Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1234 of Thursday July 21, 2022…

Tomorrow belongs to us what awaits you in episode 1234

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Robin swings Brunet, Bart is finally freed. At the same time, Nathan is hit on and Samuel is trapped by the flames.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday, July 21 in tomorrow belongs to us


Robin is about to be transferred to pre-trial detention pending trial. Before his departure, Commander Constant asks him one last time for the name of his sponsor. Faced with her silence, he then tries to make her realize that he risks losing everything, then adds that Brunet will not keep his word, whatever he may have promised her. Eventually, Robin snaps and confesses the truth.

Immediately, Commander Constant organizes a confrontation between Brunet and Robin. The latter explains that Victor contacted him as soon as he knew that Alex had just bought the farmhouse he wanted. He also claims that Timothée’s father had agreed to pay him 100,000 euros to sabotage Alex’s farmhouse. Obviously, Victor denies the facts outright and even claims to have expressed his interest in the mas in a transparent and legal way.

So it’s word against word. Unfortunately, the police found nothing in Brunet’s bank accounts or phone that would link him to Robin. Martin therefore has no choice but to close the investigation and let Victor walk free.

Later, Sophie joins Victor at the police station and reproaches Captain Saeed for having taken advantage of his absence to question his client. For his part, the policeman certifies that they have respected the procedure but Sophie warns him. The next time he harasses his client, she will argue a procedural violation. Now that the investigation is closed, Sophie would like Karim to apologize to her client, but he categorically refuses.

At the same time, Timothée panics at the idea that his father could return to prison. Elsa tries to comfort him but without success. When he returns home, Victor reminds his son that he promised him that he would not hurt anyone again. Only, Timothée finds it difficult to believe him because he lies all the time. After assuring him of his sincerity, Victor apologizes to him for having worried him.

At the mas, Alex regrets not having been suspicious enough of his brother. Chloé then makes him understand that he will have to turn the page and mourn Noa as well as her relationship with Robin. And even if it will take time, Chloe is sure of one thing: they will get there!


Thanks to Robin’s confession, Bart has finally been cleared. After difficult days, he gets out of prison and finds Sara and Roxane waiting for him. Without waiting, Bart takes news of the baby. The future mothers then indicate that he is doing wonderfully. Afterwards, Bart acknowledges that he messed up and promises to do everything possible to get over Louise’s death. Indeed, the young man wishes to take his life in hand but above all to be a father to the height for his child. Very happy to hear him, Sara and Roxane take him warmly in their arms.

At the end of the day, Bart arrives at his friends’ house with fruit juice but also something to eat. Noticing the ultrasound on the coffee table, he asks to look at it. However, Bart sees nothing on the image because the embryo is still very small. Once she shows him where to look, Roxane grabs a plate of Bordeaux-style fish but the smell rushes her to the toilet to vomit.


Angie scratched Nathan on the back while they were having sex. As the marks are visible, she begs him to keep his T-shirt at the straw hut. However, the heat by the sea is difficult for Nathan to bear. Although he has kept his promise for a good part of the day, the teenager ends up taking it off.

A few hours later, the atmosphere is festive at the hut. It must be said that between the heat and the happy hour, all the conditions are met to have a good time. For his part, Nathan is openly hit on by a client. Very enterprising, she does not hesitate to be tactile. Landing right at this moment, Angie, who is furious, makes a scene for her boyfriend before leaving the place furious.

At the end of the day, Nathan goes to Angie’s and the latter reproaches him for not having rejected his client. Nathan then claims he doesn’t care about this girl before reminding her that it’s part of his job to put customers at ease. Even if he finds it flattering that another woman flirts with him, she is the only one that matters to him. Eventually, they reconcile and then kiss.


At the hospital, Samuel once again offers his father to go to stud but Renaud has no desire. While he thinks that his father refuses to come because Solange bequeathed the stud farm to him, Renaud replies that this is not the case before specifying that he has made the decision never to set foot there again for ten years. earlier.

Subsequently, Renaud changes his mind and goes to the Terres Blanches estate where Samuel introduces him to Paul. When Renaud tries to find out if he knew Diane, Paul immediately looks away and even shows himself fleeing.

Later, Paul accompanies Samuel to the stable, which has a roof problem. According to the expert, the roof could fly off if the wind were to blow hard. As Paul goes to retrieve the expert’s report, Samuel takes the opportunity to go around the place. The next moment, the stable door slams shut and a fire breaks out in one of the boxes. Samuel does try to get out but the door is locked. Trapped by the flames, he screams for help. Fortunately, Victoire returns from a horseback ride at this time and hears her screams. Immediately, she rushes to help him but nothing helps, the door is blocked. As she runs for help, Samuel collapses and loses consciousness.

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