Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1156 of Monday April 4, 2022…

Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1156 of monday april 4, 2022...

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Gabriel is kidnapped, Raphaëlle makes films. At the same time, Victor tries to coax Christelle.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday April 4 in Tomorrow belongs to us…


Ever since someone broke into her home, Roxane feels like she has a gun permanently pointed at her head. Sara then tries to reassure her by telling her that it is not them who are targeted but the entire police station. In vain.

Shortly after, their colleagues were dispatched to the site to take a fingerprint. Unsurprisingly, Damien finds traces of starch on the balls but also on the note addressed to them. The person who broke into the Genau-Thiemen’s would therefore be the same as the one who attacked Chloe.

At the police station, Karim takes stock of the investigation with the prosecutor Perraud. Those close to Romain Melville are unanimous. The last time they saw the young man was October 27, 2019 just before the clandestine party at Agnès Varda. For Captain Saeed, the murders of Romain and Alizée Melville, the attack on Chloé Delcourt and the break-in at Sara and Roxane’s house are the work of one and the same person. Charlie is therefore exonerated and released. Since Bart was in prison and Gabriel at the gym the night of Chloe’s attack, the two young men are also removed from the list of suspects. At this point, Karim begins to take a more serious interest in Noor and Garance.

However, the investigation takes a new turn when Damien informs Karim and prosecutor Perraud that the bullets found at Sara and Roxane’s belong to the same lot as those discovered in Léa Courcelles’ room. In fact, the killer stole the victim’s gun.

Meanwhile, Charlie joins Gabriel in high school and tries to find out where he and Bart dropped off Romain at the end of the evening. Since there is a good chance that Romain was still inside the establishment before the fire started, Charlie wonders if he might have come across someone who was leaving the party. Garance having left before them that evening, the Molina girl begins to suspect her of having killed Romain. In addition, Garance went to see her in the morning claiming to hear from her in order to obtain information on the investigation. Since they are not at all close, Charlie questions his true motives.

To find out for sure, Gabriel meets Garance at the Spoon and tries to find out if she really left before the end of the evening. The young woman then confirms having returned earlier that evening because she had a train for Toulouse the next day. Particularly nervous, Garance immediately thinks that Gabriel suspects her. Once she swore she hadn’t killed anyone, Garance left the scene furious.

At the same time, Roxane realizes the risks they take in doing their job. Now that they have decided to be mothers, Sara and Roxane feel much more vulnerable. However, they refuse to live in fear.

At the end of the day, Gabriel leaves the spoon and tries to reach Charlie. Without success. He therefore leaves her a message on her answering machine in which he confirms that Garance was very strange. Arriving at the foot of his building, he is then attacked by a mysterious person who grabs him from behind and puts him to sleep. When Gabriel regains consciousness a few moments later, he is gagged and tied up in the trunk of a car.


After a passionate night, Stanislas wakes up at dawn to go to work, to the chagrin of Raphaëlle who was hoping to spend the morning with him. Stanislas kisses her tenderly then assures that he is not planting her when she wakes up. He then promises to call her back as soon as possible. It is therefore in a good mood that Raphaëlle arrives at the office. An attitude that has not escaped Victor who does not hesitate to tease her about her adventure with Mr. scooter.

Later, Raphaëlle sends a message to Stanislas but he does not answer. After joining Chloe for lunch, she shares her concerns with her. Indeed, she fears that Stanislas does not want to see her again. For Chloe, she just has to be patient.

Back home, Raphaëlle keeps looking at her phone. Camille, who has noticed this, decides to turn off her mother’s phone so that she can concentrate on her work.

In the evening, Stanislas arrives at Raphaëlle’s. Having tried to reach her several times, the latter ended up believing that she was angry with him for not having replied to his messages. He then apologizes to her and then meets Camille. When he asks her permission to steal his mother for a second night in a row, the young woman accepts.


At the hospital, Victor is particularly attentive to Christelle. Moreover, he seems to be having a good day since he even sympathizes with Michel Dumoret, the patient who had shown him green and not ripe on his arrival.

Later, Victor receives a visit from Timothée who shows him the details of the weekend in Perpignan that he organized for Elsa. Seeing Christelle sit at the next table, Victor is very attentive to his son. When he gives him a small ticket to invite his girlfriend to the restaurant, Timothée refuses because he knows full well that his father does not have a lot of money.

After his son leaves, Victor pretends to be very moved. As a very good actor, the former businessman begins to cry and confides to Christelle how much he feels guilty for no longer being able to spoil his son. Touched, the social worker tries to comfort him and assures that all that matters is the love he gives her.

During the conversation, Victor explains that the hardest part of social downgrading is losing friends. He then clarifies that he feels alone and that it is hard for him. Although he is aware that he has made many bad choices, Victor would like to redeem himself. Christelle therefore points out to him that he has the right to a second chance and says she is certain that he will succeed. Once he thanks her, Victor goes back to work.

At the end of the day, he tells Timothée that he met a very rich person at the hospital and that she will soon invest in him. As the teenager fears that his father will once again embark on something dishonest, Victor assures him otherwise. Not only will this person help her, but she will also be very happy to do so. He then certifies to his son that they will return to their former life.

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