Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1194 of Thursday, May 26, 2022…

Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1194 of thursday, may 26, 2022...

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Vanessa kidnaps Victoire, Raphaëlle reveals the truth to Camille. For their part, Victor and Sophie join forces.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday, May 26 in tomorrow belongs to us


After Vanessa stabbed him, Georges was taken to hospital and survived with a superficial wound to his abdomen. Even if things could have been much worse for him, he remains convinced that she did not really want to hurt him. Besides, it was she who called the emergency services.

As Vanessa is still on the run, Georges refuses to sit idly by and decides to participate in the search despite his stitches. As Victoire and Mona try to stop him, he declares that he won’t be alone until she is arrested.

Meanwhile, the police found Vanessa’s car near the port but the young woman is still nowhere to be found. If the prosecutor thinks that she is already far away, Commander Constant believes on the contrary that she is still in Sète. Indeed, Vanessa’s life boils down to her work and her couple. So she has nowhere to go. Since Georges betrayed her, the police expect the head of the Spoon to go after him again.

For her part, Victoire accompanies Georges on leaving the hospital and asks him to take good care of him. After assuring that everything would be fine, he indicates that he has the impression of living a real nightmare. Victoire then wants to be reassuring and then specifies that she is there for him if he needs anything. Even separated, the policeman says he is lucky to have her in his life. As Victoire takes him in her arms to comfort him, Vanessa observes them a few steps away.

Shortly after, Victoire returns home and shares her concerns with Samuel. Although he lacks a bit of compassion, the doctor assures us that Georges fears nothing since he is under police protection. On the advice of her companion, Victoire then chooses to relax by taking a bath, but Vanessa arrives in the bathroom with a knife. Once she strokes his face with the blade, she orders him to get dressed.

Victoire complies then tries to convince her to surrender to the police. Only, Vanessa thinks her rival is only doing this to have Georges all to herself. Trying to make him listen to reason, Victoire says the opposite, especially since she is very happy with Samuel, then takes advantage that Vanessa has her back turned to call her companion. When he picks up, he hears the head of the Spoon threatening the woman he loves. Without waiting, Dr. Chardeau alerts the police.

At the same time, Vanessa still threatens Victoire with her knife and accuses her of having managed to manipulate Georges. According to her, she would have done everything to make him still think of her and refuse to marry her. Victoire then swears that she has done nothing and then says that she has never seen Georges so happy since he has been with her. For a moment, Vanessa seems to have her head elsewhere and Victoire tries to escape. Unfortunately, the murderess catches up to her and then violently knocks her out with a vase.

Shortly after, the police burst into Samuel’s house but Vanessa and Victoire are no longer there.

Not far from there, Victoire wakes up tied to a chair in Vanessa’s lair. While showing her the bud of a tiger rose, Vanessa informs her that it’s the one she’ll put down her throat when she’s dead.


Dorian’s parents have invited Camille to spend the weekend in Marseille. However, Raphaëlle does not think this is a very good idea as the baccalaureate exams approach. Convinced that her mother does this only to prevent her from seeing Dorian, the teenager tries to find out what she blames her for but Raphaëlle has her reasons and refuses to discuss it with her. As the tone rises, Stanislas tries to intervene but Camille summons him to interfere in what concerns him before leaving the place furious.

The teenager then joins Dorian at the Spoon and tells him what happened. Despite her mother’s ban, she has every intention of preventing him from ruining her life by going to Marseille. However, she immediately loses her smile when Etienne tells her that Raphaëlle called him to tell him that she won’t be able to join them this weekend. She may say that she can accompany them all the same, Étienne does not intend to go against Raphaëlle’s decision and guarantees that they will be able to do this next time.

For her part, Raphaëlle confides in her father about Camille’s appalling behavior. Since Sébastien can’t help noticing that this happens strangely right when Stanislas comes into his life, Raphaëlle retorts that he and Camille get along wonderfully. And to add that he is very considerate, especially since it is thanks to him that she knew that Dorian was cheating on his daughter. This is why the lawyer makes every effort to ensure that Camille spends as little time as possible with him. For his part, Sébastien promises that things will eventually work out.

On returning, Stanislas comes across Camille and Dorian revising in the living room. Immediately, the skipper warns his companion who decides to return home earlier than planned. The tension being palpable, Dorian prefers to leave to let them talk quietly. Once alone, Camille blames her mother for having humiliated her in front of her boyfriend. Tired of taking it in the face, Raphaëlle ends up letting go that Dorian is cheating on her.


In the early morning, Victor arrives at the villa and discovers with amazement the deplorable state of his property. By explaining that they had a rack “addiction” which completely degenerated, the Morenos struggle to hide their jubilant air. Furious, Brunet makes them understand that they cannot leave the house in this state for him, but Christelle takes pleasure in reminding him that it has belonged to him for 9 hours.

Thereafter, the Moreno settled in the hotel. As her husband risks going crazy by staying locked up all day in this room, Christelle wonders what he will be able to do. Although he knows nothing about it, Sylvain has every intention of taking action. Furthermore, the social worker worries about Charlie and fears that she will end up feeling alone. Nevertheless, she did not wait long to invite François to join her.

In the afternoon, Victor invites his son to the villa and makes him believe that the Morenos have offered to sell him the house for free. However, Timothée finds it hard to believe and thinks he did something dishonest to get her back. His son fearing to see him return to prison, Victor promises that it will never happen again but Timothée no longer believes in his promises.

Later, Victor receives Sophie and offers her to become his business partner. Indeed, the former businessman needs someone who knows the law and who would not be afraid to exploit the loopholes of the system to avoid prison again. Sophie and Victor then clink glasses.

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