imagines for a second that Diane could have shot him. Soon they are interrupted by Renaud who asks his son to get rid of the stud as soon as possible. Only, Samuel opposes it and then specifies that he has no desire to let a psycho dictate to him what he must do.

Not far from there, Soraya’s horse was saved. Since the vet managed to extract the bullet, Georges sent it to the lab to have it analyzed. For his part, Damien discovered the cover of a box of anxiolytics as well as a horseshoe which could belong to the mount of the shooter.

Back at the station, Damien gets to work. Once he has analyzed the most interesting elements found on the spot, the policeman unfortunately has no fingerprints on the cover or anything conclusive on the horseshoe. However, the bullet extracted by the veterinarian comes from a 24 caliber hunting rifle. While almost no weapon of this type is listed in the department, a rifle of this caliber is registered in the name of Solange, Renaud’s sister . A staff member of the stud could have shot the group and in fact, Paul and Diane are placed at the top of the list of main suspects.

A stone’s throw away, Paul is looking wistfully at old photos of the stud when the police burst in and demand to see Solange’s rifle. Paul then leads them to where it is stored but it has disappeared. Indeed, the padlock has been forced. Subsequently, Paul leads Georges and Damien to the stables, who notice that it is Paul’s horse that is missing a shoe…


Dorian noticed that there was a concern between his mother and his father. As he fears that all this has something to do with the fact that he did not have his baccalaureate, Bénédicte certifies that it has nothing to do with him and makes him believe that Etienne left on the boat because the sea misses him.

Later, Étienne goes to his house to retrieve his computer cable. Bénédicte then jumps at the chance to have a discussion with him in the hope of overcoming this ordeal. Unfortunately, he is unwilling to let go of his infidelity and further thinks it would be wiser to tell their son the truth so that he understands why their family is falling apart.

At the same time, Dorian confides in Camille about the problems his parents are currently encountering. For her, if they no longer manage to live together, it means that their story is over. Seeing that she hurt him, Camille immediately apologizes to him and clarifies that she only told him this so that he would prepare for this eventuality. Only, Dorian is convinced that his parents will not separate.

Subsequently, William comes to hear from his sister who recognizes that she is not doing very well. Moved, she explains to him that she has screwed everything up. When William offers to speak to Étienne, Bénédicte refuses, believing that he needs time. After she thanks William for being there for her, he hugs her to comfort her while assuring that things will eventually work out.


Since Noa’s death, Judith drowns her grief in work. Exhausted, she is dizzy. Since she hasn’t eaten anything this morning, Jordan urges her to go home to rest but the young woman doesn’t count on it because she has a ton of things to do. However, the Delcourt girl swears that she is fine and strong.

Finally, Judith goes to the hospital to take some tests. Although his blood sugar is perfect, his blood pressure is a bit low. Certain that she is close to burnout, Marianne prescribes her rest. If Judith wants to continue working at the farmhouse, she will therefore have to spare herself. Her granddaughter being stubborn, Marianne has an idea to decompress her.

A few hours later, Marianne and Chloé arrive at the farmhouse in their beachwear and pick up Judith. The Delcourt women then go to a spa where they have planned to spend a few days. While they enjoy the pool, Chloe and Marianne do not hesitate to look at the men present on the scene.

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