Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1228 of Wednesday July 13, 2022…

Tomorrow belongs to us what awaits you in episode 1228

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Bart is suspected of Noa’s murder, Manon and Nordine exchange a kiss. At the same time, Elsa wants to organize Timothée’s birthday.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday, July 13 in tomorrow belongs to us


Unfortunately, Noa lost his life at the age of twenty and his death was not accidental since the washing machine cable was severed. Shaken, Alex, who feels responsible for her death, puts pressure on the police to find the person responsible as soon as possible.

For her part, Judith is inconsolable. Devastated, she confides in her mother how much she blames herself for not having succeeded in saving him but above all for not having been able to tell him how much she loved him. For Chloe, he knew it deep down.

Meanwhile, Damien has finished making the findings at Mas Delcourt. In addition to the severed cable, the circuit breaker was sabotaged. It is therefore a premeditated murder. The police are no longer looking for a saboteur but for an assassin.

Later, Alex and Robin discuss the latest tragic events when Jordan tells them that Bart has gone to mas. He then recounts the strange discussion he had with him. On Robin’s advice, Jordan then gives his testimony to the police.

A few steps away, Judith arrives at the farmhouse. Looking at Noa’s motorcycle, the young woman immerses herself in her memories. As Jordan walks up to her, she tells him how much she loves Noa even though it’s been complicated between them lately. To comfort her, Jordan takes her in his arms.

At the same time, Bart is nowhere to be found. On their way home, Sara and Georges find his phone but also many empty bottles of alcohol. While Georges thinks he has every reason to be angry with Alex, Sara doesn’t believe him capable of such a thing for a single second.

For their part, Karim and Anna question Audrey. After telling them that Bart was not well, the waitress explains that her boss was very nervous the day before. If she specifies that he behaved badly with customers, Audrey also adds that she saw him use alcohol several times during the service. Anna then hopes to find her son before he does something stupid.

At the hospital, Roxane has her first ultrasound with his wife. The two young women are happier than ever to meet their baby for the first time. Even if the joy is there, Sara still can’t help worrying about Bart who is now suspected of Noa’s murder.

At nightfall, Bart walks dead drunk on the road. Angry, he walks towards a car that is coming straight at him…


Sophie invites Nordine to lunch but Nordine declines because he has planned to help Manon revise. As things have always been clear between them, Sophie makes him understand that he is free to do what he wants if the young woman pleases him. Nordine blushes but nevertheless ensures that nothing is happening between them. However, Sophie finds on the contrary that he looks annoyed and guilty.

For her part, Manon is getting a makeover for her revisions with Nordine when the latter sends her a message to cancel their appointment. Disappointed, she decides to spend the afternoon at the straw hut with her sister. But when they arrive there, the Daunier sisters see Nordine with Sophie. When they come to say hello, Sophie can’t help but toss Manon.

Far from admitting defeat, Manon later sends a message to Nordine inviting him to train with her for sporting events. After their jogging, they stroll on the beach. When she asks him to go for a drink, Nordine reminds him that they still have some stretching to do to avoid aches the next day. However, Manon and Nordine continue to exchange a few furtive looks that speak volumes. The young woman then takes her courage in both hands and throws herself on Nordine to kiss her passionately. Unfortunately, the latter quickly puts an end to this kiss and then points out that he is there only for his competition before returning home.


Tomorrow is Timothy’s birthday. Although he doesn’t want to do anything to celebrate this special day, Elsa would like to throw a little party for the boy she loves. This is why she takes advantage of being alone with Victor to talk to him about her project. His son may not like surprises, but Victor encourages him to do so despite everything so that Timothée gets out of his comfort zone.

Subsequently, Elsa meets Manon at the beach and puts her in her confidence. According to her, it’s not a good idea, but her friend having changed a lot lately, she agrees to help him.

While Elsa spends a lot of time on her phone to organize everything, Timothée notices that something is wrong.

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