Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1220 of Friday, July 1, 2022…

Tomorrow belongs to us what awaits you in episode 1220

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Noa is taken into custody, Timothée needs answers. Sophie marks her territory.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Friday 1er July in tomorrow belongs to us


Following her illness, Audrey was transported to the hospital. The next morning, Doctor Delcourt informs her that they have carried out a gastric lavage because it is very likely that she had food poisoning after eating oysters. At the same time, analyzes are underway to find out more.

For his part, Bart has made an appointment with Alex at the Spoon to talk to him about something delicate. Indeed, many customers have fallen ill after eating his oysters. Some were even hospitalized. Bart will therefore no longer be able to supply himself at home for a few weeks, while this story settles. A blow for Alex.

At the station, Damien receives the test results from the hospital and it turns out that all the people who have eaten oysters have been poisoned with arsenic. Fortunately, the dose was too low to kill them. Since the water in the Delcourts’ smaller pool was probably contaminated the day before yesterday, Commander Constant immediately thinks that Justin is responsible. Insofar as he was not invited to the inauguration, Martin considers that he had recourse to an accomplice to achieve his ends.

Not far from there, Alex and Judith accuse the blow. Since this morning, all their customers are canceling their orders. For her part, Chloé tries to cheer them up but without success.

For his part, Georges questions Justin. If he admits having stolen the Delcourt fund, the young man swears however that he has nothing to do with this collective poisoning. He also maintains that he saw a mysterious person a few steps from the farmhouse. Only, the police questioned the local residents and no one in the neighborhood saw a suspicious individual lurking.

Meanwhile, Jordan and Judith are doing the housework with complicity, which does not please Noa at all, as she struggles to hide her jealousy. Quickly, the tone rises between the two young men. When Jordan says it’s pathetic to hang on to Judith, Noa punches him hard in the face. After intervening to separate them, Judith, who can’t let this go, decides to fire Noa.

Later, Jordan tells Jahia what happened. A bit jealous, she would like her boyfriend to free himself a little from his work to spend more time with her. The Roussel son assures us that things will eventually work out.

At the end of the day, Roxane finished analyzing Justin’s phone and found an old message sent by Noa in which we can read “You were right, I can’t sack these assholes from Delcourt anymore. “.

Without waiting, Commander Constant arrives at his home and places him in police custody for complicity in the attack, poisoning and theft.


Elsa hasn’t heard from Timothée since they made love. That’s why she drops by unannounced to have a chat. The Brunet son ends up confessing to her that he does not intend to make love with her again. After doing research, Timothée indeed thinks he is asexual.

While he says he is certain that they will be able to continue living their love story without physical acts, Elsa is not certain that she wants to make her life with a boy who no longer wants to sleep with her. So she needs to think.

Panicked at the idea that his girlfriend is leaving him, Timothée confides in his father, who urges him not to draw hasty conclusions about his sexuality. According to him, he should start by making an appointment with his psychologist.

Later, Timothée meets Anna and discusses his first time with her. For her, he is not asexual since he feels desire for Elsa and she advises him instead to learn to let go. She therefore offers him a practical exercise: the next time he makes love, he will have to ask his partner how she feels. In this way, he will be able to understand his reactions and let go.

Subsequently, Timothée goes to see Dr. Chardeau to understand the needs but also the reactions of his girlfriend. Although he is not a sexologist, Samuel explains that it is only by practicing that his fear of the unknown will disappear. However, the young man is afraid of losing Elsa for good if he does not like making love with her once again. To remedy this, he decides to practice with another woman in order to avoid hurting her again.


In the morning, Sophie and Nordine drink coffee at the Perraud office. The latter seizes this opportunity to invite her to dinner but she declines on the pretext of having a lot of work. While they are talking, the policeman receives many messages from Manon. Sophie shows a bit of interest but when Nordine tells her about the Daunier daughter’s revisions, the lawyer cuts the conversation short.

Subsequently, Manon and Nordine meet at the Spoon to revise when Sophie joins them. After having kissed him, the lawyer continues to mark her territory by being particularly tactile with him and by calling Manon a teenager. Uncomfortable, the Daunier daughter ends up taking to their heels.

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