Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1176 of Monday, May 2, 2022…

Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1176 of monday, may 2, 2022...

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Ophélie’s run takes an unexpected turn, Robin Bellanger returns to Sète to support Alex. At the same time, Bart and Louise argue over the seating plan.

Warning, this article contains spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday, May 2 in tomorrow belongs to us

Ophelia’s run ends in a dramatic way

Ophélie Messy took Sophie Novak hostage and took her with her on her run. While they have stopped on the edge of a dirt road, Sophie, who has discreetly turned on her phone, tries to save time, but Ophelia summons her to return to the car. She makes him understand that the time when they were friends is over and that she will not hesitate to hurt him if she does not obey.

At the same time, Martin and Nordine, who have found them thanks to the demarcation of the telephone, disembark at full speed. Martin orders the hostage taker to drop her weapon. But Ophelia threatens to kill Sophie. That’s when the lawyer nudges Ophélie in the ribs and starts running towards Nordine and Martin as Ophélie falls to the ground. Seeing that the madwoman is getting up and getting ready to target Sophie, Martin has no choice but to intervene and shoot Ophelia.

Seriously injured, Ophelia was transported to Saint-Clair hospital. Nordine is upset, this is the first time he has experienced such a situation. He feels like Ophelia was going to kill him. He thanks Martin for saving him. Renaud Dumaze, who has barely left the block, then comes to tell them that Ophélie did not survive her injuries.

At the police station, Karim questions Sophie and tries to find out if she continued to help Ophelia until the end. But Sophie, upset, swears that is not the case and that she took advantage of a moment of distraction to turn her phone back on. She then asks Karim if Ophelia suffered before she died.

At the same time, Charlie confides to François that she can’t stop thinking about Anthony’s last words. She always told herself that there was a special bond between her and him and that she could not betray him. Realizing that she shouldn’t tell him all this, Charlie apologizes, but for François, all that matters is that they love each other.

Charlie then swears that she loves him as she has never loved anyone, and François, for his part, assures us that he can no longer do without the young woman. Even if he knows that their story will never be simple. A declaration of love that leads to the first meeting between François and the Morenos, who are delighted to meet Charlie’s companion.

Martin, meanwhile, learns that he will be the subject of an internal investigation which will have to determine if he was really obliged to shoot Ophelia. He receives the support of the prosecutor Perraud. The investigation into the Messys remains open, however, since the police still do not know the identity of their second accomplice. Nordine is convinced that Sophie had nothing to do with everything, but Martin does not seem to think that recent events necessarily exonerate the lawyer.

Later, he meets Sophie in front of the police station and asks her to leave her son out of his dirty tricks. But Sophie replies that she, at least, didn’t kill anyone. And adds that she would have preferred that Martin be able to stop Ophelia without killing her and that she will not support him with the IGPN. Exasperated, Martin swears to throw Sophie in prison the next time she is dismissed and to have her expelled from the bar.

Bart and Louise argue over Gary

At the hospital, Anna feels better and announces to Bart that she should be discharged during the day. She asks her son questions about the progress of the wedding preparations, and Bart confirms to her that he has decided to keep the wedding on the scheduled date. Anna would like to be able to make herself useful, but Bart wants her to rest first and explains to her that Chloe already helps Louise and him a lot. He still asks Anna to give him her opinion on her costume.

At the same time, Chloé goes to a flower shop in town where the manager, Violette, offers her flowers for the wedding. But as they talk, Chloe has the impression that someone is watching them from the street. Violette doesn’t seem alarmed and minimizes the situation.

Back at the Spoon, Bart discusses the seating plan with Louise and discovers that Gary, his girlfriend’s ex, is invited to the wedding. He doesn’t want to have to deal with Gary’s presence on such a special day and blames Louise for not telling him about it. But Louise does not see how to uninvite her ex and adds that Mathilde and Aurélien would not understand. Annoyed, she tells Bart that she is going shopping and leaves the Spoon.

Just after exchanging an unexpected kiss with Gaëlle in his cake shop, Tristan sees Louise in the street and notices that she doesn’t seem to be well. She is on the phone and explains to Gary that Bart is not happy with his presence at their wedding.

Later, Vanessa, who feels the palpable cold that has settled between Bart and Louise, decides to get involved and pushes them to settle the situation calmly, like adults. She points out to Bart that everyone makes mistakes, then advises Louise to make amends rather than get on her high horse. Bart and Louise are touched by his approach and recognize their wrongs. They reconcile and let Vanessa know that they are happy that she is handling their marriage.

Robin Bellanger is back

To everyone’s surprise, Robin Bellanger has come back from London to help Alex after the mas explosion. He seems touched by what has just happened. Alex, he is somewhat dejected by the situation. He feels like his life’s work has gone up in smoke. Robin then points out to him that if the mas is destroyed, the oyster bed is intact. And adds that after the fire in 2019, they had managed to rebuild everything. But for his brother, this time it’s different. Nothing remains of the building. And Alex obviously doesn’t have the strength anymore. He wonders if it wouldn’t be better to accept failure.

Robin, who reminds his brother that he is very well surrounded and that he can do anything, then pushes Alex to ask himself what he really wants: to start the business again or to embark on a new path.

In the evening, while he remains evasive about his work in London, Robin prepares the meal for a small dinner organized with Marianne and Karim for Anna’s discharge from hospital. The two Bellanger brothers talk about their mother, Jeanne. To brighten up the table and make Chloe happy, Alex decides to go buy some flowers. But on arriving at the florist, Alex discovers in the back room the lifeless body of Violette, the manager who had discussed a little earlier with Chloé, whose arms have been arranged in a macabre scene.

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