Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1232 of Tuesday, July 19, 2022…

Tomorrow belongs to us what awaits you in episode 1232

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Robin is arrested, Roxanne’s hormones play a trick on her. Romain and Sofia are preparing for their departure.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday, July 19 in tomorrow belongs to us


Robin and Bénédicte spent the night at the hotel. While he wants to enjoy every moment with her, he would have liked them to meet at a time when everything would have been possible between them. A declaration interrupted by the phone of Bénédicte who has just received the photo of a magnificent sunrise accompanied by a message from her husband in which tells her that they miss her

At the station, the investigation progresses. If the samples on the cufflink did not give anything, Damien nevertheless managed to identify the symbol engraved on the object. By spending hours on the forums of experts in works of art, the policeman went back to a small London goldsmith.

As the shop is only a few steps from where Robin was working a short time ago, the police summon him immediately to find out his schedule for July 15, the day of Noa’s funeral. The Bellanger son then claims to have returned to the farmhouse to work before going to dinner at his brother’s around 8 p.m. When the investigators show him the cufflink discovered at Justin’s, Robin declares that it does not belong to him.

Leaving the police station, Robin immediately goes to the Delcourts to retrieve his cufflink and throw it in a trash can near the farmhouse after having scrupulously cleaned it.

For her part, Anna meets Justin to discuss his suicide attempt. Although he doesn’t really want to talk to her, the young man ends up telling her everything once the psychologist tells her that she is bound by professional secrecy. In just three months, Justin lost everything: his girlfriend, his savings and his job. When Robin offered him money to sabotage the mas, he accepted without really thinking. Originally, it was supposed to cause a simple fire but someone died because of it. Faced with these revelations, Anna pushes him to speak to the police, stating that this is the only solution to get rid of his guilt.

Later, Georges and Martin go to Justin’s bedside to take his statement. The day Alex fired him, Robin came to see him and offered him 10,000 euros to sink his brother’s business. If he sabotaged the oyster washer, it is Robin who is responsible for the explosion of the cooler, the accident of his niece as well as the poisoning of the oysters with arsenic. Justin wanted to tell the police everything but Robin beat him up to make him understand what would be in store for him every day if he spoke.

Without waiting, Martin goes to the farmhouse then stops Robin in front of Alex and Judith who remain speechless. Once at the police station, Commander Constant tries to push the Bellanger son to confess. As he is about to speak, Sophie Novak arrives in the interrogation room and demands to speak with her client.

Once alone, Sophie tells him that his fees are paid by their mutual friend. And this friend is none other than Victor Brunet. Besides, the lawyer has a little message to send him. In exchange for his silence, Victor undertakes to pay for his son Baptiste’s overpriced studies.


Sara has prepared a princess breakfast for Roxane. Unfortunately, the mother-to-be cannot swallow anything without feeling nauseous except goji berries.

Later, Roxane watches Georges eat his kebab. The policeman is so hungry that he devours his sandwich and puts it everywhere. When he offers her a piece of it, the young woman rushes to the toilet to vomit.

And Roxane’s hormones haven’t finished playing tricks on her. Thus, seeing Nordine eat her goji berries, she begins to cry bitterly. To be forgiven, he will then go buy him an entire bag.

In the evening, Roxane is so bothered by his wife’s perfume that she begs her to take a shower.


In the morning, Samuel informs the Dauniers that Sofia and Romain have decided to bring forward their departure for Spain. In order to prevent their relationship from being reduced to one phone call a year, the doctor encourages his friends to have a discussion with their daughter. Unfortunately, William categorically refuses to reach out to Sofia as long as she is with Romain.

For his part, Romain has noticed that Sofia was at its worst since she argued with her parents. This is why he encourages her to reconcile with them before their departure, which is scheduled for the next day. However, Sofia is ready to cut ties until they accept the man she loves.

Subsequently, Sofia goes to the straw hut. After making sure with Charlie that she didn’t mind them occupying her room one more night, the Daunier girl indicates that she wants to have a party here before she leaves. In exchange for some tips for Charlie to improve his establishment, Sofia gets a 40% discount on alcohol.

At the same time, Romain goes to the Dauniers without Sofia knowing about it and asks them not to cut ties with their daughter. Indeed, he knows what it is to no longer have a relationship with his family and does not want Sofia to experience the same thing. So he invites Aurore and William to their going away party to at least say goodbye.