Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1233 of Wednesday July 20, 2022…

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Robin continues to cover Brunet, Sofia flies away for Spain. Samuel is making his mark at stud.

Tomorrow belongs to us what awaits you in episode 1233

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday, July 20 in tomorrow belongs to us


At the police station, Robin confesses and admits being at the origin of the explosion, the sabotage of the pontoon as well as the poisoning of the oysters. And if he worked so hard to sink his brother’s business, it was out of pure jealousy. According to him, Alex has succeeded in everything while his life has been a succession of failures and galleys. When he returned to Sète ruined and saw his brother take over his new farmhouse, Robin was completely screwed.

Only, the police checked his accounts and there is no way he could have paid Justin to do the dirty work. For Commander Constant, Robin is only an executor who has acted for a sponsor. That’s why Martin puts pressure on him to get the name of the one he protects. Unfortunately, Robin continues to claim that he was the one who organized everything. Behind the one-way glass, Georges and Karim watch the hearing. While the latter is convinced that Brunet has a means of pressure against him and that he will not crack, Georges, who agrees with him, believes that the most important thing is that Bart can finally be released.

For his part, Alex has not said a word since his brother’s arrest. Although she is aware that this ordeal is difficult for him, Chloe nevertheless encourages him to tell her what is on his heart. However, he has so much anger inside him that if he speaks, he will explode. Even though things were never easy with his brother, Alex was happy to find him. Meanwhile, Robin thought only of hurting them. Alex then tells his wife that he could kill him for everything he has done. For her part, Judith hopes that he will spend the rest of his life in prison. Certain that justice will do its job, Chloé pushes her husband and daughter to fight to get the mas back up. As Noa had invested a lot in this project, they agree not to give up now.

At the same time, Aurore goes to the hospital and announces to her sister-in-law that Robin has been arrested. Seeing that she refuses to believe that he is behind the sabotage of the farmhouse, the policewoman specifies that he confessed everything and that he used her to create alibis. Bénédicte then understands that her lover is responsible for the death of a twenty-year-old boy. In shock, she is terribly angry with herself for having cheated on her husband with an assassin and collapses in tears in Aurore’s arms.

Not far from there, Victor meets Sophie at her office to get news of the investigation. According to her, the police will not go back to him. When she declares that he came close to being charged, Brunet retorts that he has chosen a very good lawyer to cover his back. Sophie, who took many risks for him, tells him however that their collaboration will not survive this kind of error.

At the Delcourts, Alex is always upset and even goes so far as to tell his wife that Robin is no longer his brother. Worried for him, Chloe advises him to go see him in prison to get answers.

At the same time, Commander Constant found nothing that would allow him to link Brunet to Bellanger. The prosecutor therefore asked him to close the investigation. If Robin will be referred, Brunet will once again get away with it. But Martin still has a card to play. When he receives a call from Alex who wants to see his brother before his transfer, he sees the perfect opportunity to bring down Brunet.

At the end of the day, Alex arrives at the police station to settle accounts with his brother. The latter admits to him that he has always been jealous of him to the point of losing control but Alex refuses to believe that he did it only out of jealousy. He therefore tries to find out how much Brunet paid him to sabotage the mas and why he is protecting him. Unfortunately, Robin is wallowing in silence. Disappointed, Alex calls him pathetic before leaving.


It is today that Romain and Sofia leave Sète to begin a new chapter of their life in Spain. Before her sister leaves, Manon stops by her hotel to give her her favorite books and give her a pair of earrings. If touched, Sofia is also a little sad. Indeed, she regrets leaving angry with her parents. Manon then confesses to him that Romain went to their house the night before to invite them to their going away party. Whether they come or not, Manon tells her sister that despite everything she has reason to believe in her relationship.

In the afternoon, Sofia and Romain give a little party at the straw hut to celebrate their departure and the atmosphere is good. Samuel, who is present, takes the opportunity to tell his daughter how proud he is of her.

In turn, Aurore arrives at the straw hut to the delight of her daughter. It must be said that the policewoman could not bring herself to let her go like this. Sofia being sure of her project, Aurore gives her her blessing. On the other hand, she warns Romain: if he does the slightest harm to his daughter, he will have to deal with her. Romain assures us that he won’t disappoint her, then Aurore takes her daughter warmly in her arms.

Unfortunately, William did not come. Unable to leave without saying goodbye, Sofia returns home to find her father sitting in his room with his blanket in his hand. The opportunity for father and daughter to reminisce. After Sofia guarantees that Romain makes her happy, William ends up accepting her choice and declares that she will always be his little girl before hugging her.

At the end of the day, the whole Daunier family is gathered to say goodbye to Sofia and Romain. For his part, Romain declares that Sofia is the person he loves the most in the world and that it is partly thanks to her that he has changed. So he promises never to let her down. With tears in her eyes, Sofia kisses her family members one last time before flying off for new adventures with the man she loves.


Samuel is officially the new owner of the Haras des Terres Blanches. Even if because of his work he will not be able to invest as much as he would like, the doctor knows that he can count on the help of Paul who takes care of everything since Solange began to have problems. cardiac.

Afterwards, Anne-Marie, Victoire and Samuel take advantage of this beautiful day to ride horses. On their return to stud, they meet Benjamin who is coming out of the obstacle course. When he proposes to Victoire to correct her posture on horseback, she accepts with pleasure.

At the end of the day, Samuel and Victoire are in the stables. Since it’s quite rare to stay so close after a separation, Samuel wonders if she ever thought that Benjamin could be her soul mate. In her own way, Victoire reassures him. As the couple kiss, Paul observes them a few steps away…

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