Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1171 of Monday, April 25, 2022…

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Anthony succumbs to his injuries, Camille’s podcast is unanimous. At the same time, Tristan resigns.

Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1171 of monday, april 25, 2022...

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday, April 25 in tomorrow belongs to us


The two million euros demanded by Ophélie have still not been transferred. And as much to say that she is on edge because she has no more time to lose. When she receives a call from François, Charlie explains to Ophélie that it is her teacher and makes her believe that he is trying to reach her because she had to give him an assignment. To prevent him from worrying, Ophelia accepts that she picks up but warns her however that if she were to try anything, she will kill Christelle. On the phone, Charlie calls François by his last name and then asks him for extra time for his math homework while he is teaching French.

Alerted by the unusual way in which Charlie addressed him, François immediately goes to the police station and tells Captain Saeed that the young woman has been particularly preoccupied lately to the point of having anxiety attacks. He also tells her about the conversation he had with her. For François, she was not alone and it was a cry for help.

Immediately, the police suspect the Messys of holding Charlie hostage. For her part, Roxane went through the Moreno accounts and identified a transfer of two million euros to an offshore account in Panama. As the transfer will be final in the next few hours, Commander Constant understands that Ophélie and Anthony have remained in Sète to strip the Morenos. He therefore calls the RAID to prepare an assault.

Not far from there, Anthony’s state of health worsens. As he is still burning with fever, Ophelia goes looking for ibuprofen in Charlie’s bag. While searching, she comes across photos of her and François. Ophelia then realizes that Charlie betrayed them and that her companion probably alerted the police after his call in the morning. As she threatens to kill her, Anthony begs his sister to leave Charlie alone. With the police about to arrive, he urges his sister to run away without him but she refuses. However, he is convinced that he is going to die and wants to make his sister realize that she can still pull through. In agony, Anthony reminds Ophelia that the transfer is in progress and that they have succeeded.

For their part, the police of Sète and the RAID attack then discover Charlie, Christelle and Sylvain tied up in the kitchen. Anthony’s pulse being very weak, Sara instructs one of her colleagues to send for a doctor immediately. Once released, Charlie hastens to go to Anthony’s bedside. At worst, he whispers that he doesn’t want to die before breathing his last in front of a crying Charlie.

Ophelia fled in Sylvain’s car. As she leaves town, she learns of her brother’s death live on the radio. Mad with rage, she immediately turns around to return to Sète.

At nightfall, Ophélie spies on Chloé as she leaves the nursery with a gun in her hand.


Camille spent her evening trying to do the exercise imposed by Etienne but unfortunately had no inspiration on the subject of delay. So she asks the CPE to stick it. However, the latter considers that the hours of glue are useless and prefers to force her to think. He therefore encourages him to imagine this podcast as something fun. Finally, Camille has ideas and returns her homework on time. Without even having listened to it, Étienne then decided to put the podcast online on the school’s website and it was unanimously approved by Agnès Varda. Pleasantly surprised, Chloé congratulates Étienne on his initiative.


At the Spoon, Tristan introduces Gaëlle, a longtime friend, to Bart and Louise. A talented pastry chef, she shows the book of her creations to the bride and groom. And Gaëlle’s desserts are very popular with the couple who are considering using her services. If Vanessa is far from happy that someone else can take care of the dessert for her, Bart and Louise want to have the choice. That’s why they promise to stop by Gaëlle’s shop for a tasting before making a decision. However, Vanessa warns them, this marriage is her from A to Z.

Later, Louise tries to find out if Tristan knew that Vanessa was already working on the dessert when he introduced Gaëlle to them. The latter recognizes this but nevertheless considers that he has done them a service. When Louise begs him to make an effort with Vanessa because they don’t want to lose her, Tristan takes aim and decides to resign.

He then finds Gaëlle and apologizes to her for having used her. As he resigned, Gaëlle offers him to work with her in her shop. Indeed, she has been working alone since she separated from her companion and would really need a helping hand. Tristan gladly agrees.

For her part, Vanessa is enthusiastically working on the dessert for Bart and Louise’s wedding. When she says that weddings make her dream, Georges replies that he finds that you don’t need to be married to be happy. A disappointment for Vanessa.

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