Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1217 of Tuesday, June 28, 2022…

Tomorrow belongs to us what awaits you in episode 1217

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While the police discover that the explosion of the mas is a criminal act, Camille obtains a parole. As for Sofia, she returns to Sète with a secret.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday, June 28 in tomorrow belongs to us


During the explosion of the mas, Karim was injured in the right arm. He is going to have an operation by Renaud who has to remove the blade of the knife from his shoulder. The lieutenant is very worried because he is right-handed and if the operation goes wrong, his career as a police officer will certainly be compromised. Doctor Dumaze asks him to trust him: he has already had more complex cases.

During the operation, Chloé somehow tries to reassure Anna. However, she can’t help but be worried. Especially since, according to Marianne, the operation could last longer than expected. The blade of the knife in Karim’s shoulder being broken, extracting it could prove quite complex. But Marianne assures her daughter that Renaud has the situation under control. However, Anna noticed that her companion could no longer move his hand. His mother then explains to him that Karim could have neurological sequelae, although this remains unlikely.

At the same time, Martin reports on the ongoing investigation to the Perraud prosecutor. According to initial findings, the knife that injured Karim was propelled by the blast of the explosion.

At the mas, the PTS tries to determine the origin of the explosion. Fortunately, there is not too much damage and it is concentrated within the workshop. Damien ends up finding a piece of debris that seems to belong to the cooler in which the dry ice for the molecular cocktails was. He explains to Judith and Alex that this ice cream contains a lot of CO2. So, if it is kept in an airtight container, the gas will accumulate and can cause an explosion. But Judith knew the risks and had rightly warned Noa and Jordan. Nordine lets the young woman know that he would like to speak to his two employees.

Nordine questions Noa and Jordan who were in charge of the bar during the opening night of the farmhouse. They explain to the policeman that they knew they shouldn’t close the cooler because Judith had warned them. Jordan claims to have done the service throughout the evening, while Noa took care of preparing the drinks. But the latter then explains that he sometimes left the bar to help with the oysters. While they were gone, someone very well could have closed the cooler.

Later, Renaud finds Marianne after Karim’s operation: it went well. He’s worn out. Doctor Delcourt thanks her husband for his work. She admires everything he is capable of doing. The doctor admits that it is reciprocal.

Noa is very upset by Jordan’s words and lets Judith know. However, the young woman comes to Jordan’s defense. According to her, he just had to be scared. A new argument opposes the former couple because Noa is convinced that she accuses him. Chloe attends the scene and consoles her daughter.

For his part, Damien analyzes the debris from the cooler he found at the farmhouse. If he didn’t find a print, he did find traces of industrial adhesive placed on the knuckle. According to him, the lid of the cooler was deliberately taped to make it look like a bomb. The explosion of the mas is therefore a malicious act. At the same time, someone observes Alex at the farmhouse with binoculars.

At the end of the day, Renaud examines Karim after his operation. He tests the lieutenant’s hand to assess his sensitivity, but the latter feels nothing.


At the hospital, a nurse explains to Camille that her blood pressure and constants are good: with the doctor’s agreement, the young woman will be able to go out this evening. The news is far from enchanting the young woman who begins to hyperventilate. She fears going directly to prison, but her mother and grandfather reassure her: she will go home. She is not of the same opinion, especially since a policeman is still in front of her hospital room. Sébastien explains to him that it is simply the procedure. Raphaëlle is confident because Sophie Novak sees the investigating judge during the day. But Camille is aware of her act: she killed Stanislas. Her mother takes her back, she only hurt him. If he had gone to the hospital, he would still be alive. Sébastien shares Raphaëlle’s opinion. He claims it was self-defense and that if she hadn’t intervened, his mother would have died.

Later, Raphaëlle meets Chloé in the hospital. The lawyer doesn’t know how to thank her for all the risks she took for Camille and admits that she blames her for having put her in this situation. But Chloe reassures her: it was her decision.

At the same time, Dorian comes to visit Camille. They are very happy to finally be able to share a moment together. The young woman tells him of her fears: she is afraid of what will happen. But above all, she is worried that he will never want to see her again. Dorian reassures her that she protected her mother and was very brave. He promises her that everything will be fine and declares that he loves her even more than before.

Sophie Novak has good news for Raphaëlle. The investigating judge was sensitive to his remarks and the lawyer pleaded self-defense by filiation. Stanislas’ previous acts of violence have largely worked in their favour. Moreover, he is still suspected of having murdered his ex-companion. Regarding Raphaëlle’s lies to the police, Sophie also played the filiation card: a parent in the direct line is not required to denounce the crime of his child. So the investigating judge accepted that Camille be released on parole. However, the parentage does not apply to Chloe, but Soraya is confident about her. Raphaëlle thanks her.

At the end of the day, Camille returns home with her mother and grandfather. To celebrate her return, her mother has prepared a surprise for her: Maud has returned to Sète. After learning everything that had happened, the teenager really wanted to see her sister again. For Raphaëlle, the most important thing is to be together and above all to stop talking about Stanislas.


In honor of Sofia’s return, Aurore and Manon prepare a good breakfast on the terrace. The policewoman asks her daughter if she has put away the clothes she borrowed from her sister while she was away. That’s when Sofia finally arrives. Aurore and Manon jump into her arms.

Sofia is back in Sète after an internship in Bordeaux then a marketing internship of several weeks in London in a swimsuit company “Kool Swim”. Sofia therefore took the opportunity to bring with her a travel bag filled with swimsuits offered by the company.

Sofia doesn’t seem to be coming back with just gifts for her family: she also has a secret. Manon advises her to tell their parents quickly before they find out for themselves.

Later, Sofia proposes to her mother to have lunch together. When she seems ready to tell Aurore the truth, she changes her mind. However, the police officer is not fooled. She knows that this invitation is a pretext to entrust him with a secret that she does not want to tell her father. But Sofia says otherwise.

Aurore feels that her daughter is hiding something from her. While explaining her fears to William on the phone, he makes a puzzling discovery: Sofia is on a “Kool Swim” billboard in a bathing suit. He can’t come back. The doctor places himself in front of the poster to hide the naked body of his daughter.

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