Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1216 of Monday, June 27, 2022…

Tomorrow belongs to us what awaits you in episode 1216

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Camille confesses, the inauguration of the farmhouse turns tragic. At the same time, Elsa and Timothée make love for the first time.

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday 27 june in tomorrow belongs to us


The police now having proof that it was she who held the knife used to stab Stanislas, Camille confesses. That evening, Camille returned home and immediately understood that something serious was happening. She therefore asked Stanislas to leave but the latter pushed her violently against the library. Furious, the skipper then attacked Raphaëlle. As he forcefully strangled her, Camille tried to free her mother from his grip but was unsuccessful. When Chloé came back from the kitchen with a knife, Camille grabbed it and ordered Stanislas to release her mother. When he wasn’t listening, she stepped forward and stabbed him. The young woman then clarifies that all she did was to defend her mother. Even if he believes her, Martin however criticizes her for not having come to talk to him about it before.

Meanwhile, Sébastien announces to Raphaëlle that Camille has confessed everything. Shaken, the lawyer would like to protect her daughter. Insofar as she wishes to be heard by Martin to tell him that Camille lied, Sébastien tells her that the police have proof of his guilt.

Now that Camille has told the truth, the judge will authorize Chloé’s release. However, Soraya informs her client that she is far from out of the woods since she now risks being prosecuted for false declaration but also for complicity in murder if self-defense is not retained.

For his part, Leo makes a very touching request to Damien. Indeed, the little boy would like him to adopt it. Very touched, Damien does not say no but nevertheless makes him understand that they must first proceed step by step.

At the end of the day, Martin breaks the rules by letting Raphaëlle call his daughter. In tears, the teenager explains to her mother how much she is afraid of going to prison. Raphaëlle then swears to devote every second of her life to getting her out of there, then says that without her, she would probably be dead before adding that she loves her.


A few hours before the inauguration of the farmhouse, the caterer who was to ensure the evening lets go of the Delcourts. Robin, who still has some contacts, therefore decides to use his connections to try to save the situation.

Judith has a rather original idea for the evening. In addition to wine, she would like to serve molecular cocktails. Noa finds it cheesy, but later brings her the materials needed to make them.

For his part, Robin unfortunately did not find a caterer. However, he reached out to a few restaurateurs they had invited to the party and managed to convince some of them to come and help them.

A few hours later, the Delcourts received their first guests. Alex take this opportunity to take the floor and thank those present for their support in this new beginning. At the same time, the oyster farmer receives a call from his wife who informs him that she has been released. Without waiting, he hastens to go get her to surprise the whole family.

Meanwhile, Noa and Jordan argue at the bar. The opportunity for the grandson Josse to tell his colleague that he would not take a wanker like him if he were in the place of the Delcourts. In turn, Jordan says that Judith appreciates him and that she is the boss. Just after, the two young men leave the place to continue their discussion. When Noa declares that he has no chance with the Delcourt girl, Jordan retorts the opposite. As the tone rises, Noa threatens to physically attack him if he comes near her. Just as they are about to come to blows, an explosion sounds from the bar.

Immediately, Anna and Chloe rush inside and find Marianne stunned but conscious. On the other hand, Karim is unconscious and has a knife stuck in his shoulder…


Timothée hasn’t heard from Elsa since their argument the day before. Knowing full well that he has caused her a lot of pain, the Brunet son calls her to invite her to spend the afternoon at his place to make love. As he promises to behave better, Elsa agrees.

Timothée then takes a map of his house and hides condoms in several strategic places: the sofa, the bed, the kitchen table… After kicking his father out of the house, Timothée decides to take advantage of the two hours remain before Elsa arrives to concentrate.

Later, Elsa arrives at the Brunets. Understanding that her boyfriend is uncomfortable, she chooses to proceed step by step. Once she made him take off his jacket, she explains to him that she is going to take his hands to put them around her waist. One thing leading to another, Elsa and Timothée finally share a moment of intimacy.

Unfortunately, Timothée didn’t like making love with her and doesn’t intend to repeat the experience.

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