Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1150 of Friday March 25, 2022…

Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1150 of friday march 25, 2022...

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Charlie reports Bart to the police, Étienne is looking for a job. Béatrice shows herself a bit intrusive.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Friday March 25 in Tomorrow belongs to us…


According to initial findings, Léa Courcelles was stabbed to death and received several stab wounds that were fatal to her. Unfortunately, the medical examiner was unable to find any fingerprints or DNA traces on the body. As the killer took the victim’s cell phone and wallet, it is impossible for the police to find his true identity. However, Damien found a piece of paper in the back pocket of his pants. He will therefore analyze it in the hope of identifying the inscription on it.

Leaving the hospital, Karim and Damien discuss the investigation into Léa’s death. A discussion that did not go unnoticed in the ears of Garance who hastens to go see his old high school friends to tell them the news. With everyone there except Bart, Charlie wonders. Indeed, she wonders if it is not he who would have killed Léa.

While Noor feels that she is not being very objective, the Molina girl reminds her that he killed her stepfather anyway. She then specifies that he does everything to protect his little secret and that he was probably afraid that Léa would discover the truth. According to her, he had everything to lose in this story. At the same time, the group of friends receives a message from Bart indicating that he cannot come. Noor therefore urges his comrades to calm down and continue to be silent. However, Charlie panics and says that she has no intention of waiting for Bart to come and kill them one after the other.

Without waiting, she goes to the Spoon and accuses him of having killed Léa Courcelles. The latter swears that it is false but Charlie does not believe him. As the tone rises, Louise intervenes and tries to understand what is going on but Bart sends her off again. Not far from there, Damien analyzes the piece of paper discovered in the back pocket of Léa Courcelles’ pants and deciphers Charlie’s name with his address. The young woman is therefore summoned to the police station.

On the spot, Charlie is interrogated by Karim. If she claims to have never seen Léa Courcelles, she recognizes on the other hand to have heard of the fire of Agnès Varda. Karim then tells him that they have found his name and address in the belongings of the deceased then adds that he wants to know what bond unites them. At the foot of the wall, Charlie confesses and tells what happened that famous night of October 27, 2019.

The Agnès Varda high school was under construction and the former high school students of Paul Valéry took the opportunity to hold a clandestine evening. Although she didn’t know everyone who was present, Charlie says there were about ten of them when the fire broke out. The sound system finally broke, which probably caused a short circuit. While the policeman points out to him that a firefighter has been disfigured, Charlie specifies that the organizer asked them to be quiet because this story would eventually settle. And this organizer was none other than Bart.

Charlie then explains to Karim that when Léa came into their life, Bart started to get nervous to the point of putting pressure on her to keep quiet. For her, it was Bart who killed Léa Courcelles.


Since Irène’s departure, Chloé has been overwhelmed with work and must quickly find a new, equally efficient CPE.

Meanwhile, Étienne continues to give history lessons to Mona. As she always has excuses to avoid working, Etienne gives her some DVDs of Cold War movies because he thinks it will be easier for her to learn while having fun. He therefore invites her to watch a movie by the end of the day but she dodges by claiming to have an appointment with the doctor.

In high school, Mona complains to Dorian. According to her, Étienne is a slaver. Knowing full well that she is exaggerating, the teenager retorts that he puts a lot of heart into his work. But Mona thinks on the contrary that he puts more heart into torturing her. Since she is lazy, Dorian begs her to trust him but Mona is tired of being told what to do.

A few hours later, Etienne meets Mona on leaving high school, who leads him to believe that she has canceled her doctor’s appointment to avoid missing class. However, Étienne is not fooled and assures us that he has no intention of letting her go. He then wants her to watch one of the films in order to talk about it the next morning.

Subsequently, Étienne meets Chloé, not to talk to her about Dorian but about him. Having been a French teacher in the past but also a CPE, he came to propose his candidacy. Although enthusiastic about this idea, Chloé must first speak to the rectorate about it but promises to keep them informed as soon as she has an answer.


It’s the big day for Roxane who is having surgery today. If it’s Roxane who’s on a hospital bed, it’s Sara who’s panicking.

When Roxane is in the operating room, Béatrice arrives at the hospital. As she is terribly angry with herself for having upset her daughter-in-law with this pregnancy story, she absolutely wanted to be present when she woke up. Sara may guarantee that she does not hold it against her, Beatrice wants her to know that she loves her very much and that she will be there for her. She also confides in her daughter how happy she is at the idea of ​​soon being a grandmother. Shortly after, Samuel comes to inform them of the smooth running of the operation.

Back home, Béatrice takes great care of the brides. While she is working on preparing a lemon cake, Béatrice indicates that she wants to offer them a photo session with a professional photographer for the birth gift. Only, Roxane and Sara, who don’t seem at all enthusiastic about the idea, reply that it’s still a little too early to think about it.

Finding it a bit intrusive, they decide to isolate themselves in their room. When Roxane asks if her mother-in-law will be there until the birth of their child, Sara certifies that she will not while specifying that she is super discreet. At the same time, Béatrice arrives in the room to bring them a snack. Unfortunately, Béatrice has no intention of leaving them alone and crashes to drink tea. It must be said that she is so involved in this baby project that she has done a lot of research on the subject. So much so that it is difficult to make her stop talking.

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