Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1206 of Monday, June 13, 2022…

Tomorrow belongs to us what awaits you in episode 1206

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Sébastien’s fears are confirmed, Nathan moves in as a roommate. At the same time, Judith’s plan falls through.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday, June 13 in tomorrow belongs to us


Commander Constant has mobilized his teams to find Leo who is still missing. If the police went to Stanislas, the little boy was not there, however.

For her part, Roxane has tracked down Isabelle Cottin, a woman with whom Stanislas had an affair in Cape Verde a few years earlier, and she confirmed that he beat her. At the time, she even filed a handrail, but Stanislas ended up convincing her to withdraw her complaint under threat.

Meanwhile, Audrey blames herself for leaving her nephew unattended. Refusing to sit idly by, the mother of the family then goes to the Perrauds to find her little boy. After having toured the property, Audrey must face the facts. Leo is not there. Despite everything, the tension is palpable and Stanislas seizes this opportunity to play the worried fathers by making Audrey pass for a bad mother. When he swears that he will never leave her custody again, Audrey slaps him violently. Immediately, Raphaëlle intervenes and urges Audrey to leave.

Later, Nordine arrives at the Roussels’ to inspect Leo’s room. While he decides to run away, Audrey comes to believe that she is a bad mother.

For his part, Damien leaves the police station. Putting away his belongings in his car, the policeman finds Leo hiding in the back seat. Indeed, hearing his aunt crying in secret, he understood that the paternity test had confirmed that Stanislas was his father. Having been afraid that he would take her away from his family, he therefore decided to hide.

Subsequently, Damien accompanies Léo to the Roussels, much to Audrey’s delight. After making sure that everything was fine, the latter makes him promise never to do it again before taking him in her arms.

Not far from there, Sara and Roxane learn from the prosecutor Perraud that Stanislas’ phone has stopped several times near Raphaëlle’s office and home as well as the court several weeks before their meeting. According to them, he would not have met her by chance and would have knowingly caused this scooter accident. But that’s not all. Going through his bank statements, Roxane discovered that Stanislas had recently opened an account and that he had received a very large transfer. Since everything suggests he’s been scheming from the start, Sara thinks he’s a manipulative sociopath. Even if she has no proof, the policewoman is convinced that he killed Eve Roussel. Sébastien, who shares this analysis, is afraid that his daughter will be his next victim.

Without waiting, he arrives at her house and asks her to listen to him carefully. After informing her that the police could soon prove that Stanislas has already been violent in the past, Sébastien tries to make Raphaëlle understand that she is in danger. As she does not react, he then explains to her that they have proof that the skipper has been manipulating her from the start. Although he knows it’s not easy for her, Sébastien begs her to open her eyes. Faced with her fleeting gaze, he asks her if Stanislas has already raised his hand on her. Tears in her eyes, Raphaëlle lifts her t-shirt and shows her the bruise on her stomach. At this moment, they are far from suspecting that Stanislas has hidden a camera in the living room and that he is spying on them a few steps away.


Nathan spent the night at Mona’s. To his care, she prepared him a real champion’s breakfast before he left for high school.

It must be said that she really wants to help him. That’s why she asks Soraya to put Nathan up with the roommate while he graduates. Although she hesitates to welcome a stranger into her home, the lawyer ends up accepting, understanding the difficult conditions in which he lives at home.

Subsequently, Mona goes to high school and offers Nathan to move into the roommate. A proposal he accepts before promising to work like crazy to get his baccalaureate. Once he has thanked her, Nathan takes her warmly in his arms.

At the end of class, he collects his belongings and takes Angie to the roommate where they take advantage of being alone to share a moment of intimacy. When Mona returns a few moments later, she does not hesitate to lecture her protege.


Since he lost his mas, Noa hasn’t known what he’s going to do with his life. Since they are going to have a lot to manage with their new farm, Judith offers him to come and work with her and her father. However, the young man does not think it is a good idea, especially since he is not sure he wants to continue in oyster farming. Despite everything, Judith urges him to take the time to reflect.

Later, the whole Delcourt family is reunited at the new farmhouse to toast the new beginning that awaits them. Anna then takes advantage of this opportunity to announce great news: with Karim, they have decided to adopt a child. Even if she knows it will be long and complicated, the psychologist is ready. An announcement that obviously delights Chloé, Marianne, Alex and Judith.

At the end of the day, Judith talks to her father about the offer she made to Noa. Unfortunately, Alex cannot afford to keep two employees. Indeed, the oyster farmer has agreed to keep the employee of the owner of the premises. So he asks his daughter to talk to Noa before he makes movies for himself. Shortly after, she finds Noa at the Spoon to tell her the bad news.

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