Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1236 of Monday, July 25, 2022…

Tomorrow belongs to us what awaits you in episode 1236

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While someone is shooting at Samuel, Victoire, Anne-Marie and Soraya, Noa’s presence still hangs over the farmhouse. Nordine is jealous.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday, July 25 in tomorrow belongs to us


While searching his aunt’s office, Samuel found a photo of Diane and Renaud very close to each other. He therefore goes to the hospital to ask his father for an explanation. Annoyed, the latter affirms that Diane was never his girlfriend. When Marianne arrives in her husband’s office and tries to understand what is going on, Samuel shares his discovery with her.

Back to the wall, Renaud explains that Diane was fragile. Since she had no family, Solange had become everything to her. Renaud saw Diane each time he visited his sister. Gradually, she became a member of his family. Only, Diane was not well and was unstable. On the eve of her 27th birthday, she also attempted suicide. Renaud remembers it perfectly since he was the one who found her about to hang herself in the stable. He therefore saved her in extremis from certain death ten years earlier. Following this, Diane had made Renaud promise not to tell Solange. If she was ashamed of her gesture, she was above all afraid that Solange would send her away.

When Diane and Renaud became very close, things started to get complicated with Solange. Indeed, the latter misinterpreted the friendship that united Renaud and Diane and their relationship then became unmanageable. Solange even accused her brother of abusing a young girl twenty years younger than him and of taking advantage of his influence over her. Even if Renaud was not always a saint, he would never have taken advantage of the fragility of a girl like Diane. Sickened by such accusations, Renaud and Solange had a violent argument and have never seen each other since.

At the station, Martin and his men investigate the fire at the stud farm. Although no fingerprints were found on the lock of the stable, the police continued despite everything to dig the Brunet track. Over the same period, Shadow has won seven times more than Herlinda, Brunet’s mare. While Martin does not see him worrying about such futility, Georges believes that it is not just a question of finances but rather of prestige. According to his research, Shadow has beaten Herlinda in the last three races between them, including the prestigious Chalandron Derby ten days earlier. In addition, a horse’s track record gives an aura to its offspring. And there we are talking about a lot of money. The police may have found a motive but have nothing to arrest Brunet.

For her part, Sophie announces good news to Victor: the investigation into the case of the farmhouse is definitively closed and he will not be worried. As Commander Constant will not miss the next opportunity to corner him, the lawyer advises her client to be forgotten. Before he leaves, Sophie also mentions the fire at the Terres Blanches stud farm, but he certifies that he has nothing to do with it.

Meanwhile, Samuel tells Victoire that he finds it hard to believe this story of attempted suicide because he would have necessarily been informed. According to him, Renaud would have taken advantage of his position to have a relationship with Diane and she probably returned to the region to take revenge on her father. Without waiting, Victoire goes to the police station and shares this theory with Georges who promises to see if he can find out more.

Back at the hospital, Victoire confides in Benjamin that Samuel is not well with everything that is happening at the stud farm at the moment. For the doctor, his friend must overcome this and reclaim the place. And what better than a horseback ride to reconcile with the place. Deeming the idea nice, Victoire then invites Soraya and Anne-Marie to join her and Samuel at the end of the day for a walk.

At the station, Roxane does some research on Diane but unfortunately hasn’t unearthed anything. The last trace, which dates back ten years, is a complaint against her for destruction of property in a bar. Since then, nothing. Considering it strange that she has completely disappeared from the radar, Georges asks his colleague to check if she has renewed her passport or identity card but also to make a request to access her banking information.

At the end of the day, Victoire, Samuel, Anne-Marie and Samuel are on horseback when an armed person shoots at them.


At the farmhouse, Chloé helps out to help her family. While she takes care of the oysters with Judith, Alex has repaired the pontoon. While Chloé thinks they have done the hardest part and that they will eventually come back up the slope, the oyster farmer is pessimistic, especially since a customer has just canceled an order. However, Judith and Chloé refuse to give up and are determined to revive this farmhouse.

Later, Judith confides in Jordan that she thinks about Noa all the time. Indeed, the young woman keeps remembering their best moments as well as their arguments at the end. It’s as if all the images were coming to the surface but out of order. In fact, Judith feels completely lost. As it will take her a long time to move on, Jordan pushes her out to clear her mind and even offers to accompany her. Although she likes him very much, Judith however declares that nothing will ever happen between them. Understanding, the teenager replies that he will still be there for her if needed.

Jordan then goes to the Spoon and expresses his disappointment to his mother. It must be said that he was convinced that Judith liked him and that something could have happened between them. Audrey therefore explains to him that he is not the problem but the circumstances. Judith having just tragically lost her boyfriend, she would have the impression of betraying him by going out with him. Also, she reminds her son that he is dating Jahia. Jordan then recognizes that his girlfriend is great.

Shortly after, Jordan invites Jahia to spend the afternoon at his place. When she shows him the pictures of the cottage she intends to book for their week’s vacation in August, Jordan indicates that he unfortunately cannot free himself. Having agreed to work at the farmhouse all summer, he does not see himself asking for a vacation. For his part, Jahia rather thinks that he would rather spend the summer with Judith than go on vacation with her. Jordan may affirm the opposite by specifying that he really needs this job to help his mother, Jahia does not believe him and puts an end to their story.

At the Delcourts, Alex tells his wife and daughter that the hotel group which is responsible for all the five stars in the south of France has offered him a contract. If this materializes, the Mas Delcourt-Bertrand will be quiet until next year. While his daughter wonders how this is possible, Alex retorts that it is thanks to Noa. On the day of his funeral, one of the young man’s childhood friends put him in touch with the hotel group’s purchasing manager. Turning her head, Judith has a vision of Noa smiling.


Manon partied a good part of the night and fell asleep on the sofa on the terrace. Aurore, who has noticed that her daughter hasn’t been well lately, pushes her to confide. However, Manon refuses to speak to him. For Aurore, a story of the heart surely hides behind her moods.

Later, Nordine takes advantage of lunch with Aurore to ask her about Manon. The policewoman tells her that Manon is not in her best shape, certainly because of a boy. And to add that she will skin the one who broke her heart. Besides, she questions her colleague to find out if he doesn’t know who it is. Obviously, it’s an understatement to say that Nordine is not very comfortable.

Pained to know Manon in this state through her fault, Nordine then opens up to Roxane who feels that he has done well to put things straight. On the other hand, she advises him to do everything possible so that Aurore never discovers that he broke her daughter’s heart.

Not far from there, Manon is studying at the straw hut when Nordine and Sophie arrive for lunch. Noticing the looks they exchange, Charlie understands that her friend has her sights set on the policeman and that he is not insensitive to her charm either. Charlie then has an idea to help him.

A few moments later, Nordine and Sophie see Manon flirting with a beach attendant from the hut. While Sophie questions him to find out if he is jealous, Nordine says that she is the only woman he is interested in. However, going to pay the bill, he can’t help but strike up a conversation with Manon, which hasn’t escaped Charlie, who assures his friend that his plan has worked: Nordine is jealous. According to her, she now has to let it marinate.

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