Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1235 of Friday July 22, 2022…

Tomorrow belongs to us what awaits you in episode 1235

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Samuel makes a disturbing discovery, Nordine clears things up with Manon. Bénédicte confesses her infidelity to Etienne.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Friday, July 22 in tomorrow belongs to us


With Samuel trapped in the flames inside the stable, Victoire rushes to get help. Thanks to a crowbar, Paul finally manages to open the door. Samuel, who is unconscious, is rushed to hospital.

The next morning, the doctor is out of danger and should be out during the day. For her part, Victoire tells her that Paul has succeeded in controlling the fire but that she unfortunately does not know more.

Meanwhile, Georges and Damien are dispatched to the stud farm to conduct the investigation. On site, Damien noted traces of a chemical accelerator in one of the boxes, the start of the fire was therefore intentional. Someone must have waited for Paul to leave the stables to set it on fire and frame Samuel in an attempt to kill him. Luckily Paul and Victoire were around, otherwise Samuel would be dead by now.

Later, Paul goes to the police station to sign his statement and wonders if the target of the arsonist was not rather Shadow, a racehorse. Indeed, the competition is fierce and the mare is very jealous in the equestrian world.

After doing some research, Georges discovered that Shadow’s main competitor is a mare named Herlinda. And strangely enough, the latter has partly belonged to Victor Brunet for only three weeks. Timothée’s father could therefore have wanted to have Shadow killed to see his mare win and thus make his investment profitable. However, the police have nothing concrete to prove it. Despite everything, Martin is formal: if Victor is responsible for the fire, it is out of the question that he escapes them! This is why he wants to take the time to gather the necessary evidence before summoning him.

For his part, Samuel tells Renaud and Marianne that the police favor the criminal trail. Although he doesn’t know if it has a connection, Dr. Chardeau keeps thinking about Solange’s last words about Diane. While trying to find out if she felt in danger at the stud farm before she disappeared, Renaud, who is on edge, affirms that Diane left Sète ten years earlier. He therefore tries to convince his son that he is on the wrong track before leaving the premises hastily.

Not far from there, Paul whispers in Shadow’s ear: “we look like. We are apart. We feel things. You know you can trust me. I will always protect you”.

Subsequently, Victoire and Samuel are back at the stud farm and the young woman thinks that Diane might want revenge for not having inherited the stud farm. For his part, Samuel does not believe it at all.

Later, Samuel searches his aunt’s office for traces of Diane and comes across family photos, one of which catches his attention. Moreover, the cliché even seems to particularly upset him since he immediately declares “p ***** the bastard”.


At breakfast, the Daunier family receives news from Sofia. If William and Aurore are in heaven, Manon remains silent because she is worried about Nordine.

For her part, Nordine is not in top form either and tells Roxane that Manon kissed him a few days earlier. As he does not know what to do, his friend advises him to have a discussion with her quickly, especially since they will see each other again in the future. She pushes him to take the first step.

At the same time, Manon confides in Elsa and Timothée about what happened with Nordine. She regrets having been able to believe that the policeman could be interested in her when he is already dating someone. According to Elsa, however, she does not have to blame herself for having kissed him because it is better to have remorse than regrets. However, Manon feels ashamed, which is a shame knowing that she really loves Nordine. Charlie, who overheard their conversation, instead urges the Daunier girl to turn the page and then move on.

Subsequently, Manon and Nordine are at the Spoon. Uncomfortable, he admits that this kiss did something to him. Even if he found it touching, Nordine reminds him that he is with Sophie then specifies that he is fine with her. And to add that he appreciates her very much as a friend. Despite everything, he hopes that they will remain on good terms and intends to continue to help him revise. Unfortunately, Manon, who is upset, begs him to stop talking to her like a ten-year-old girl and leaves the place furious.

Annoyed, she confides in Charlie. As Valentin, her waiter, keeps looking at her, the Molina girl encourages her to have fun but Manon only has Nordine in mind.


Dorian and Étienne have returned from their getaway at sea. While Bénédicte is happy to be reunited with the men in her life, she nevertheless seems particularly sad. While her husband tries to find out what’s wrong, Bénédicte makes him believe that she is simply tired. Étienne therefore hopes that she will be able to take a few days off so that they can all go to sea together. Bénédicte then promises to see with the hospital if she can free herself a bit.

Later, Aurore and Bénédicte are at the Spoon. The latter still can’t believe that Robin ransacked her own brother’s farmhouse. Regretting to have fallen into the trap, Bénédicte is unable to speak to her husband. To convince her to do so, Aurore indicates that the judge is going to go through Robin’s life down to the smallest detail to form an opinion on her personality. Since she will inevitably have to testify, she must find the courage to confess her infidelity to him.

Back home, Bénédicte takes it upon herself and confesses everything to her husband. Immediately, she begs his forgiveness but Étienne, who is angry, decides to spend the night on his boat. When she questions him to find out if he is leaving her, Étienne replies that he does not know and that he needs time to think.

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