Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1152 of Tuesday, March 29, 2022…

Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1152 of tuesday, march 29, 2022...

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While the police make a gruesome discovery, Victoire and Samuel shift into high gear. At the same time, Damien moves in with Audrey.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday March 29 in Tomorrow belongs to us…


Following her attack, Chloé spent the weekend in the hospital and the news quickly circulated in the enclosure of Agnès Varda. Nathan, who heard that she had been stabbed, questions Étienne about it. While the latter assures that is not the case, the young man wonders why he did not tell the truth. But the new CPE doesn’t really have time to answer since Gabriel summons the high school student to be quiet. While Nathan insists, Gabriel loses patience and gives him an hour of glue to prevent the situation from degenerating and that he relays false rumors about this attack.

Meanwhile, Sara and Karim arrive at the Delcourts’. Thinking back to her attack, Chloe is convinced that she was knocked out near the main staircase and not near her office, where she was found. As this is the second attack in less than two weeks, she thinks it is not a coincidence.

At the same time, Louise begins to have doubts about the man who shares her life. As Bart has a real tendency to hide things and he left Arnaud Molina to die, she asks herself questions. For her part, Anna finds it hard to believe what she hears because she feels that she should believe the man she loves. If she claims to love and support Bart no matter what, Louise reminds him however that it is not because we love someone that we can prevent him from making mistakes. Despite everything, the psychologist refuses to hear this kind of talk about her son and leaves the place angry.

Not far away, Soraya meets Bart in the visiting room. As she firmly believes her client when he says he did not kill Léa Courcelles, she swears to get him out of there as soon as possible. To do this, Soraya hopes to demonstrate that Léa’s murder and Chloé’s assault were committed by the same person.

At the police station, Damien informs Sara that nothing was stolen from the school but that the principal’s office was indeed searched as for the first break-in. For the police, this necessarily has a link with the fire of Agnès Varda which occurred two years earlier.

Not far from there, Gabriel, Charlie, Garance and Noor are at the roommate. When the Molina girl says she is convinced of Bart’s guilt, Noor retorts that she is completely paranoid. When the tone rises, Garance reminds them that the most important thing is to get hold of the person who assaulted Chloe since he seems to be after them. Annoyed by what he hears, Gabriel throws his friends out.

In high school, Sara and Nordine take stock of the investigation According to the policewoman, Léa inspected the premises methodically, unlike Chloé’s attacker who left everything upside down. Sara wonders then if all this would not be a scene to put them on another track. While talking, they discover a door under the grand staircase and arrive at the foundations of the building where they come across human bones.


Victoire hasn’t slept very well because of her libido which is tormenting her. For her part, Soraya does not understand why her friend inflicts all this on herself for a man she considers irresponsible and without will. Indeed, the lawyer is certain that Dr. Chardeau will not go through with their challenge and that he will end up breaking down, which would have the merit of allowing Victoire to realize that she cannot make him trust.

At the hospital, Victoire joins Samuel in the duty room and kisses him full on the lips. This challenge being a real torture, she comes to find it completely stupid. As everyone is betting on them, they wonder if they should put a stop to it. Victoire therefore invites him to dinner and then advises on the moment.

At the end of the day, Samuel put the dishes in the big ones for his evening with Victoire. After having dinner, they shift into high gear. As they prepare to share an intimate moment, Samuel is called by the hospital for an emergency. Having no other choice but to go there, he asks Victoire to wait for him. The latter replies that she has no intention of moving.


Damien had water damage in his apartment. Water and electricity having been cut for several days, the policeman must find a place to sleep quickly. Audrey would have offered him to come to her house for the necessary time, but she thinks it’s a bit early for him to move in with her. Even if he sees an opportunity to get closer to his little tribe, Audrey invites him to get this idea out of his head for the good of their couple.

Later, Audrey confides in Alma that she is not sure if she wants to share her life with someone again. Indeed, the mother of the family hopes to keep the magic of the beginnings as long as possible. For his part, Damien confides to Georges that Audrey’s reaction hurt him and that he fears that she will never want to live with him. He may well understand his desire to manage his family, but Damien wonders about his place in this story. Insofar as he has nothing to lose, Georges advises her to push her against the wall by forcibly moving into her home.

At the end of the day, Damien arrives at Audrey’s with his belongings. Faced with his arguments, she gives in. However, she tells him that he will not have his children so easily. Over dinner, Lizzie asks Damien if he’s going to sleep with their mother. Uncomfortable, the policeman indicates that he will spend the night on the sofa. An answer that does not please Audrey who urges him to join her in bed tonight and then return to the sofa before her children wake up.

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